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Is it possible to use "Top Stitch" thread successfully in a long arm machine

by chrisp

Is it possible to successfully use "Top Stitch" thread in a long arm machine?


Though I am a domestic or home sewing machine quilter only, I would expect that you can use a 'Top Stitching' thread in your long arm machine because a top stitching thread is meant to be used in a machine.

I am assuming that the thread is thicker than your regular quilting threads, and therefore you'll need to play with the tension on your long arm in order to get the stitch quality that you need.

I would also assume that if you've got a stitch regulator, that you'd set it for longer stitches. Just as on a domestic machine, thicker thread look better when the stitch is a bit longer. Then it doesn't look like the thread is being 'stuffed' into the needle hole.

You may need to play with your bobbin thread choices, too. The same thread in the bobbin may be easier make tension adjustments with, BUT the thicker thread may take up way more space on your bobbin so that you're changing them more than you care, too.

Finally, you may need to go up a needle size to accommodate the thickness of the thread.

To my long arm readers, please do share your experiences with using a top stitching thread in a long arm machine. I appreciate you taking your time to respond.


Julie Baird

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as above
by: Chrisp

Thank you very much for your input, I will watch for any further information from your other readers.

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