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Quilt binding on an old quilt

by Keali
(Mount Clemens, MI)

Keali writes...


My husband has a old quilt that his grandmother made him when he was a child.

Most of the quilt is in great condition, but the edging is completely gone now leaving just the padding around the edge. While a large part of the quilt is made out of denim, the edges are just regular cotton fabric.

Should I take it somewhere to have the edges done? Suggestions?

I'm new to quilting still and i am not sure if I feel comfortable working on it myself.



Julie replies...

Hi Keali!—What a pretty name!

If you are concerned about the value of the quilt and maintaining it, then I would consult with an experienced quilt appraiser. This article Use a Certified Quilt Appraiser... will help you locate one in your area. Just use the links close to the bottom of the page.

If your sole purpose to prolong the life of the quilt for your husband's benefit, then go to a quilt store in your area. I'm betting that there's someone locally who will do re-binding for you. The quilt store will be able to make an educated recommendation if such a person works close by.

Failing that, then try your local quilt guild.

You can find store and guild information here on the website if you need it. Just look in the lefthand column for "Quilt Stores" and "Quilt Guilds".

I'd love to have you share a picture of the quilt and the story of his grandmother on the site. If you'd be so kind, you can add it here.

Thank you for your question. Good luck on rebinding! And welcome to the quilting world. You're in for a mountain of fun!


Julie Baird

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