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Walking foot - U shape clamp to needle clamp problem

by Anne
(Kennewick, WA)

My U shape clamp on my walking foot is barely reaching the needle clamp and then when the needle is in motion, it is scraping the foot (scraping at the very front of the foot, about 1/4 of an inch where it is supposed to be) I do not see anyway to move the foot forward or extend the U shape clamp on the walking foot. Does anyone know why this would be happening or how to fix it?

It has been about 3 years since I last used my walking foot and I do not recall any issues then, not sure what is going on.


I'm taking a guess here based on my Viking #1+ sewing machine.

The walking foot came with a longer needle clamp screw so that the fork or 'U' shape on the foot would fit around it. If I used the screw that came with the sewing machine it just wouldn't work. I just leave the longer screw in place all the time so it's there when I need it and it doesn't have any effect when using regular presser feet.

I'm wondering if you need such a screw?

If the foot isn't connecting with the screw, that would explain why the needle is making contact with the foot...the foot isn't being held in the proper position.

The other thing that occurs to me, and your walking foot instructions will hold the key, does the 'U' go around the needle clamp screw or is it to sit on top of the screw? (I'm assuming that it's supposed to go around, but without a picture...I can't confirm it.)

Again, if the arm isn't in the proper place to hold the foot in the proper position, your needle is going to rub the foot, or be so far out of alignment that it hits the foot and breaks.

Double check the instructions that came with the walking foot. If one of these suggestions isn't the problem, let me know...a picture of your set up would be very helpful if you can upload one. Just go back to the Machine Quilting Questions page and add another question with a photo. That would provide helpful clues!

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Julie Baird

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