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Scottish Name for 'Quilt'

by Linda Seiberling
(Cameron, NC USA)

Loudoun Kirk - remains of the church and churchyard

Loudoun Kirk - remains of the church and churchyard

Is there a Scottish word for 'quilt' or 'quilter'?


Okay. You had me stumped for a bit there! (big smile!)

So I asked my Brother, Mark, the linguist! He is also the the family genealogist (along with my father). My maiden name is 'Wasson'. They have traced our ancestry back to Scotland, in the areas of Riccarton to Strathaven, primarily in Avondale Parish. We believe some of our ancestors are buried in the churchyard shown above.

My brother offered the following information...
Well there's Scottish Gaelic and there is also Scots.

Scots is more Germanic, related to English and spoken mostly in the Lowlands. Scottish Gaelic is older in Scotland and more closely associated with the Highlands.


doun dun
n. Down, the soft under-plumage of birds. Fine dust or chaff of oats, meal, etc.
dim. dounie A feather quilt.

n. A quilt, a quilted bed covering.
v. To quilt.

Scottish Gaelic


cuibhrig (masculine form)
cuibhrig-throm (feminine form)

I couldn't find 'quilting' or 'quilter' for either language, but I suspect those words are probably more recent - folks sewed quilts but probably didn't think of themselves as quitlers, whereas with Modern English we '-er' and '=ing' just about anything we do now.

I hope that helps a little bit.

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Julie Baird

Comments for Scottish Name for 'Quilt'

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by: Michael

The quilt patterns displayed on the web page are mind blowing. The picture of the abandoned church posted on the page is creepy. Thank you for sharing the Scottish name for quilt. Waiting for more interesting posts from you. Keep up.

by: Anonymous

There's a few variations with different areas and dialects but "proper" Gaelic for quilt - cùrainn

I don't think there are Gaelic words for quilter or quilted.

I'm no expert but asked a friend who is a native (Lewis) Gaelic speaker.

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