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Quilt design: I need inspiration!

by Elaine DeFoor
(Stuart, Florida)

Phil & Malinda's Wedding Quilt<br /><br />Click on any thumbnail below for a larger image<br /><br />

Phil & Malinda's Wedding Quilt

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I need an idea for a quilt for my daughter's 25th wedding anniversary.

She liked the one I made for her brother and I have included pictures (shown above) so I don't want to make the same for her.

She does not like "quilty quilts" which I take to mean traditional blocks. I would like to do a black to grey with occasional purple and some silver for the 25th.

I saw a log cabin monotone one using beiges to whites with brown and unless one looked closely it was hard to distinguish the blocks. But I don't know how to begin or I need a new idea.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have gotten much help from this website. It is incredible.



I'm blushing...I'm so glad this website has been helpful to you! Thank you for the compliment, it really means a lot to me.

Now to the business of your next project!

Quilt blocks that don't look like quilt blocks...

I love this quilt pattern, Candy Queen by Lori Allison of Allison Quilt Designs.

It's got that log cabin feel to it (a chevron or half log cabin-like design), yet the blocks don't really stand out from each other. The use of color kind of 'smushes' them's all about color, value and stash.

Candy Queen by Lori Allison

"Candy Queen" by Lori Allison
Photo Courtesy of Allison Quilt Designs

To see more of Lori's designs please visit her website at:

Next up is...

Sanctuary Squares by Cindy Lammon.

Yes, the blocks really do stand out, but it's got a modern feel to it. Clean and graphic. (Notice the simple lines of quilting that Cindy has used...excellent
execution in my humble opinion!) This quilt, too, would be a wonderful color study.

Candy Queen by Lori Allison

"Sanctuary Squares" by Cindy Lammon
Photo Courtesy of Hyacinth Quilt Designs

The instructions for this quilt are on a free pdf download (click here) on Cindy's website

You might also enjoy Cindy's blog found here...'s a great source of inspiration.

And finally...

This last quilt is one that I've made over and over again. (Yes, you're right, it's not quilted yet!)

Concentric Squares

"Concentric Squares" by Julie Baird
Generations Quilt Patterns

It is a Courthouse Steps quilt pattern that creates 'concentric squares'. The centers are cut 3". The first and third round of logs are cut at 1"; the second, fourth and fifth rounds are cut at 1-1/2". Click here to find rotary cutting directions for these 'Concentric Squares' Courthouse Steps quilt blocks here.

The gold border is constructed from strips cut 2-1/4" wide. The outer blocks are made with center squares cut 3". The single row of logs around these squares are sewn from strips cut 1" wide. A 'piano key' type of border would work just as well.

While the blocks are clearly evident, the color pull really makes it. Just find a focus fabric that you (or your sister loves) and pulls fabrics that go with it. Perfect matches aren't necessary. Just find fabrics that play nicely together. (This quilt top is based on the same set of fabrics that I used in my 'Fish Quilt'. I describe how I pulled the fabrics here on a page called Scrappy Quilts.

Elaine, I hope this gives you some ideas. Let me now what you decide to create. I'd love to see pictures of the quilt when it's finished!


Julie Baird

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Thank you! Thank you!
by: Elaine DeFoor

Thank you all for all your suggestions. I really liked the Candy Queen one. I have ordered the pattern and hope to use that one for my daughter's anniversary quilt.

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