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Walking Foot

by Jennifer
(Damariscotta, Maine)

I want to get a walking foot to use with my Viking 5710.

I called Viking/Husqvarna and they have no information on what could be used with this older machine. They suggested I try an "Inspira brand low shank" model but I see none that claim to work with any similar Viking machine. I have checked several sites and not found any walking foot that they claim to be compatible with the Viking 5710. Some even specifically exclude that model. I know it is "low shank".

I also read the 5710 has a "flat bar and shank".

Any ideas?


Personally, this is one I'm not qualified to answer, but I've contacted one of my girlfriends who works at a Viking dealer. She knows her stuff!

When I hear back from her, I'll post here. And if she comes up with a model number and a source, I'll post that, too! :)

In the meantime, if you're a Viking 5710 user, which walking foot are you using? Does it work well for you if it's a generic? Thanks for taking your time to respond.


Julie Baird

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For $5 let's try the Dremmel tool
by: John

Thanks for posting this site. I love my HV 5710. Got it cheap on GW Auction on line. The machine was stuck from dried oil. Did a YouTube on how to fix it. User: capedoryus. Ordered a walking foot from Amazon for $5 and it does not fit due to the unusual slant of the foot bar. Soooooo close. Today is file down the plastic day to make it fit. Wish me luck. I would love to replace the teeny tiny screw used but that's for another day. I'll post my discovery.

BREAKING NEWS (not again please) I used small hand files and worked the plastic mount down till the walking foot fits pretty good. I found diamond hand files cut the best. They are small files and are perfect to fit into the plastic mount.

Because the screw is so small you have to reduce the thickness of the mount. Remove plastic housing by prying off. Then take a few photos of how it looks assembled as next you are going to remove the screws on the side with the needle bar lever.

Take more photos.

Start taking things apart. I did not undo the spring but was able to get the file into the mount by moving the foot but keeping the spring attached. Keep on filing and more filing.

You will have to work it as you go since it's about impossible to get it square. If it sits off to one side it needs more plastic removed. It's a PIA but now I have a walking foot for my 5710. I don't think you can buy one at any price as the support for the foot on the 3610 and 5710 are on an angle.

Hope this helps somebody.

From the Editor: You are one determined guy, John. My hat's off to you.

Fabulous reminder about taking pictures as you go when you're taking things apart. Good advice for so many situations.

Thank you so much for sharing!


Julie Baird

And another thing......
by: Laurie

Here's another website with all sorts of parts which supposedly are guaranteed to be compatible w/5710:

Though there is a pesky asterisk * after the 5710 model number, which may or may not mean anything. It's worth a look..... I'm in search of a darning foot or free motion foot for my 5710, and happy to entertain info on that.

Walking Foot for Viking 5710
by: Laurie

I can't tell the dates of this discussion, so don't know if it's current or not. In any case: I have a 1979 Viking 5710 also, and about 15 years ago was sold an "Alphasew" Walking foot, #10449V. It seems to work well and fits the machine, though I'm not a serious quilter, so maybe didn't give it a serious workout. I've just looked, and the #10449 (no "V" mentioned) is available online. Try it out, perhaps you can return it if it doesn't work well enough for you. The photos looked like what I have now, though mine is made of more metal, and the current version has a bit more plastic. But then, I'm probably made of more plastic than I used to be!

walking foot
by: Elske

Hallo, I am also looking for a walking foot for my model 5710 Husqvarna sewing machine.

Husqvarna says: they don't make them anymore.

If anybody can help me, please.


Viking 5710 walking foot search
by: Jane in Minnesota

Have tried the best place in town (Gratz Sewing in Plymouth, MN), and we cannot find a walking foot to fit. I do admire Julie's Dremel fix!

Have decided the search is probably fruitless. I think I purchased my "Purple Viking" in 1978 or so, and I just had a first tune-up on it this year.

Reverse function was sticking, and now it's fine!

