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Walking foot is off centre...

by Hilly

Hi! I have assembled my walking foot and everything seems OK except for one annoying problem. My sewing needle is just off centre. Is there any way of rectifying this? By the way I have an ordinary home sewing machine called a Silver and have purchased a universal walking foot.




I am unfamiliar with the brand of sewing machine called 'Silver', I have not come across them here in the States. However, there are a couple of things that I can think of.

The most obvious is to move the needle position if you can, but I'm sure you've already thought of that.

Next would be to re-install the needle, in case it was somehow bumped in the installation of your walking foot (low likelihood) and reinstall the foot to make sure that it is properly seated (again, low likelihood).

I think it is most likely that the universal walking foot is the culprit. Since it is not engineered to specifically fit your machine (and if you have an older model this walking foot may be your only option) it is quite possible that it lines up off center to your needle.

If that is the case, and otherwise the foot works fine, then if you have a closed toe walking foot—where a metal bar is between your eyes and the sewing machine needle— I would take a fine tipped Sharpie pen and put a hash mark where the needle actually lines up, so you have an accurate guide on your foot.

Thank you for your question.

Readers, if you are familiar with the 'Silver' brand of sewing machines and have a suggestion for Hilly, please weigh in using the 'Click here to add your own comments' below. Thank you!


Julie Baird

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