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The Most Recent Posts

Jan 16, 2021

Stitch Up a Heart Quilt Pattern from These Tempting Designs

Pair of hearts image

Stitch up a unique heart quilt pattern for that special someone.

Find yardage, reviews, and ordering information.

Plus 10 quotations suitable for your heartfelt quilt label message.

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Jan 14, 2021

2021's New Quilt Fabrics to Drool Over

2021's New Quilt Fabrics to Drool Over

New quilt fabrics are inspiring!

Can't get a particular fabric out of your mind and its name escapes you?

All the fabrics on the GQP site are shared here along with links to any free quilt patterns offered by the manufacturer for the particular fabric line.

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Jan 05, 2021

Frozen cotton candy

Made this for my first great-granddaughter.

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Jan 03, 2021

Falling Maple Leaves

I am so proud of my awesome daughter Amy. This colorful quilt is her own design. She has made quilts for all of our family but this one she is keeping

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Dec 31, 2020

I can probably do this.

My sister was cleaning out her craft room and is no longer quilting but she had some pieces cut and some batting, so she packed it all up and sent it to

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Dec 11, 2020

Snowman Quilt Patterns: Not just for the holidays!

Snowman quilt patterns bridge the gap between the festive Christmas holiday season and the cold dreary months of winter. Which one will you make?

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Dec 04, 2020

What else can I use my walking foot for besides ditch quilting?

I have only been quilting for a short while and I only know how to stitch in the ditch. What other types of stitching can I do on a machine to finish off

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Dec 01, 2020

Christmas Quilt Patterns for 2020 to inspire you!

Take a minute. Put your feet up. Enjoy a steaming mug of cocoa. Nibble on your favorite Christmas cookies while perusing our favorite Christmas quilt patterns.

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Nov 25, 2020

New Christmas Quilt Fabric Lines for 2020

30 new Christmas quilt fabric lines all on one page. You saw something you liked, but can't remember where or what it's called. Stop your searching right here.

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Nov 14, 2020

Brother NQ700PRW

Nothing but trouble, right from the beginning... *took it back to dealer several times for correction of problems in the first few months *Was finally

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