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Problem installing a Janome even-feed presser foot

I bought a low shank even feed presser foot for my Janome.

The lever which rests on top of my needle clamp doesn't go up and down with the clamp unless I hold it onto the clamp as I sew.

What am I doing wrong?


There are several things that occur to me...

First confirm that your machine is, indeed, a low shank machine.

If it is, the screw that holds the shank onto the machine is about 3/4" above the bottom of the presser foot (it'll be about 1-1/4" above for a high shank). Most of the newer model Janome's are low shank, but if your machine is older, it could be a high shank machine.

Double check the model of the presser foot with your machine's manual to make sure you weren't accidentally sold the wrong one.

If everything is correct so far, grab the instructions that came with the foot and your machine's instruction manual and literally walk through each step like you'd never done it before.

I suspect that the foot isn't seated properly on your machine...make sure that it's locked or pushed firmly into place. It can be tricky the first couple of times through because we're (that's me INCLUDED) always so concerned we're going to break something.

Once you've done all of this, if it still isn't working properly, take it back to where you got it with your machine and have them show you how to install the foot.

Good luck to you.

Janome readers, do you have any suggestions? I'm a Viking gal, myself, are there any Janome tricks that we should know about?


Julie Baird

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