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Adjusting walking foot height?

by Laura

After attaching my walking foot to my machine, a White 1499, I find that there is not enough room beneath it to fit all three layers of my quilt.

Is there a way to adjust it in order to accommodate a thicker quilt?


I am unfamiliar with the specifics of a White 1449; however, there are a couple of things to double check. You may need your sewing machine's instruction manual.

The first is so basic that I hesitate to mention it, BUT it's easy to miss. Check that you have the presser foot in the 'up' position before you slide the quilt sandwich underneath.

Is your walking foot installed correctly?

Walking foot with a fork

This walking foot has a fork
Next take a look at your walking foot.

There is either an 'arm' or a 'fork' on the right hand side of the foot as you sit at your machine looking at it installed. If it's an arm, it should be resting on top of the needle screw. If it's a fork, the needle screw will sit in between the two 'tines'.

If the arm or fork is underneath the needle screw, the foot is unable to come up off the bed of your sewing machine. If your current needle screw isn't long enough for the arm to rest on, check with your dealer for a longer screw.

Next, check your 'presser foot pressure''ll need your manual if you don't know where it is or if your machine has one. Reduce this 'pressure setting' in accordance with the instructions from your manual. (Many newer machines have this feature, many older machines do not...your's might not.)

Is it the correct walking foot?

Check that you, indeed, have the correct walking foot for your machine. I've seen it happen a few times when I teach machine quilting, that someone sold my student the wrong foot.

If it isn't the correct foot and you need to go a generic foot, you'll need to know what kind of 'shank' your sewing machine has. I believe all White sewing machines have a low shank, again check your manual to be sure. To make your purchase fool proof, bring your machine and a small practice quilt sandwich with you to the dealer. Install the foot at the store to make sure it fits properly.

If your local dealer either doesn't carry or can't order the proper foot, try They are an online retailer that carries generic walking feet.

I hope this information have helped. Let me know how it turns out.


Julie Baird

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