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Setting Pfaff Hobbymatic 955 machine tension

by Wynne.
(Guelph, ON, Canada)

Going to try machine quilting. Any suggestions other than above ones on computer?


Hi Wynne!

I'm assuming you're asking if there's any other advice about choosing and setting the tension on your machine. (I've got a bit of a cold and haven't had my usual coffee today...please excuse me if I mis-read!)

I'd go through your sewing machine's instructions for setting up for machine quilting line by line...looking specifically for recommended tension settings and also whether or not the Pfaff recommends a presser foot pressure adjustment ( I don't know if there is one on your machine, your machine manual has this information.)

Make the recommended adjustments and then do some stitching on a practice sandwich made from the same fabrics and batting as in your quilt. This sandwich doesn't have to be pretty or even very big...just large enough so do some straight stitching.

Use these practice stitches to fine-tune your tension settings. There's a page on the site Sewing Machine Tension to help you fine-tune based on what you see.

I've been quilting now for 20 years (can't hardly believe that!) and I ALWAYS make the practice sandwich. My machine will automatically choose a setting based on the fabric I input into the computer...but I usually forget that step. The actual stitches on the actual materials is the best test.

The other advantage of the practice sandwich is that you see how the threads you've chosen work against the fabric. There've been many times that I've switched to a 'smoke' monofilament because the 'clear' was too shiny, or chosen another thread in another color because the effect wasn't as I expected.

I hope this helps! Good luck on your quilt!


Julie Baird

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