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Mar 29, 2020

Grandma's Surprise Quilt

I found this quilt inside a homemade duvet. Apparently my mother-in-law made a covering out of old sheets when the quilt started wearing out so it could

Continue reading "Grandma's Surprise Quilt"

Mar 29, 2020

No name quilt pattern

No story, need suggestions!! How would you machine quilt the back of this? I have no idea.

Continue reading "No name quilt pattern"

Jan 25, 2020

Sister's Quilt

A lady in our church congregation thought it would be nice to have a Sisters Quilt. Every lady who wanted to participate would make 10-inch quilt blocks,

Continue reading "Sister's Quilt"

Jan 23, 2020

Quilt Guild Freebie Table Idea - Quilters helping Quilters

One quilter's castoff can be another's treasure...IF they find each other. Learn how one group makes it happen with their Quilt Guild 'Freebie Table'.

Continue reading "Quilt Guild Freebie Table Idea - Quilters helping Quilters"

Jan 07, 2020

Celebration of France giving the US the Statue of Liberty - do your know the name of the pattern?

The top was given to my quilt group. They used it as a fundraiser so I bought what was in the box. I am now done hand quilting it. It was started in

Continue reading "Celebration of France giving the US the Statue of Liberty - do your know the name of the pattern?"

Jan 07, 2020

Cool center pieces of quilts

I purchased the attached framed center pieces of quilts. I was just wondering how old they may be and how I would go about finding more information if

Continue reading "Cool center pieces of quilts"

Dec 26, 2019

Workin' in 'merica

I had only been sewing for about a year when my son requested a rustic flag quilt. I began searching the internet for help but couldn't find much that

Continue reading "Workin' in 'merica "

Dec 22, 2019

8" Quilt Block Patterns

All the 8" Quilt block designs from our Free Quilt Block Pattern Library on one page. Download/print charts for how many blocks you need for your next quilt.

Continue reading "8" Quilt Block Patterns"

Nov 14, 2019

Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine - Model PQ1500SL

Click the image for specs on this machine, as well as, more reviews on This machine is discontinued so we bought ours online. We bought it

Continue reading "Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine - Model PQ1500SL"

Oct 29, 2019

Biscuit/Rag quilt

The recent birth of a grand-niece was the perfect opportunity to make something PINK! I don't get many opportunities to make baby quilts and I've always

Continue reading "Biscuit/Rag quilt"

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