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Bernina Walking Foot #50: What's this extra piece?

by Janine
(Waco, TX)

My Bernina walking foot #50 came with a 3 sided metal attachment with a screw in the middle.

What do I do with it?


I'm not a Bernina user, so it took a bit of time to find the piece you're talking about.

But I did!

In the picture below, are all the pieces that come with the Bernina #50 Walking Foot. There is:
  • The foot, itself

  • A little screw driver

  • A right and a left channel guide for no-mark straight line quilting

  • An interchangable sole for both a closed toe and and open toe version of the same foot, and...

  • That little three-sided 'doo-hickey'!

This 3 sided piece with the screw is used to attach either the right or the left channel guide to your foot. If you look at the piece, you'll see a small hole each 'arm'. That is where the guide feeds through and adds a bit of stability to the foot.

If you look at the back of the walking foot on the white housing towards the top, you'll see the place where the screw on this 'doo-hickey' screws into.

The channel guides are nice when you have long lines of straight stitching to do. Mark the first line with chalk or whatever you use.

Then attach the channel guide and adjust it for the width you want between the lines of quilting. No need to mark any addition parallel lines in that direction. The bottom of the curved part of the arm rides along your previously stitched line of quilting.

It's a nice tool to have in your machine quilting arsonal!

I hope this answered your question!


Julie Barid

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Channel guide
by: Betsy Freeman

You saved my day once again. I forgot I had that small piece that the channel guide goes into on the Bernina Walking foot. Even Bernina did not have it explained, at least not on their #101 page on quilting. Many thanks.

I hope I can find you the next time I need you.

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