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Sewing machine needle for Americana Quilting Thread

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What size machine needle should I use for Americana quilting thread?


First, double check that you've got the machine quilting version of this thread and not the one meant for hand quilting. The hand quilting version of this Americana Quilting Thread is glazed.

During the production process glazed hand quilting thread is first heated. Next the glaze,—a mixture of was, starch and other chemicals—is applied. Finally, the thread it is polished to complete the process.

The end result is a glazed thread that is easy to pull through your quilt sandwich when you are hand quilting, but...

DO NOT use glazed hand quilting
thread in your sewing machine.

Not ever!

The glaze comes off as it winds its way through and will 'gunk' up your machine's innards.

As for the machine quilting version of this thread, I believe it is a 50wt, 3 ply thread made from long staple Egyptian cotton. An 80/12 Microtex Sharp needle is would be a good choice machine quilting.

If the thread is nice and fine and not fuzzy you may be able to go down to either 75/11 or 70/10 needle. (I think you get a better quilting stitch with a Microtex Sharp needle than with a Universal needle. The point is sharper and finer.)

Remember that thread should fill between 1/3 to 1/2 of the needle eye and no more. The eye should be big enough so as not to cause friction for the thread as it passes through, but not be so big that it leaves unsightly needle holes behind in your quilt sandwich.

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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100 Glaced Cotton
by: Anne

Thread label reads "Americana Quilting Thread 100% Glaced Cotton 150 yards" made in India. Is that for HAND quilting only? How do you differentiate between hand and machine thread if it's not specifically labeled?


From the Editor: I won't use a glazed thread in my sewing machine. My concern is that some of the glaze may be left behind as the thread winds its way through the thread path in my machine.

With so many options available in the market for both hand and machine quilting, if I wasn't sure, I choose something else.

In this day of online shopping, I'd hope that the spool/cone is marked specifically as 'hand quilting only', but if I wasn't sure, I'd find something else and not take the chance.


Julie Baird

Americana Quilting Thread
by: Anonymous

Love the Americana quilting thread but didn't know I shouldn't use on my machine...know now...hard to find.

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