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Hand Quilting Thimble Search

by Luci D.

Luci asks...

I have an elderly friend who has lost her favorite thimble and would be SO happy if I could find her another one. It was less than 1/4" and slipped over just the TIP of the finger NAIL. It was sort of heart-shaped and silver or stainless, not sure.

Can anyone help me make this little lady's day?


Julie replies...

If you do any hand stitching, you certainly become to your thimble. I keep a couple of spares on hand of my favorite kind because if it's not stapled to my forehead, I'll probably lose it.

So I feel for your friend.

I did a bit of searching and have come up with two possible options for you. Neither is quite as small as you described, but both do have dimples to help control the needle and are metal, not leather.
Open hand quilting thimble

This first-hand quilting thimble shown to the right is made by Clover and is called an 'open-sided thimble'.

It will accommodate nicely manicured nails while protecting the finger from needle pokes.

This next contender is a bit smaller.
Clover's adjustable ring thimble

The Clover Adjustable Ring Thimble is the next possibility that I found.

Clover suggests using it for basting and Sashiko. But it also fits your description of your friend's lost thimble. Another version of this same thimble comes with a removable 'plate'.

If these don't work, then...

...I suggest doing a Google search and then using the 'Images' link on the Google search bar. This type of search will bring back lots of pictures of thimbles that may help you narrow down your hunt.

The terms I recommend starting with are:
  • thimbles
  • ring thimbles
  • hand quilting thimbles
  • open thimbles
Each will bring back a variety of images that may bring you closer to a solution.

Readers, if the thimble this gal is looking for sounds familiar, do help us out. Just use the 'comment' link below to share your information!

I hope this has been helpful to you. Good luck and let us know how your search turns out.


Julie Baird

P.S. Luci, you're a good friend to have!

Comments for Hand Quilting Thimble Search

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Finger tip heart thimble
by: Donna

Has this thimble
Fingernail stitchers tool.

Fingernail Thimble
by: Anonymous

I had one of the over 15yrs ago and lost it. It was my favorite thimble to use and did not think I would ever find another one.

Thank you for the information and website to order another!

I’m so excited!

From the Editor: Glad to be of service!

~ Julie

thumbnail thimble
by: Beth

found it!

fingernail thimble!
by: Buttoncounter

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I came across this information on your blog. I have been hand quilting for 35 years using my thumb as the needle pusher instead of the traditional middle finger method. I have recently been researching the best thimbles for thumbs, as I too use my nail. I was planning on having one engineered, but was so happy to come across a business that has already tackled this. Thank you. I am very grateful that you shared the information.

P.S. I have spoken to many hand surgeons and specialists regarding my habit of using my thumb to quilt instead of my middle finger. They all agree that traditional middle finger use is very, very bad for not only carpal tunnel syndrome, but also arthritis...not to mention that your thumb is stronger than your middle finger and opposable, so you can quilt in a wider direction range.

Info on this thimble
by: Anonymous

I think this little thumbnail thimble is a fantastic idea! I have followed the link and ordered one but I would love some more info on it... The website doesn't give any and so far they are the only place I can find these. Are they unique to this jewelry company?

I'm to curious for my own good sometimes!!!

From the Editor: I wish I could provide more info, but this was all that I found when I went looking originally.

I'm hoping a reader may be able to shed some more light for you!

~ Julie Baird

PS My favorite motto around here is..."You never know unless you try..." One can NEVER be too curious! :D

at last
by: Anonymous

I have been hunting for this for 10 years! A friend has several sizes for different length nails.

That's it!
by: Anonymous

YES!!! That's it! Oh thank you SO much. I don't know how you ever found it, Anonymous, but I'm ever so thankful you did. I'll check it out right now. Thanks for making my day and a big thanks for this forum where we can ask questions like this.

Try This
by: Anonymous

Is this it?

Hand quilting thimble search

by: Anonymous

Thank you for these options. Nothing else will do I'm afraid. She will continue to use her fingernail unless I can find this little thing. Did I mention she is rather set in her ways? Just to clarify, it just goes over the tip of the nail not around the finger.

From Julie: You're welcome! But I really wish I could have been more helpful. I feared she would need exactly the thimble she had...I know I would! If I come across something I will post it here! - Julie

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