Free Quilt Block Patterns Library

by Julie Baird

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In our free Quilt Block Patterns library (click to skip straight to the blocks) you'll find step-by-step illustrated directions for cutting and piecing your favorite patchwork block.

Not just images, but pictures of the actual block during construction.

Pressing directions, too.

For the beginning quilter, there are loads of pictures each step of the way and helpful tips for making more accurate blocks.

If you've been quilting awhile, the cutting instructions, technique advice and any downloads may be all you need.

On this page you'll find:

Printing help

If you need help printing any of the tutorials or free paper piecing pattern or templates used in the construction of some of the free quilt blocks, visit these pages:

Quickly find the block you want

Alphabetically by common name...

Or by finished block size...

Or by type...

Even 9-patch

Keep it simple

You SHOULDN'T HAVE TO buy a specialty ruler or tool to make a single block. 

That just doesn't make sense, or cents for that matter either!

Each block in this library is constructed with only the most common tools found in nearly every quilter's studio.

That said...

...if there's a great tool or ruler out there that streamlines the construction process for making many blocks AND I can recommend and vouch for it, that information will be listed, too.

If templates for unusual shapes or paper pieced patterns are needed, they are available as free downloads, printable on your home computer right from the instruction page.

Just in time to stock your Christmas Stash...

Click any of the images below to see the full collection with bigger pictures and find pricing/ordering information.

Do you remember seeing a Christmas fabric you liked, but now can't remember its name or where you saw it. I've put every single Christmas fabric displayed on this website on one page. 

Click here to save yourself some time and frustration.

The free quilt block patterns await...

To make things as easy as possible:

  • Our free quilt block patterns are listed in alphabetical order by their most common name.
  • Seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted.
  • Blocks are listed in Finished Sizes. Most include multiple sizes. (If you are a beginning quilter and confused by 'finished vs unfinished size' check out this article. You're not alone. Lots of new quilters find this concept confusing!)
  • Any paper piecing patterns or paper templates used in the construction of a block are available within the tutorial as a free download for you to print. 
  • Use the most recent version of Adobe for downloading and printing. To date, every printing problem we've encountered has been solved by using the free Adobe software. Click here for more printing help.

Click on any block below to go directly to the instructions and get started!

Click here for the Amish Squares quilt block tutorial
At the Depot quilt block tutorial
Autumn Tints quilt block tutorial
Bachelor's Puzzle quilt block tutorial
Bear's Paw quilt block tutorial
Birds in the Air quilt block tutorial
Birds in the Air quilt block tutorial - a variation on the original design
Brave World quilt block tutorial - traditional and paper piecing methods
Brickwork quilt block tutorial
Bright Hopes quilt block tutorial
Buckeye Beauty quilt block tutorial
Click here to go to the Calgary Stampede quilt block tutorial
California Oak Leaf quilt block tutorial
Capital T quilt block tutorial
Chain Link quilt block tutorial
Charleston Quilt block
Churn Dash quilt block tutorial
Churn Dasher quilt block tutorial
Colorado Beauty quilt block tutorial
Continental quilt block tutorial
Cotton Boll quilt block tutorial
Crow's Foot quilt block tutorial
Dewey quilt block tutorial
Double Star quilt block tutorial
Double Star quilt block tutorial

WAIT! There's MORE!!!

Use these buttons to quickly navigate to all the other free patchwork designs in our quilt block library.

The patterns on this site are for your personal use only

If you are a guild or other quilting group member and would like to include block instructions in your guild newsletter, please review the permissions that I have granted here.

If you are a quilt teacher and would like to use them in your classes, click here.

If you agree with these terms—and they're pretty simple—you are able to go ahead with your plans without even contacting me, saving you and me, both, a step.

Contact me with your request if you have any questions.

Tips and techniques to improve your quilting... help you make flatter, more accurate blocks. These are the techniques I go back to time and time again for accurate piecing results.

I hope they help you, too!

For even more blocks to make...

Click here to learn about my favorite quilt book resources that inspire my patchwork designs.

For you, are quilt block patterns like potato chips... can't have just one?!!

Check the amazing resources I rely on for the majority of the quilt block designs you see on this website. 

To see if they're worthy of spot in YOUR quilting library, read about them HERE.

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