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Black template pencil has smeared on my quilt

A reader writes...

I used a black template pencil to stencil a pattern on a quilt top.

To my dismay the pencil will leave marks on the top.

I am not finished quilting the top and my grandchild spilled milk on the top so I rinsed the portion to remove the milk and the black smeared on portions of the quilt. I am so upset about the quilt.

What should I do about the black pencil, should I wash the quilt to see what happens to the markings or what?????

I put so much work into hand quilting I don't want the quilt to be ruined.


Julie replies...

I am so sorry this happened to you! You must be heartbroken.

Since I do not know the make-up of the pencil (wax, grease, ???), I'm going to refer you to a website by a friend of mine. It's called Stain Removal 101. Click here to go to her Stain Removal Guide.

Using the information that you know about the makeup of the pencil use the guide to find a remedy. Stains are listed alphabetically and the list is quite inclusive.

HOWEVER, before trying anything, make a sample and mark with the same pencil. Try your chosen stain removal remedy on the sample to avoid making things worse.

The other option is to contact the manufacturer and see if they can help. Going through a company's Facebook page seems to be the fastest these days. Again. Try their suggestions on a sample first.

I wish I could have been more help.


Julie Baird

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