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Looking for a quilt pattern - Native British Columbian theme

by Marie Breton
(Casselman, Ontario)

I'm looking for a very specific type of quilt pattern. I want to make a quilt with pictures relating to the British Columbia natives with orcas, totems and whatever else I can find in terms of designs that represent this most interesting subject.

Can you direct me to some sites where I can either purchase such a quilt pattern or download some images. I'm from south east Ontario and have looked at several quilting stores with not much luck.

Thank you so much for your input.


I've posted your request in hopes that a reader will be able to point you towards a wonderful pattern. (Since first posting this request, we've received several replies, see the 'Comments' section below.)

In the meantime, as you have indicated, printing your own photos on fabric with an inkjet printer and using them in your quilts would be a wonderful way to incorporate these images. I've had good luck with the pre-packaged photo transfer papers from Electric Quilt.

They are expensive though. So the best advice is to print a sample on paper before printing on the actual fabric sheets. And follow the directions exactly. Different brands have different steps, some must be washed in water, others not, to set the ink and remove the excess. Some need to be set with a hot iron.

I've also sent a request to my brother. He takes pictures, lot and lots of pictures, and travels every unbeaten path he can find, and that includes British Columbia...he lives in Seattle but is in Greece at the moment. I'll add any information he supplies in this post.

You might also try Flickr, the photo site. If you find a picture(s) that you'd like to use, there is a place to email or leave a message for the photographer to get permission. Also check the Creative Commons sections for copyright free images. iStock photos is another option. Photos and other images of British Columbia with a native theme may be available for a nominal charge.

I hope this helps!

Readers, if you've know of any quilt patterns that you think would work, please do let us know the pattern name. If you know where the pattern can be purchased or pictures found, please leave a link, too. Thank you.

Marie, I hope you'll share quilt pictures of your quilt when you are finished. With this theme, it should be spectacular!


Julie Baird

Comments for Looking for a quilt pattern - Native British Columbian theme

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A great pattern!
by: Lezley in Edmonton

It's called Northern Wilderness - eagle, moose, orca, bear, loon, salmon, water, mountains etc. Northern Threads Designs. Loving it!

Native Patterns
by: Happy Quilter

Have you tried Rushin Tailor Quilt Store in Alaska?

They have some beautiful patterns. Might be worth a look. Check them out online.

If not, Joyce Mori has beautiful work as well.

Best Wishes

Try searching with these keywords...
by: Anonymous

If you're looking for photos on the Internet for photo transfer try searching with these words:

Bill Reid, artist

...and then looking under Images on Google. You might find something you can use.

Hope this helps.

I suggest Lisa Moore's patterns
by: Joanne Colleaux

Lisa Moore lives in Sitkas, Alaska, but has a line of patterns with coastal Indian motifs. I've used several of her other patterns, and they are very good - the math works, the instructions are clear, etc.

Here is her website:

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