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Using an Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter: Left handed quilter

Blade installed for a right-handed quilter<br><br>

Blade installed for a right-handed quilter

Do you change the side that the blade is on for a left handed quilter who want to use an Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter?


Since I'm not left handed, I went to check this out for myself.

You can see from the pictures that this cutter, does indeed, let you install the blade on either the left or the right side of the handle.

Olfa rotary cutter - left side of handleOlfa rotary cutter - right side of handle

The best way to change blades is to lay the parts out in the order that they came off the handle (see below). If possible, I lay the pieces out with the 'right' side up.

Assembling your Olfa rotary cutter

The little washer (second in from the right) has a definite curve to's a 'happy' smile...that's how I remember which way it goes back onto the handle.

Another tip I'd like to pass along is don't tighten the nut that secures the blade real tight.

How tight is tight enough?

While holding your Olfa cutter between your thumb and index finger, you should be able to it along your cutting mat (no fabric for this test) and the blade rolls freely. If your blade is 'wobbling' tighten the nut just a bit.

If you find you're having to push hard on the blade for it to even roll, that's subjecting your wrist and arm to a lot of undue wear and tear...and for no good reason. Loosen the nut until the blade rolls smoothly and easily.

For more information...

...on rotary cutters and mats, you'll find these pages helpful:

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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