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Free motion quilting with a Singer Curvy 8770

I am really new to this.

I bought a Singer Curvy 8770. Can I machine quilt in free motion with this machine?


I took a quick look at the Singer Curvy 8700 on-line instruction manual found here. The Table of Contents starts on page 3.

The features you must have...

...are on your machine. Yeah!

According to the manual you can adjust the tension settings (page 26) to accommodate using a different thread in the needle and bobbin--something that you'll do a lot when you're free motion quilting.

You can drop the feed dogs (page 12). The control to do this is on the back side of the free arm behind that throatplate.

Needle 'stop down' is a handy feature, it's like having an extra hand to hold the quilt sandwich as you reposition your hands. You've got it (page 30).

Singer makes an Embroidery & Darning foot for your machine which you'll need to purchase separately. From the manual, it doesn't look like it comes with your standard accessories. The part number on the Singer website for this foot is "Singer Embroidery & Darning Foot 006D5A0011". Double check that part number, though, as I've found a couple of other numbers on other sites.

If you don't already have one, there is a walking foot labeled as "Singer Even Feed/Walking Foot 270 423242451" on the Singer website, too.

One final thing to mention from the manual is that Singer recommends "for the best results" to use Singer branded needles (page 24). You should be able to find these at your local Joann's or Hancock's.

A sewing machine table...

...should be on your list if you're serious about learning free motion quilting.

Ideally, you'll have a large sewing table that the machine drops into. That way the bed of the sewing machine is flush with the table top. You have plenty of room to position your hands. It's less likely that your quilt sandwich will get caught on something and pull on your stitches.

But those tables are expensive, and if you're new to quilting/sewing you may not have one.

What's a quilter to do?

Singer sells an extension table for the machine that is 10-3/4" x 19.5". But in my opinion, it's on the small side for machine quilting.

I'd opt for a larger, portable acrylic surround if you don't have a sewing table that your sewing machine can sit in.

You can learn more about the large Sew Steady Portable Extension Table by clicking here. If you're interested in ordering one, you'll need to specify your machine and model during the order process as these tables are made specific to your machine. It's about $70 at the time I'm replying to your question.

I quilted for several years with my Sew Steady before I was able to afford both a Sew Ezi portable table and my Tracey's Table. (The babies and kids came first!)

So, I'd say, "Yes! Definitely!" you can free motion quilt on your Singer Curvy 8770. Good luck. Com'on back if you have any questions!


Julie Baird

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