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Quilting a comforter

Bought a plain comforter (with no stiching) and want to do a basic "squares" pattern to give it a simple stitching look and especially to secure the inside filler from moving or crawling.

QUESTION: What are my option to "quilt" it without having to hand stitch since I only have a regular sewing machine?

Are long arm quilting machines for rent or is there anyone in the Nashville, TN area who has one and would provide this service?




If it is not too thick to fit under the needle, you can quilt it on your home sewing machine. I would baste the layers together with safety pins to keep things from moving around as you stitch. Lay it out flat and secure it down and then add the safety pins.

If you have not done any free motion quilting before, I would suggest simple straight lines running from the top to the bottom of the comforter. You'll need a walking foot to do this so that the layers are fed evenly through the machine.

Click here for instructions on layering and basting a quilt with safety pins. You just won't be working with three separate layers, yours are already held together.

Another option...

...would be to tie the comforter with yard or perle cotton. That would hold the three layers together and would be relatively easy to walking foot needed if you don't have one. You'll want to tie square knots so that they don't come loose in the wash.

Some quilt stores do rent time on machines. I have a list of some of the quilt stores in Tennessee that may be helpful.

Readers, if you know of someone that does this type of work, just use the 'Comments' link below to share this information. Thank you!


Julie Baird

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