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Need suggestions for quilting on a Ken Lund machine quilting frame

by Lorraine
(North Carolina)

Lorraine writes...

I have a quilt that I sandwiched several weeks ago where I stitched in the ditch for each block, the blocks are large.

I then decided to purchase and assemble Ken Lund's machine quilting frame.

I was hoping to stitch each block and the borders with my new quilting frame but found it to be too bulky so I put the machine back on a table today and am doing free motion quilting for this quilt top.

Does anyone have Ken Lund's machine quilting frame?

I would appreciate any comments that might help me once I get back to using it properly.

GQP replies...

Hi Lorraine,

I am unfamiliar with this type of frame and with quilting in a frame (I just recently bought the Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0).

Readers, if you can help out, I'd certainly appreciate it if you can share your experiences with a fellow quilter!

In the meantime, Lorraine, I checked on Youtube and found a bunch of videos by Ken specifically for his product. Have you seen them?

This first one is pretty much an introduction...

This next one is specific to mounting your quilt on the frame and setting up the layers...

The URL for his blog is:

Ken's got a list of his videos about halfway down this page on the left hand side.

And finally, this is his advertised email...

Since this is a handcrafted frame, I would anticipate that he'd be happy to provide assistance.

I hope this helps at least in some small way.


Julie Baird

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