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Walking foot fork slips

by Cindy Davis
(Greenfield, IN )

My walking foot forks won't stay on the needle clamp when machine starts to stitch.

Please help.



Double check your sewing machine manual and also the instructions that came with the foot.

Confirm in the manual that you've got the right walking foot for your machine. Different models can have different shanks (hi or low) and that will definitely effect how the foot does or doesn't work.

If it's the right presser foot, then check the box the foot came in for a screw with a longer head on it. The original screws that hold the needle have a short head. The longer one provides a large enough space for the fork to rest and not slip off of.

Finally, re-attach the foot to your machine following the instructions that came with it to the letter, double checking that it is inserted onto the needle bar or shank completely and that the screw that holds it in place is tight enough.

On my Viking sewing machine, the fork fits around the needle clamp screw and not on top of it. Your machine's directions will tell you for sure. It's easy to miss...I've done it myself.

Let me know how it works. If it doesn't, a picture could be helpful in solving your problem. Just send it to me at hdfbyjulie at live dot com (changing the words to symbols where needed).

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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