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Machine applique stabilizer doesn't wash out

I used this method for my applique which worked great. I used tearaway water soluble stabilizer, but now it doesn't want to wash out.

Any ideas?




Hi Nancy!

If you've used the Rinsaway water soluble stabilizer like what I used in this invisible machine applique technique, it won't wash out completely.

It is 'water soluble' in that the fibers will fall apart when the piece is washed. Unlike a 'water dis-solvable' stabilizer, like Sulky's 'Solvy', which completely disappears when it is immersed in water.

Why not use a 'dis-solvable' stabilizer for invisible machine applique?

The answer is quite simple!

There's just enough moisture in the glue stick that it makes the edges of the applique shape kind of 'mushy' when a dis-solvable stabilizer is used. We need a firm edge to turn the seam allowances around or we won't get nice smooth edges.

The glues or starches—whatever is used to hold the Rinsaway fibers together—is not affected by the moisture in the glue stick. The edges of your shapes remain stiff during the process.

Once your piece is washed to remove the glue stick, you will notice a tiny bit of loft, but only the tiniest, from the fiber still in your quilt. But after all the glue is removed those areas are a supple as any other in your quilt.

I hope this helps to answer you question. Thank you for asking!


Julie Baird

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