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Walking feet for Bernina

by Gail
(Westbrook, Maine)

I have two walking feet that came with couple of my Bernina's. I don't think they fit either machine.

Where can I find information on what machine they are for. I have 0063307000 and 0032087000. They came with the 1080.


I'm sorry this took so long to find an answer for, but I did find it with a little help from my friend that works at Brewer, one of the big quilting distributors and part of Bernina.

She told me that either of the walking feet you mentioned will fit a 1630 or older machine.

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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Walking foot
by: Anonymous

I have a 006 330 70 00 Bernina walking foot for sale. Email me for more information

What denotes 'old stylel' and 'new style
by: Steph

I just received a Bernina 930 Record Electronic machine and love it. Definitely a difference in machines than those currently available!

I need to know if a walking foot #006-330-7000 will fit this 930 machine.

Additionally, what description or numbering sequence characterizes old style and new style in reference to parts?

From the Editor: Hi Steph!

Unfortunately, I am not well-versed in parts for Berninas—I'm a Viking gal by nature!

My best advice is to contact a Bernina dealer directly. They will have the best access to parts and information for their machines.

One thing I would advise is for older machines...

...if there's a part that you need which is 'consumable' or breaks easily (for my old D1 that was my darning foot) get more than one when you order.

One of my girlfriends worked for a sewing machine dealer here in Illinois. She told me that while the manufacturer may guarantee or warrant a machine for its life, that doesn't necessarily mean that there's always a reliable source of those parts on a shelf somewhere.

This particular manufacturer would amass orders for a particular part. When there was enough need for the part, they'd have it manufactured.

That blew my skirt up!

Frankly, it never would have occurred to me. Just thought that I'd pass that on.

My older machines have been workhorses and while I love my new one, they really don't make 'em like they used to.

~ Julie

walking foot 0063307000
by: Mary Beth

Would like to purchase walking foot 0063307000

From the Editor: Hi Mary Beth!

I do not sell sewing machine parts or accessories on this website. My suggestion is to contact your local sewing machine dealer, try googling 'bernina walking foot 0063307000' or possibly trying eBay.

I wish I could be of more help.

~ Julie Baird

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