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Jan 07, 2019

Carpenter's Square

After making a beautiful pink quilt for my daughter's wedding shower in Minnesota I made this quilt for her husband. This quilt was to be opened at a

Continue reading "Carpenter's Square"

Jan 07, 2019

A Bed of Roses

I made this quilt for my daughter's wedding shower. It is a whole cloth quilt with the design quilted by hand. It is queen size. The pattern was purchased

Continue reading "A Bed of Roses"

Dec 11, 2018

Diagonal String Block Quilt

My quilting space in Alaska is pretty generous and I've been quite spoiled by having all three of my machines easily accessible on a large desk. I have

Continue reading "Diagonal String Block Quilt"

Dec 11, 2018

The First Quilt my Grandma made for me.

My Grandmother made this quilt for me in the early '80's. The blocks are made from printed fabric that she outlined with hand stitching. Her binding

Continue reading "The First Quilt my Grandma made for me."

Dec 09, 2018

Quilt Guilds Directory - More than 2200 to choose from!

The Generations Quilt Guilds Directory: Find a quilting guild close to home. List your guild or club in our free, online database.

Continue reading "Quilt Guilds Directory - More than 2200 to choose from!"

Dec 09, 2018

Find Quilt Stores! More than 4100 shops to explore!.

A directory of quilt stores by state, city and country. With so many listings, you're sure to find a nearby shop. Or add your favorite to the list.

Continue reading "Find Quilt Stores! More than 4100 shops to explore!."

Nov 28, 2018

Judy Garland Summer Stock movie quilt

This quilt is hanging on a wall in the barn where Judy's dressing room is. While Gene Kelly is talking to her and rubbing her feet about the show's premiere

Continue reading "Judy Garland Summer Stock movie quilt"

Nov 28, 2018

Understanding Stitch Length: Converting SPI to Metric and Vice Versa

Stitch Length control lever on a Singer Slant-o-Matic

The quilt pattern says use a stitch length of 12, your machine has 2.0, 2.5, 3.0--but no '12'.

Learn how to convert stitches per inch to mm. Download conversion charts to use at your sewing machine.

Discover the best stitch lengths for different types of quilting and piecing.

Continue reading "Understanding Stitch Length: Converting SPI to Metric and Vice Versa"

Nov 28, 2018

Medieval Walls Quilt Block Tutorial: 9", 13-1/2", 18" finished blocks

Click here for the tutorial to make a Medieval Walls quilt block

A Medieval Walls quilt block looks complicated, but it isn't!

Three simple-to-piece units...strip piecing...a bit of sashing. That's it!

Fully-illustrated, beginner-friendly instructions for both traditional and paper piecing techniques. Cutting charts, coloring page and paper piecing patterns are free to download.

Continue reading "Medieval Walls Quilt Block Tutorial: 9", 13-1/2", 18" finished blocks"

Nov 27, 2018

Design a Quilt with Medieval Walls Quilt Blocks: 10 layout ideas

Click here for inspiration for the Medieval Walls quilt block

We'd shared two different ways to make a Medieval Walls quilt block.

What comes next?

The quilt, of course! 10 different layouts to get those creative juices flowing.

Continue reading "Design a Quilt with Medieval Walls Quilt Blocks: 10 layout ideas"

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