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Bernina Walking Foot Problem

My needle won't stay in with my walking foot attachment. I have an older Bernina--is there something I am doing "wrong" in the set up?


Not knowing exactly what your machine looks like or how your Bernina walking foot attaches, there are three possibilities that occur to me.

Parts of a sewing machine needle
  1. The action of attaching your walking foot to the sewing machine is somehow loosening the needle screw. Try tightening the screw (gently) with a screwdriver AFTER the walking foot is installed, or...

  2. The needle is in the machine backwards. Sewing machine needles have a groove down the front to protect the thread as the stitches are formed. (You can feel it with your fingernail.)

    At the top of the needle the backside is flat. If the needle is in backwards, it's possible that the screw can't clamp down properly to hold the needle in place, or...

  3. The top of the needle isn't completely pushed up into position. When the needle clamp screw is tightened, is it only catching part of the needle and it just can't hold on.

I wish I could be of more help.

Readers, if you have an older Bernina, please offer your help via the comment link below!

Thank you!


Julie Baird

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Bernina Walking foot
by: Mark

If you have an older Bernina it may have an old style needle clamp.

The Bernina Walking foot is driven by an arm that sits over the clamp.

Also check that the needle clamp screw still has the tip on the end, if this is worn it can also cause this issue.

From the Editor: Excellent information. Thank you so much for sharing, Mark!


Julie Baird

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