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Quilt backing fabric shadows through to top

by Kay

Kay asks...

What can I use so a print backing will not show through the white background of the quilt top?

The batting I have does not block out the design on the backing fabric which is perfect for this quilt.

Julie replies...

If this was a garment, the answer would be to add an underlining—basically an additional layer of fabric—the prevent the shadowing through.

However, with a quilt all I can see is an underlining being a problem. It'd be another layer of fabric that could shift during quilting.

If you are set on the backing fabric for this quilt, then my suggestion is to try another batting. Thicker and denser if it will be machine quilted.

Warm and Natural, while it is not my favorite batting, comes to mind first. Another possibility is two layers of a thin cotton batting. I recommend creating a test sandwich first to see if you are comfortable quilting through the layers and if it truly eliminates the shadowing. There'd be much less opportunity for slippage because the cotton fibers will want to stick to each other.

If this quilt is to be hand-quilted and you must use a thinner hand-quilting weight batting, then unfortunately, my only recommendation is to choose another backing.

I know that's not what you want to hear. If it's a quilt of any size you could easily have $100 in the backing fabric alone.

Then it becomes a decision of which is more important to you—using that particular fabric or how much the shadowing bothers you. Only you can answer that question. (Personally, for me the shadowing would bother me more, since once I saw it, I'd have a hard time 'un-seeing' it.)

To my readers, what would you do?

Do you have a solution where Kay can use the materials she's already purchased and eliminate the shadowing through? Please share your comments and experiences.

Thank you.


Julie Baird

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Quilt Batting
by: Elaine DeFoor

I only use wool batting mostly because those who I make them for live in colder climates but my daughter says hers is even cool in the summer. It is thicker so makes a little fluffy quilt but I love working with it.

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