New Quilt Fabrics to Drool Over in 2021

Which came first? The pattern? Or the luscious fabrics?

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Oodles of new quilt fabrics are shared all over this website to inspire you—doesn't the prospect of new fabrics just make you drool?!!

Putting ALL those fabric collections in one spot is helpful—especially when you remember something oh so clearly, but you just don't remember where or what it was called.

Seriously, just TAKE ME TO THE FABRICS NOWI want to LOOK not READ!

In this era of quilt store closings—due either to retirement or the downturn in the economy—this is a simple way to encourage your interest and enthusiasm for quilting.

These are the designs and colors that have caught my eye perusing all the new exquisite collections from all the major manufacturers.

Aren't we lucky to have such an amazing selection?

Meme: Question: When Does a Quilter need a bib? Answer: When looking at new fabric, of course!

What Quilter doesn't love free patterns?

I've checked the manufacturers' websites for any free patterns available for the quilt fabrics shared.

If I was successful, those download links are shared, too, and go directly to the manufacturer's website.

Unfortunately, because I haven't made these patterns, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the directions. That doesn't mean they're bad, that's just being honest.

Most fabric manufacturer's share free quilt patterns just like Moda does here.Most fabric manufacturer's share free quilt patterns just like Moda does here.

Make it a habit to check the manufacturer's free pattern page for any updates or corrections to their free offerings BEFORE downloading.

Best practices for us quilters means making a sample block, especially if you're committing to a large fabric purchase.

That's good advice here, too.

Also, if I've found a pattern where the fabric designer uses the fabrics in the line to make the sample quilt, you'll find a link to the commercial pattern (one that if you like it, you have to buy it), so you can see how the fabrics look made up into a quilt.

A word about the link-buttons

Click here to go to our Quilt Store Directory.

Each link to the fabric is a colored button that tells you where the link takes you. 

The links to these quilt fabric suppliers are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission on the sale (without any increase in price to you).

These commissions provide me with an income so that I can continue to provide all the free content that you'll find on the Generations Quilt Patterns website.

IF you prefer to purchase from your local quilt store (if you're lucky enough to still have one) simply take down the fabric line information and give them a call directly to see if they carry it now or the new fabrics are on order.

I thank you for your continued support of this site.

Holiday or specialty quilt fabrics

Christmas present wrapped in red paper with a green bow

If you're looking for Christmas quilt fabric, there's lots to see. 

Click here to see more than 40 of the newest collections offered for Christmas 2021.

Looking for Christmas flannel fabrics, then click here.

You'll find Moda Christmas fabrics here.

Need inspiration?

Check out these Christmas quilt patterns or Christmas tree quilt patterns—who knew there were so many to choose from?

Scary Jack-O-Lantern

If de-FRIGHT-ful Halloween quilt fabrics haunt your imagination, the collections for 2021 are spooktacular! 

Check out these boo-ti-ful collections here.

If you fancy new Fall fabrics, look no further then here.

Otherwise grab a cuppa something delicious to sip on and savor all the quilty-fiberliciousness to follow.

And don't forget the bib!

Andover Fabrics

Art Theory by Alison Glass

20 prints plus two panels, one with a line background, one with a dark

Who knew you could pack so much fun into a fabric. A nice set of neutrals are included in the collection.

Cross Stitch by Alison Glass

A symphony of color at your fingertips.

Bold and daring, just like you've come to expect from Alison in a tone-on-tone cross stitch design to add texture to your quilts.

Coordinates with her previous lines.

Cross Stitch fat quarter bundle of coordinating Century Solids by Andover Fabrics

Laundry Basket Favorites II by Edyta Sitar

Edyta Star brings her signature style in the form of 32 colors with linen-like texture that will inspire you to create something truly special.

These quilt fabrics are so versatile because they work well together, but also mix well with other collections from different brands. 

This is one laundry basket we can't wait to fill up! 

In addition to yardage, there are precuts and even these Fat Quarter Bundles based on color families are available.

Sun Print 2021 by Alison Glass

Sun Print 2021 by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics has all of the colors you need to create your next sunny masterpiece! The collection includes 27 fresh new shades in tone-on-tones, prints and florals. These vibrant hues are sure to light up any project with bold pops of color. 

There is a coordinating Fat Quarter Bundle of 12 Century solids for more design fun.

Several free patterns are available from previous years' Sun Print lines. Three are linked to below. Which will you choose?

The Seamstress by Edyta Sitar

The Seamstress is a collection of vintage patterns—all with a curiously modern feel.

