Star-Spangled Patriotic Quilt Fabric: By the Yard, Precuts & Panels

37 collections to choose from!

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Do you love America?

Do you love your freedom?

Do you love spending time with your family and friends, celebrating all that is great about our country?

If so, then we have the perfect thing for you! These patriotic quilt fabric collections will help you show your patriotic spirit with every stitch.

Maybe you're planning a quilt to celebrate the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day.

Perhaps it's to honor a member of our military, past or present. Or simply to show your American pride.

You'll find the bald eagle—a proud symbol of our country—Lady Liberty, many versions of the Stars & Stripes, and celebratory fireworks dotting these patriotic prints.

Of course, there are stars, stripes, and dots for those who want to keep it classic.

Whether you wish to sew patriotic quilts—or just because you love America—these fabrics will help make your project patriotic perfection.

Celebrate the freedom that binds us, 'We the People' together with a quilt! 

Are there really enough patriotic holidays to make a quilt for?

There sure are!

This is a list of the current patriotic holidays celebrated in America and when they are celebrated:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January)
  • Washington's Birthday or Presidents Day (3rd Monday in February)
  • Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May)
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • Flag Day (June 14th)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Constitution Day (September 17th)
  • Election Day (1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November)
  • Veterans Day (November 11th)
  • Bill of Rights Day (December 15th)

Did you know there were so many holidays and reasons to make your own patriotic quilt(s)? 

Patterns to go along with the fabrics...

For even more patriotic-themed patterns, check out each of these three categories.

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And finally, remember to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest patriotic fabrics from your favorite brands.

As new Americana fabric ships and arrives in stores, I list it here.

Are you ready?

Let's get to the good stuff!

3 Wishes

Sweet Land of Liberty by Beth Albert (1/24)

Sweet Land of Liberty fabric collection by Beth Albert for 3 Wishes FabricSweet Land of Liberty
Beth Albert
3 Wishes Fabric

🎇 This star-spangled fabric line is a red, white and blue celebration.

Picnic plaid prints, floral bouquets in patriotic hues and firework bursts decorate the cotton with nostalgic Americana charm. From vibrant indigo to tomato reds and summer berry pinks, the palette and patterns evoke good old-fashioned 4th of July festivities and family fun.

Sweet Land of Liberty is fabric fireworks for quilters! 🎆🌭🥧


Star Spangled by Andover

Make a statement with this star-studded fabric collection!

With large and small stars in red, white and blue, you have all you need to deck out all your patriotic projects.

With designs so stylish, make quilts and bags you'll want to keep around your home all year long.

Blank Quilting

Anthem by Satin Moon Designs

This patriotic fabric collection hits all the high notes with its combination of patriotic colors, prints, and patterns—the Tile design with the white background is particularly wonderful! You'll be proud to display a quilt made with this fabric, whether it's for a Fourth of July picnic or to show your support for the troops.

Add this fabric to your stash and let your sewing machine sing out with creativity!

Dear Stella

American Summer by Caitlin Wallace-Rowland

Make your quilts pop with American Summer by Caitlin Wallace-Rowland for Dear Stella Design.

These fun and festive designs are inspired by all things Americana, from the Fourth of July picnic in the meadow to the stars shining in the night sky.

With vibrant red, white and blue prints, as well as gingham, floral, and fruit motifs, this fabric perfect for quilters who want to add a touch of summertime fun to their projects.

Maywood Studio

American Beauty by Robyn Pandolph

It doesn't have to be all 'rocket-red-glare' or fireworks to show your patriotic side. American Beauty by Robyn Pandolph Saxty features more subdued colors and patterns that can easily be incorporated into any number of quilt projects. The small-scale florals, wreaths, paisley, and dots in cream and green are accented with just the right amount of red, white, and blue.

If you're looking to add a subtle patriotic flair to your quilting, look no further than American Beauty.

Summertime by Robin Kingsley

Summertime by Robin Kingsley for Maywood Studio is a must-have for your patriotic fabric stash!

With its vibrant red, white and blue colors, it's perfect for quilts, home decor, and more. Featuring red-work inspired patchwork hearts and stars, along with a variety of other patriotic prints, this fabric collection is sure to make your summer sewing projects sparkle!

Moda Fabrics

All American by Deb Strain

You’ll love the all-American vibe of this fabric collection.

Designer Deb Strain brings you patriotic prints in shades of red, white, and blue, perfect for quilts, apparel, and home decor. Stars, stripes, and text add extra flair, while the versatile prints coordinate beautifully. 

