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Spray basting for hand quilting

by Gloria

I watched the video on spray basting and it was very informative.

My question is:

Can you spray baste if you are hand quilting?

I have a queen size hand appliqued quilt that I will be hand quilting.

Thank you.


Hi Gloria!

I'm glad you enjoyed the spray basting video. It was helpful to me, too!

As far as hand quilting though, I can't make a personal recommendation because I haven't done it.

505 Spray and Fix

If it was me, I'd hand quilt a much smaller project where the quilt sandwich was spray basted, one large enough to get a feel for any drag on the needle created by the adhesive.

I know that most quilters don't like to hand quilt through batiks because of the tightness of the weave. I would be concerned that any drag caused by the adhesive would be just as tiring.

The other consideration is time. In the video, she mentions that she's had the spray adhesive last as long as four years, but the manufacturer is willing to state up to four months.

If you'll be hand quilting on this project for a long time that may be a consideration. (Of course, I think you could always go back, lift up a portion and 're-baste' if needed. Or even add some thread basting.)

But as I said, I haven't hand quilted through the product before and am only making an educated suggestion.

Readers! Have you hand quilted a project basted this way? Please add your suggestions and experiences by using the 'comments' link below.

Thank you!


Julie Baird

P.S. Gloria, I wish I'd been better help. Maybe our readers will have a better answer for you!

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Basting for hand quilting, queen size
by: Gloria

Thanks for your answer regarding spray basting and hand quilting, it was very helpful. Let me ask another regarding hand quilting. I don't have a table big enough to put the whole quilt on to thread baste, can I let it hang over and start my basting in the middle and then all that is on the table is basted, just pull over one side and then the other? Or, do you have any other suggestions for me?
Ths site if wonderful for questions and helpful hints, I'm so glad I signed up. Thank you all.

From the Editor: I'm a big fan of a table-top basting technique by Sharon Schamber. Go to this page How Do I Control My Quilt Sandwich During Quilting. A little ways down the page are two videos that show this technique. She shows thread basting, which is exactly what you'd want for hand quilting!

Good luck!

~ Julie

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