These beautiful designs were inspired by antique dressmaker’s catalogs in muted hues of rose, flax, sage, Dijon and other traditional shades of red, green, tan and yellow.

Explore the possibilities!

Art Gallery Fabrics

Onwards + Upward by Jessica Swift for Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery's recent fabric release, Angles Onward, and Upward will make the perfect addition to your quilting stash.

The collection features mythological beasts such as the Pegasus, Unicorn, and Phoenix. With a variety of colors and fun prints like Falling Arrows and other fetching Designs, you can unleash your creative side with this new fabric line! 

Eve by Bari J

These fabrics celebrate the essence of being a woman with their unique designs for quilting projects made especially for modern day heroines everywhere!

They will remind you how beautiful you are on the inside as well as out! 

Fat Quarter Shop offers fat quarter bundles of the 'fierce' or 'tenacious' prints below. Art Gallery Fabrics has created a free pattern called 'Garden of Eden'. Click the images below to view those choices.

Vert Fusion by AGF

Surround yourself in tranquility with the low-volume Vert Fusion collection by AGF. The prints in this collection are full of organic elements, soft sand, and aloe tones that aim to soothe the soul through nature’s natural powers.

Each print in the line has its own unique color and texture. None stands out more than another. The neutral tones in this range pair well with other AGF collections.

AGF has provided a free pattern, Quietude. Click the image to download it now. 

Dear Stella

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Clara Jean Design for Dear Stella Design

If you are looking for a fabric line that has a light and cheery feel, I would recommend Baby It's Cold Outside by Clara Jean Design for Dear Stella Design.

The collection features stripes, dots, pom-poms, and wintry images adorned with polar bears, penguins, deer, cardinals, poinsettias, pinecones, holly, and narwhals.

Yep. I said NARWHALS. When have you seen that in a quilt fabric?

Overcast gray, blue, red navy, and black prints will create the perfect background for the cheerful colors in this fabric line.

Free Spirit Fabrics

Bright Eyes by Anna Maria

This collection is full of all the buoyant life colors that will make you feel like you're inside the middle of a Mardi Gras parade or like you're looking at an eye-teaser.

With this collection, you'll be able to create quilts with vibrant prints in shades of purple, red magenta, teal, and gold.

If you want to create striking quilts, then 'Bright Eyes' will see you through!

Curiouser & Curiouser by Tula Pink

Who doesn't love a good story? 

Everyone loves the whimsical characters of Alice in Wonderland, but how do you bring them to life in your quilts? 

We've got just the thing for you!

Curiouser & Curiouser is filled with characters from this classic tale. Whether it's Alice, or her cat Dinah, or even the Queen of Hearts herself, there are all sorts of fun prints that will put a smile on your face.

Pair these vibrant fabrics with Tula Pink Designer Essentials and create something truly unique!

And here's a trio of free downloadable patterns from Free Spirit using this collection.

Love Always by Anna Maria

Reminiscent of the Kaffe Collective or Tula Pink collections, this line by Anna Maria is an explosion of color in a summertime garden.

Who needs a place for the eye to rest when there's so much to explore.

Joyously delightful!

True Colors by Tula Pink

42 fabrics

A rainbow of color, these fabrics will enhance the other Tula fabrics in your stash. Love her for this!

There is a free quilt pattern download from Free Spirit to inspire you with these True Colors.

You'll find the download for 'Woven Radiance', a 77" x 95" finished quilt, here.

Henry Glass Fabrics

Gratitude & Grace by Kim Diehl

Kim Diehl, the Queen of Simple Whatnots, is back with another incredible collection.

It's a treasure trove for any quilter looking to add some excitement and flair into their next scrappy quilt, filled with florals and vine geometric prints in shades from cream through teal.

Marcus Fabrics 

Aunt Grace Sew Charming by Judie Rothermel for Marcus

Get ready to slip into a different era with Aunt Grace Sew Charming vintage fabrics!

A bygone era comes alive with this with this invigorating collection, where floral prints harken back to the fashion of the ’30s. This timeless pattern is attractive to beginners and seasoned quilters alike, so everyone can enjoy these tributes to days gone by!

Primitive Traditions by Pam Buda

This collection has it all - charming florals and wonderful geometric prints, in a rich palette of folk-art's traditional colors.

For even more design opportunities consider these previous fabric lines, also by Pam Buda.

