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Joining the quilt layers

My basting boards<br /><br />Click the thumbnail for a larger image.<br />

My basting boards

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How do I find an easy way to join the layers for a queen size quilt?


I'm assuming that you're talking about basting the layers of the quilt together to get it ready to quilt?

I used to do mine on my oh-so-hard tile kitchen's something that this ol' body of mine has to recover from when I baste.

However, there is an alternative that I'm getting good results from and I'm gradually working up in size. Instead of crawling around on the floor, you sit at a table (a long table if needed) and use a set of boards to control all the layers of the quilt, much like a long arm machine does.

You can see a demonstration by Sharon Schamber, award winning quilter, of this technique in a series of two videos here on my page "How do I control my quilt sandwich during quilting?" You'll need a set of boards and then a table (or tables) that are longer enough to hold the boards as you baste. I've covered my boards with old Debbie Mumm fabric. I like how it helps hold the layers.

This method is just so-o-o-o much easier on my back.

Now Sharon likes to thread baste her quilts for machine quilting. That's not my preference, so I use the same safety pins I've always used.

Readers, have you tried this technique?

Do you like it?

Suggestions? Comments?

Just use the 'comments' link below to share your thoughts.

Thank you.


Julie Baird

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basting with boards
by: Tammy Mosier

I am currently using 1x4 10 ft boards to baste a double wedding ring. I'm on the 3rd row and all is doing great. Unless I have trouble past the middle this is the way to do it. I also watch the video from previous post.

So far it's so much easier.

Everything has worked and saving my knees and back. I would recommend this.

The only problem I have found is it takes a large table or u will to move the boards to center on table which is what I am having to do.

But it's working so far!

From the Editor: Hi Tammy,

I'm so glad to hear this is working for you! I keep a couple of different length boards on hand for different size quilts. It's handy!

Thank you for taking the time to come back and share your experience and recommendation! It's valuable input.


Julie Baird

queens layers
by: Kathlee

I made my first queen size quilt last month. I used my dining room table, I placed my piece layer face down and used spray adhesive on the area that is flat, then placed the batting; I rolled down attached layers carefully lifted the batting and sprayed the layers together. I continued this process for both the batting then the backing.

Once attached it was easy to use quilting pins to secure.

Basting a Quilt
by: Lorna McMahon

I don't have much experience.... But when I wanted to baste my first queen sized quilt, I thumb-tacked the backing onto a regular quilting frame, placed the batting on top and thumb-tacked that too, then I placed the quilt top on and started safety pinning from one side and smoothing out as I went, down and over to the other side. The only trouble can be reaching the centre of the quilt to pin it.

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