Don’t miss out on this must-have patriotic collection.

American Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings - (12/23)

Embrace patriotism year-round with American Gatherings, a quilt fabric symphony of stars, stripes, and blooming flags in red, white, and blue.

Your quilts will ooze a timeless Americana charm, a patchwork of nostalgia like a stroll through a summer garden. The hues echo a patriotic canvas, weaving a noble tapestry. Let your creations resonate with the pride and joy of classic reds, pure whites, and deep blues—a salute to timeless American moments.

Freedom Road by Kansas Troubles Quilters

A spectrum of neutrals and earth tones provide a fitting backdrop for florals and stars in this stunning fabric collection by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

You'll be celebrating America all year long, with these star-spangled florals and rustic neutrals. The finely detailed designs are crafted with precision and care, lending a touch of elegance to any project. 

So hop on board the Freedom Road bandwagon and let your patriotism shine!

Holiday Essentials – Americana by Stacy Iest Hsu

This patriotic fabric collection by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda will have you ready for all your holiday celebrations!

The vibrant colors and prints are perfect for quilts, home decor, and so much more. With four collections to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you need for your next quilt project!

Isabella by Minick & Simpson

Minnick & Simpson do it again with their beautiful new collection, Isabella. This line features patriotic red, white, and blue colors in classic paisley and plaid patterns. The woven fabrics are also perfect for quilting projects.

Let your flag fly with these gorgeous prints and wovens.

My Country by Kathy Schmitz

This patriotic fabric collection by artist Kathy Schmitz is the perfect way to show your American pride. The rustic and sophisticated designs in red, white, and blue are perfect for creating unique and inspiring pieces.

With text, stars, stripes, and solids, there is something for everyone in this collection!

Newport by Minick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics

The effortless charm of the Newport Collection by Minick &'s a gorgeous assortment of traditional brown, tan and cream fabrics.

Traditional elements are given a fresh spin with hints of red, creating a spirited group perfect for quilting. Paisleys, dots, blooms, stripes and plaids all come together to create a patriotic patchwork of fabrics that will have you falling in love.

Old Glory Grunge by BasicGrey

This is a set of curated fabric precuts—choose either FQs or Junior Jelly Roll.

Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!

Prairie Days by Bunny Hill Designs

Bring the spirit of patriotism to your sewing with this collection of fabric prints in red, white, and blue.

Prairie Days by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda inspires you to create patriotic quilts with prints featuring stars, stripes, and flowers. Feel the spirit of America come alive in your work.

Stateside by Sweetwater (3/23)

Make a statement of patriotism with Stateside.

Reflecting classic American motifs in shades of navy, red, and white—this collection will have you stitching up quilts perfect for any room. Show some love to the land of the free, no matter where it's displayed.

Get creative: bold or understated? The choice is yours when utilizing Stateside's unique blend from coast-to-coast America style.

Northcott Fabrics

Patriot by Deborah Edwards & Melanie Samra - (11/23)

Rally 'round the red, white, and blue  star-spangled Patriot fabric collections.

Weathered flags ripple in the breeze, beloved symbols of our nation's ideals. Majestic eagles 🦅 soar overhead, freedom ringing out from their piercing cries.

Airy watercolor washes in patriotic hues stir nostalgia for small town parades 🎉.  From the first cut to the final stitch, let these timeless prints inspire pride.

Star and Stripes Stonehenge 11 by Linda Ludovico - (4/23)

Take a journey into the depths of patriotic quilting with Linda Ludovico and Northcott's Stars & Stripes Stonehenge 11 collection.

Explore an incredible selection of designs, from stars to stripes to eagles painted across red-white-and blue prints that radiate pride in every fabric. This remarkable collaboration brings together detailed patterns with radiant colors—making it an ideal choice for Americana-themed quilts/projects or simply add a complement to fabrics already in your cherished stash.

Embrace this timeless art before someone else does - let yourself be mesmerized by its stunning artistry today.

Stonehenge Patriotic by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Patriotic Fabric by Linda Ludovico and Deborah Edwards is a classic textile that has been growing in popularity with the addition of new prints every year.

Stars, stripes, and eagles are strewn across cream, red, white, and blue fields with stone and parchment textures to create backgrounds with a patriotic design.

Paintbrush Studio

Fourth of July by Jennifer Ellory

Come celebrate America's birthday with Fourth of July by Jennifer Ellory.

Featuring star block quilts and patriotic designs, you'll be ready to party in style! This collection is perfect for any 4th of July event, from picnics and barbecues to family gatherings and firework shows.

