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To Serve You Better

I receive 20-30 emails per day from site visitors. While I'd love to be able to answer each one individually, there just aren't enough hours in the day to respond AND have time to create the new planned  content and patterns that are scheduled.

Response times have become unacceptable. For me and for you.

As a remedy to this, I've answered several of the most common questions that come into the website each week.

This way you have my answer without even writing. You find a solution quickly and get back to quilting sooner!

If you do not find your question answered, the contact form is at the bottom of this page.

Here they are:

Permission to use/copy/republish materials from the site for classes, newsletters, blogs

To streamline the process, I've addressed this issue here for both professional and recreational quilters. 

Selling Quilting Related Items (Long arm, sewing machine, fabrics, etc.)

At this time, I do not have a place set up on the website specifically for this activity nor do I anticipate adding one. 

My best suggestion is for you to advertise through your local guild's newsletter, website or Facebook page. It will reach an audience in your locality, eliminating the hassle and cost of shipping for both you and your future buyer.

Your local quilt shop is another possibility, IF and only if, what you're selling is not in direct competition with the shop. For instance, I don't expect that a quilt shop selling sewing machines is going to want to advertise your machine for sale.

Where to donate fabric/equipment?
Where to get fabric donations?

Many of us are lucky to have sizable stashes that we want to downsize.

Others of us have been gifted fabric from friends or inherited it when loved ones passed.

At some point it can get to be just too much.

At this time (December, 2020) I do not maintain a list of organizations on the website that take fabric donations.

My recommendation is to contact your local quilt guild(s) or shop(s) (and there are lists of these on this site) to see if they either know who in the area is taking or giving donations or they, perhaps, are taking or giving donations themselves.

Quilt guilds will sometimes have a ‘garage sale’ night planned for their members where tables are offered for rent. That is another possibility.

Sometimes a guild member is teaching local kids to quilt and needs supplies, too.

Check the churches in your area. Some make quilts. Others make clothing or other useful items for those in need.

You find groups on Facebook whose sole purpose is to help group members sell quilt-related items—both new and used items. One such group is Quilters Stash of Goodies For Sale.

Where can I get my quilt repaired?
Who can I get to quilt it for me (either hand or machine)?
Who can I get to sew on my bindings?

I do not maintain directories for these services, because I can’t personally vouch for the quality of the work.

Contact your local quilt guild(s) and quilt shop(s). They are in the best position to recommend someone locally based on their experience.

Even with a recommendation, don’t forget to ask for references and to see samples of their work...and then check them out. Look up their Facebook and Instagram pages.

That’s just good common sense, and may provide a bit of inspiration, too!

Requests to calculate yardage for a particular quilt block or pattern

While I'd love to provide this service for everyone, I receive roughly 20 requests/week for this.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. It just isn't feasible.

And if I do it for one, I feel guilty about not doing it for the next quilter that asks.

There are, however, several articles on the site currently to help you learn to calculate your own fabric requirements. You also learn to customize them to your own way of working.

My editorial plans include tying all these articles together with a set of worksheets to walk you through the process.

When it is published, I will post a link to it here, on Facebook, Pinterest and our STASHTalk newsletter.

General quilting questions

Each week brings a whole slew of quilting questions to my inbox.

As much as I’d like, there’s just no sane way to respond to all of them.

The good news is I’ve already answered more than 500 of your questions and posted the problem/possible solution(s) on this site here.

To see if yours has already been asked and answered, type what your question is about in the Search Box below. Then click the ‘Search’ button.

You’ll be able to find a solution more quickly that way.

Though it might not look like it, there are over 1200 pages on the Generations Quilt Patterns site—ALL about quilting.

Use the Search box below to find your answer!

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If the information above hasn't addressed your situation, please use the form below to contact me.


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