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Machine embroidery through a quilt sandwich?

by Bonnie Ritterr
(Staunton, VA)

Do I need stabilizer when embroidering a sandwiched quilt top?


I have never embroidered through a quilt sandwich so this is only my guess...

...I would think that the batting would provide enough stabilization for the embroidery.

As always, I recommend making a practice quilt sandwich from the remaining scraps from your project and then do a test stitch-out on it.

If you want the design to look as nice on the back as on the front, you'll probably want to using the same thread in the needle as in the bobbin (instead of the usual lighter weight bobbin threads). You may need to adjust your machine settings just a bit to accommodate the thicker bobbin thread.

Readers, if you've embroidered through your quilt sandwich, please add your recommendations based on your experiences. Just use the 'comments' link just below. I'd appreciate the help!

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

Comments for Machine embroidery through a quilt sandwich?

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machine embroidery through sandwich
by: Kahleen

Sorry, I thought for a moment. I do use a topstitch needle they are a bit sharper. And as for bobbin thread, that depends on my backing, if I am using a light backing I use the prewound. If I have a dark backing, if I can, I use black bobbins but standard 40wt bobbin thread is fine and I do not adjust tension.

machine embroidery through a sandwich
by: Kathleen

Yes, I have embroidered through the sandwich. As I said in another answer, use open designs similar to red work. NO, I do not use stabilizer, however pin as much around the hooped area.

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