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Problems installing my walking foot

I have installed the walking foot according to the instructions and have the "fork" around my needle screw, but when I start sewing it works the needle screw loose so the needle falls out.

I can't figure out what I have done wrong?


I saw this question come in about midnight last night and have been stewing about it all day. I've only come up with two possibilities...

  • The needle screw isn't tightened enough. Use a screw driver to tighten the screw (it gives you more tork), not just your fingers. If it's not tight enough the action of the fork may be loosening it.

  • The foot is the wrong model for your machine. That could be the reason that it's rubbing and then turning the screw. I would try stitching with my regular presser foot...slowly of course, a needle falling out is dangerous. Does the needle screw come loose then?

    If so, then it could be that the screw threads are stripped or they just plain wore out.

    Or is it possible that it's the wrong screw? If it's the incorrect model walking foot and it came with the screw you're using, it might not fit your machine properly.

Somehow, though, I bet you've already thought of both of those things.

Readers, have you come across this problem? How did you fix it? Use the 'comments' link below to share your experiences. I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

I wish I could have been more help.


Julie Baird

PS Sorry...just one last thought...the needle is installed in your machine with the groove in the front towards you, right?! Again, probably something you've already thought of...I am stumped!

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Walking Foot Shank Too Thick
by: OhioStar

Hi, I, too, am having trouble installing a walking foot.

It's a Kenmore machine, but the shank on the walking foot is thicker than the shank on the regular feet, so the little screw that's supposed to 'hold' the foot in place is too short. The place that sold me the foot says I should just loosen the screw and unscrew it until it fits.

I'm willing to give it a try, but before I do, has anyone done this?

Since it's attached on the other side of the presser bar to the clamp lever that locks the foot into place, I don't want my foot to fall out when I'm done with the walking foot and am concerned about getting it back correctly.

From the Editor: I'm unfamiliar with Kenmore machines (I'm a Viking/Juki gal), however, I'd ask if there's a longer screw that you can buy to go with the walking foot.

I don't remember offhand which of my machines it is, but one of them's got a longer screw specifically for installing that foot. I leave it on all the time, though, so I can lose it.

Hopefully, one of our readers will have more machine-specific advice for you.


Julie Baird

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