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Quilt back with tucks

by June
(Toronto, Canada)

How do I prevent tucks on the back of my quilt as I sew?

I have carefully pinned it and smoothed it before sewing but still I get these tucks.


I'm assuming that you taped your backing fabric down to the table or floor before you pin basted it. Taping assures that the backing doesn't shift as you layer on the batting and quilt top. Check out our page, "Machine quilting causes tucks", for other tips.

If you've used plenty of safety pins (I like to feel at least two underneath my palm when it's placed flat on the quilt top) then I suggest double checking your presser foot pressure setting. If the pressure is set too high, your walking foot can actually be pushing extra fabric ahead of itself.

There's a good video that explains this on our page, "Tucks on the back of my quilt".

I hope this information is helpful to you in solving your tuck problem.

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Thank you!


Julie Baird

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Tucks on back of quilt
by: Elaine DeFoor

Look at my 25th Wedding Anniversary quilt under Share Your Quilts. I think you will find Jo Goranson’s answer for my tucks on a king size quilt. Her method worked like a charm. I will use it on all my quilts now.

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