So grab your red, white, and blue and get ready for a star-spangled celebration.

Riley Blake Designs

Land of the Brave by My Mind's Eye

Picture it now: a medley of vivacious reds, crisp whites, and mesmerizing blues dancing together in perfect harmony. The "Land of the Brave" collection features an array of captivating patterns that will leave you breathless. From flourishing flowers that seem to burst with life, to evocative text that tells a story of pride and unity, and unique geometric shapes that add a modern twist to classic Americana - this collection has it all!

Achieve your quilting vision with flying colors with Land of the Brave.

Bee Patriotic by Lori Holt

This outstanding FQ bundle draws from 7 different Lori Holt fabric collections: Granny Chic, Vintage Happy 2, Farm Girl Vintage, Farm Girl Vintage Companion, Autumn Love, Bee Basics

Patriotic turquoises to navies and reds to pinks—not a white background in the bunch.

This bundle includes 44 different FQs.

Picadilly by Amanda Castor for Riley Blake Designs

Awwww yissss, it's that time of year again!

Time to break out the stars and stripes and celebrate our great nation with Amanda Castor's Picadilly fabric collection.

With bold prints and bright colors, this collection is sure to get your patriotic spirit fired up! Whether you're making a quilt to hang on your wall or a skirt to wear to the parade, there's something for everyone in Picadilly.

Grab your fabric, thread your sewing machine, and let's get started!

Red White & Bang! by Sandy Gervais

What a perfect way to spend a lazy summer day! We would get together with the neighbors for a 4th of July picnic every year as a child. There was something so special about celebrating our nation's independence surrounded by family and friends.

With its retro bathing suits on the line to dry, sailboats, croquet sets, and watermelon—it always takes me back to those beautiful summers of my youth. Thanks for the memories, Sandy!

Red White and True by Dani Mogstad - (3/23)

When making patriotic quilts, quilters often worry about creating something that is both visually appealing and that accurately reflects the flag they are honoring.

With Red White and True by Dani Mogstad, quilters can be sure to make a quilt that's both aesthetically pleasing and true to the original meaning of the Stars and Stripes. The selection of prints, stripes, and florals will help you create a stunning piece that proudly represents your country.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Independence Palette Prisma Dyes by Lunn Studios (1/24)

Find all the available Prisma Dyes Artisan Batiks here.

Wave the Stars and Stripes where patriotic batiks salute in dazzling style!🇺🇸🎆 Mottled prints flourish in daring red, snowy white and sapphire blue, conjuring summer parades and fireworks' vibrant glow.

Wrapped in spirit and pride, these fabrics just the basic you need to celebrate freedom and Independence Day delight! ✨

Liberty Artisan Batiks by Studio RK - (5/23)

Indulge in the vibrant color, imagery and symbolism that is found in Libert Artisan Batiks. These patriotic fabrics will set your heart ablaze with pride and passion, beckoning you to embark on a creative journey.

Perhaps you'll stitch a quilt that tells the story of America's rich history or one that showcases your unwavering patriotism.

Heed the call of freedom, let your sewing machine roar!

Below are a selection of free patterns from Robert Kaufman, showing these inspirational fabrics:

Proud to be an American by Timeless Treasures

The Proud to be an American Collection by Timeless Treasures features enchanting fabrics adorned with stars and stripes, collaged Americana, and a proud flag panel.

Show your spirit and create beautiful patchwork projects that commemorate the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Wilmington Prints

Colors of Courage by Tim Coffey - (1/23)

Gather your Stars and Stripes because it's time to get out of the bleachers!

Tim Coffey's Colors of Courage is a celebration in fabric form for all things Americana. Whether you need some eagle-eye embroidery or just an excuse to rock red, white, and blue like it's 1776, he's got something for everyone who wants their patriotism beaming strong.

Join us in this unique exhibit honoring courageousness with timeless style—let freedom ring!

Windham Fabrics

Beacon by Whistler Fabrics - (4/23)

Feel the fierce patriotism in every dye-stained thread and be captivated by a kaleidoscope of dazzling red, white, and blue hues. Create unique quilts that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come! Don't wait any longer – grab your own Beacon collection now so you can spark up your next masterpiece with its breathtakingly beautiful designs.

New quilt possibilities

There's just something about getting new quilt fabric. It's holds all the possibilities of what you'll create.

For more inspiration, check out the new collections from our favorite fabric brands.  Just click on your personal favorites the group below.

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