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Quilting in the hoop, has anyone tried it?

by Beth Lilje
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

Has anyone used embroidery software designed specifically for quilting to do a quilt?

Not being very gifted in free motion quilting, the thought appealed to me, but...


I haven't done this myself, Beth, but I've often wondered why there aren't more computerized programs for stitching things like half square triangles in the hoop...kind of like digitized triangle papers. Can you imagine how productive you'd be??!!!

Readers, I need your help on this question. If you've done any quilting in the hoop, do take a minute and let us know how you like this method of quilting, what your favorite designs are, how the learning curve is for it...I'm assuming it takes some 'know-how' to hoop a quilt sandwich properly.

Just use the 'comments' link below to share your experience. Thank you.


Julie Baird

Comments for Quilting in the hoop, has anyone tried it?

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Quilting flying geese in the hoop.
by: Anonymous

I found an embroidery design for quilting flying geese in the hoop. It works great and they come out perfect.

Not a fan of qulting in the hoop, or quilt as you go
by: Anonymous

I have tried three quilt in the hoops, or quilt as you go, as that is what you are basically doing.

I don't like having to sash over all those seams on the back side that you get after you sew the individual blocks together.

I find too many errors in the the quilt embroidery designs that I have purchased and they are extremely expensive.

You just sit there for the most part while the embroidery machine does all the work. I prefer to piece and then make up my own free motion designs.

I am not a fan of the look of embroidery design made quilts or blocks, too precise and too manufactured.

I don't like having to deal with all that stabilizer when that it is needed, or when using Batilizer (spelling may be wrong), I hate that Batilizer. Not a fan.

I have not finished the last one, Feathers Star. Just is not fun for me at all. I was trying them every time my machine dealer started them, basically to be part of the group because I do not live near anyone who quilts. I have finally been able to decline and save a ton of money and disappointment in the process.

Since I have delved deeper into quilting, I have done very little embroidering. May use my embroidery for a quilt label, but not a fan of using the hoop for quilting. I have created my own creations and used my own ideas.

Currently turning my deceased mother-in-law's clothing into afghans for everyone. I also created a baby quilt for one of my daughter's first baby (first grandchild coming soon) by havng her brother and sister send me coloring book type drawings reflecting their life with their sister, their handwriting with their name the way they want to be called by their niece, words of wisdom in their handwriting. I traced them onto the quilt top I made using a lightbox and hand embroidered them after I quilted. No machine embroidering, no purchased designs. I love doing this over usng purchased quilt designs and purchased embroideries and the recipients love them.

Love Quilting in the HOOP
by: Sandi

The easiest way to quilt in the hoop with your embroidery machine is to use a magnetic hoop. The quilt sandwich is easy to move around with simple adjustments to the magnets.

From the Editor: Great advice, Sandi!

Quilting in the hoop
by: Kathleen

I really enjoy quilting in the hoop. It really helps to use a Sensor Q foot (Viking Machines) I use designs with an open pattern--similar to red work.

by: Eunice

I am a longarm quilter. I started QITH as a suggestion from a friend and fell in love with it!

It's fun and produces fast results, IMO. And it takes on a life of its own. My favorite designs are by Hoopsisters. I've purchased from other designers and digitized my own simple meandering stitches in my embroidery software that I used to complete a baby quilt.

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