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Basting with a long arm on a scalloped edge

I have a double wedding ring quilt with scalloped edges. The layers of material kept shifting while quilting.

Do I need to baste all 3 layers together on the quilting machine. I have a Gracie II with a long arm machine.


I need to start out by saying that I am not a longarm quilter so I can not speak from long arm experience.

That said, if I was finding that the layers were shifting on me, I would add some edge stitching around the scalloped edges.

The image below is of a quilt my mom was working on where she did add edge stitching to hold the layers together.

Edge stitching to hold the quilt layers together

The red arrows point to the scant quarter inch edge stitches

The edge stitching is a scant quarter of an inch away from the edge so that those stitches needn't be removed after the quilting is finished. The binding will cover them.

If you are a longarm quilter and I welcome the benefit of your experience. Please use the 'comment' link found just below to share your suggestions.

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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Basting with a long arm on a scalloped edge
by: Lani


I'm a longarm quilter.

What I do with a scalloped edge is: I float my quilt top and baste along the edges as you would if the edges were straight.

I have a tape measure on my belly bar that I use to make sure the top stays straight as I advance.

I also pin outside my quilting area to help the top from shifting as you quilt it.

Happy Quilting!
Livermore, CA

From the Editor:

Lani, you're terrific! Thanks for helping!


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