Walking foot for Husqvarna 5710
by: Tracey

Thank you so much Jennifer and Julie,
I have just received a Husqvarna 5710 from my mother-in-law after my 30 year old Janome said 'enough was enough'. I really needed the Husky to have a walking foot though and was very interested in your thread, also a reply from Julie by email.

Your recent post about the dremel tool etc. got my husband and brother-in-law into action and we made my old Janome walking foot (minus the plastic cover) fit the Husky.

They also used a couple of small washers to centre it correctly with the needle position.

Have just got back to South Korea with it and am looking forward to many years of patchwork and quilting on my 'new' machine.

Thank you again for your perseverance and tips.

From the Editor:


You are quite welcome! I'm so glad it worked out for you!

~ Julie Baird

Walking foot for Viking 5710 resolution
by: Jennifer

A few weeks ago I took my Viking 5710 to a local expert who specializes in repair of old sewing machines. He had drawers full of attachments including a few types of generic walking foot for low shank machines. He picked out one based on looking at my machine and said if it did not fit nothing would. It did not fit, but was close. I purchased the generic low shank walking foot because we thought it could be made to fit and it was not too costly ($23). After removing the plastic cover it was extremely close to working. A little filing with a dremel tool of the walking foot and of my machine, both in areas that were not part of any function and I was in business. I have been machine quilting happily for two weeks with this walking foot and have seen no issues. I am very happy. I agree with your advice to take the machine to a dealer, or to someone who knows old machines. You really need a drawer full to try for an old machine.

Thanks for looking into this.

From the Editor Hi Jennifer!

I'm glad you were able to find a solution. One of my girlfriends, many, many years ago when I first started quilting had an old Elna that she loved. Wouldn't you know it, the company phased out the machine and all the parts (walking foot and darning foot) that went with it. When she heard about this, she stocked up on a couple of extras just in case.

Now with machines seemingly being introduced faster—even with some interchange-ability between feets—I wonder if this will force the home sewer to upgrade faster than she otherwise would have.

We'll have to wait and see.

Again, so happy that you're back to quilting!


by: Julie Baird, Editor

The info that came back from my gal was 'generic low shank foot', because there was nothing else available due to the age of the machine.

My suggestion is to take the machine with you to the dealer--I know that is a pain, but with the price of gas, not to mention your time, it is the surest way--and install and use the foot in the dealer's store. That way if it works, you know, and if it doesn't, you know that too.

I wish I could be more help, but at this point, I'm at a loss.


Julie Baird

Touching base
by: Julie Baird

I haven't heard back from my Viking gal...I'll contact her in the morning and see if she's got some information.

~ Julie

more on the 5710 Viking machine
by: Jennifer

The presser foot is low shank and the shank is flat (narrow looking from the front of the machine with a rectangular cross section, not round). The machine was made is Sweden by Husqvarna. It is a Viking 5710 Electronic Control. The presser foor has a flat "ankle bracket" that screws on and accepts several different types of snap-on presser foot. Some larger presser foot types that "cannot be constructed as loose soles" according to my manual are screwed on in place of the ankle bracket. The manual does not list a walking foot, only a darning foot. I will email a picture as soon as I can.
I purchased the machine around 1978 and it is extremely rugged for a small machine and can sew many layers of denim or canvas at once and hardly ever jams. I have been quilting a few years, doing only the final quilting by hand and really want to switch to machine quilting but want to keep using this small portable rugged machine.

From the Editor: Hi Jennifer,

I just saw this, it's almost 7pm central time, and forwarded it to my girlfriend. The store is closed on Sundays so I don't expect to hear anything until Monday at the earliest...I will post here when I do.

Thanks for the extra information!


Follow up questions
by: Julie Baird

Hi Jennifer,

I heard back from my girlfriend at the Viking dealer. Their repairman suspects that your machine is a low shank, but a picture would be helpful to confirm that. Also, where was your machine made? Germany perhaps?

Those two pieces of information would be most helpful to get you the right foot.

You can respond in the comments here, or email me at


Julie Baird

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