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Tipping a long arm quilter

A reader writes...

Do you tip to have your quilt quilted?

Julie replies...

I wish I could answer this, but I quilt all my own quilts.

Readers, what do YOU do? Do you tip your longarmer? A flat fee or percentage? How do you handle it?

Thank you for your help!


Julie Baird

Comments for Tipping a long arm quilter

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by: Julie

No. I contracted for a service and I expect the quilter to charge a fair price for a quality job.

by: Anonymous

I would think that the price you are asked is the price you would be expected to pay. I can't see starting any more tipping type services.

I do lots of things for people and I would never take a tip. I would be insulted.

by: Anonymous

I would absolutely tip!

The amount of tip would vary depending on the price I was directly charged and the value I had received. The quilter's talent, time, and effort should be rewarded just as any other "service."

If I thought the work was over priced, I would not tip over 10%! I researched a bit online and it seemed that if the price already seems high, you don't HAVE to tip. Would I? OH yes!! I would do $15 to $20 at least even for barely passing "job" unless there was a really big problem. If I bought the service from a large business and have not contact with the quilter, perhaps I would not tip? You tip the artist; not the business.

Now if the value exceeded the charged price, I would tip as much as I felt like I was able to tip! THESE are artists! They should receive a gift of appreciation for a superior job. I consider it work as a seamstress so I included a link to that service as well. Always treat others as you would want to be treated, right? Hours of dedicated service to me deserves a tip, in my opinion even if we have already come to a prior cost agreement.


No idea
by: Anonymous

I have no idea. Haven't used a long arm quilter in over 5 years. And quite frankly I never thought about formally tipping.

Maybe something extra for a rush job or something above and beyond what was expected or charged for?

It is a self owned business in most cases so I'm not positive what the etiquette is for that.

by: Anonymous

I would not tip the owner of a business but if her employee went above and beyond for me then I would give a tip. Same with hairdressers and restaurants.

Tip please??
by: Anonymous

In my opinion, the quilter set her price, and that is what you pay, UNLESS you feel that they did something extra special for you besides quilting the quilt (which you already are paying a fair price for - as established by the long arm quilter).

An example where a tip might be appropriate would be if they quilted your quilt before other quilts that had been on the waiting list, because you absolutely needed the quilt right away.

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