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Looking for quit pattern for Hannah's Summer Wedding Quilt

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Pam writes...

I am trying to locate the Hannah's Summer Wedding Quilt Pattern. I loss my directions and am now retired and would like to finish it.

It was in a magazine anywhere from 2000 to 2004...

...I think...

Julie replies...

Hi Pam!

Unfortunately, I do not know where to find the pattern, though I suspect it's by Robyn Pandolph, but I didn't see it on her website. (In a bio for her I read somewhere that she has a daughter named Hannah...if I'm remembering correctly.)

I'm hoping one of my readers will be able to help.

In the meantime, though, when you tilt your head, you can see that this is a design made from alternating an Ohio Star quilt block with an Hourglass or quarter square triangle quilt block. The quarter square triangles are all made from the same four fabrics.

I have directions on the website for making each in several sizes. Click the links below to go to the free quilt block pattern pages:
The setting triangles are merely half a quarter square triangle block.

If it was my quilt, I'd cut individual patches for them as half square triangles so that the straight of grain would be on the outside edge of the center field of blocks. There'd be less opportunity for those edges to stretch as the first border is applied.

To my readers, for more pictures of this quilt and close-ups of the blocks, click here to go to

If you know where the pattern can be purchased, please let me know using the 'comment' link below. Thank you!

Pam, I hope this has helped at least a little bit. Wish I could have been of more help.


Julie Baird

Comments for Looking for quit pattern for Hannah's Summer Wedding Quilt

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Hannah Summer Wedding Quilt
by: Anonymous

I was looking at possible quilt patterns so I could make a quilt for my grandson and fiance and when I saw this quilt, I just loved it. I would appreciate a copy. I have not been able to find a clear picture either.
The best part, her name is Hannah and they are being married next summer.

Hannah''s Summer Wedding Quilt Pattern
by: Julie W.

I have this pattern, if you are still looking for it.

re: Hannah's summer wedding quilt
by: carol mumford

Hi Pam; I have the pattern for Hannah's Summer Wedding Quilt and will share. I am looking for a good coloured picture of the quilt as I am just starting. Will be pleased to share it. Let me know how I can get it to you. Carol

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