Moda/United Notions

Cozy Up by Corey Yoder


Cozy Up by Corey Yoder for Moda has brought us a new way to enjoy our favorite hobby. These beautiful designs are so serene that they will instantly relax your mind and spirit. 

Give yourself some time to unwind with these fantastic florals and small prints. You'll love quilting with this collection.

We're so lucky to have this much inspiration to draw on, check out these patterns from Corey Yoder.

Cranberries & Cream by 3 Sisters

Bring style and elegance to any room.

Paisley and flowing flower prints combine with a stimulating red, cream, and white color story to create a bold, intense fabrics that will add zest and depth to your creations.

Felicity Batiks by Kate Spain

Winter has just begun to take form, and this festive holiday collection is here to help you celebrate with some inspired stitching. 

Explore this batik collection of red, green, gold, and white batik featuring Christmas lights, trees, snowflakes, poinsettias, and stars in each detailed pattern.

Homemade Homespuns by Kansas Troubles Quilters 

Infusing warmth of the heartland, Kansas Troubles Quilters have been cooking up a pile of red, orange, blue and green yarn-dyed homespun plaids that are perfect for a cozy fall or winter quilt.

Imagine getting all comfy and snug with this Kansas Troubles Quilters fabric collection!

Lady Bird by Crystal Manning

If you are looking for a beautiful fabric that will have your quilts making eye contact with Mother Nature, then look no further! You have just stumbled upon the beauty that is Lady Bird by Crystal Manning.

This pattern is not just an ordinary floral print; it has a certain something extra, a little more TLC perhaps.

With each glance of the gorgeous blend of yellows, greens, blues, and reds, you are being treated to springtime. The colors are so enchanting—it's as if you can feel the warmth of the springtime sun on your skin.

Love Lily by April Rosenthal  

The 'feel' of a 30's reproduction without 'being' a 30's reproduction.

The colors in these designs are intriguing and the patterns will be a joy to work with!

How much FUN would it be sewing with this bright, happy fabrics!

And notice how different the six different quilts look, patterns shown below. All from this one collection.

Some of April's previous lines include: Midnight Magic 2 and Homestead.

Ombre Wovens by V and Co. for Moda Fabrics

Introducing a new colorful collection of woven ombre prints. IIn a rainbow of colors there's something to add some flair—some depth, some texture—to any project.

Use corresponding Bella Solids to create a modern design.

From beginner to advanced quilters, this yarn-dyed, woven collection will not disappoint!

Do you do this? I loved this collection, I accidentally bought it TWICE!!! ;)

A selvedge to selvedge cut of turquoise Ombre WovensA selvedge to selvedge cut of turquoise Woven Ombre to show the color change across a width of fabric

On the Go by Stacy Iest Hsu

The bold fabric collections by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics lets your inner child take the wheel with a fleet of different vehicles. On The Go celebrates how we get from point A to B, whether that be via plane, train or car! 

On the Farm by Stacy Iest Hsu

28 prints plus one 70"x49" panel that makes a cute barn and farm animals to go in it.

Bright greens, reds and blues with neutrals with farm animal motifs.

There's also a cute commercial pattern to check out, "On the Farm" (also designed by Stacy Iest Hsu) made from this fabric collection.

Another is "America O'America" (52" x 68") available at either or at

Outdoorsy by Cathe Holden

It is always exhilarating to start your day with a refreshing walk in the woods...

...and even more so when you have a beautiful fabric collection waiting for you.

Outdoorsy by Cathe Holden stitches together designs from landscapes, animals, wicker, moss, wood grains, and brown cedars so that they can accompany faded plaids in red, green, and yellow.

Give your next project just the breath of fresh air it deserves.

Petal Power by Me & My Sister Designs

Petal Power is the new quilter's dream.

The perfect vintage fabric collection with psychedelic prints, patterns, and colors. You'll love the vintage floral prints with bright hues of yellow, pink, green, turquoise (my favorite!), violet, and orange.


Pumpkins & Blossoms by Fig Tree Quilts


The Pumpkins & Blossoms fabric collection by Fig Tree Quilts is made up of beautiful autumn flowers and soft hues of orange, green, cream and taupe with a few dark prints to balance it all out.

This gorgeous cotton quilting weight fabric is elegant, beautiful and ready to make your masterpiece come to life!

Fig Tree has done it again!

For inspiration, consider these patterns and kits:

Regency Somerset Blues by Christopher Wilson-Tate

Transcending the lofty traditions of the British southwest, Christopher Wilson-Tate's Regency Somerset Blues gathers a palette of time-worn floral austerity.

A celebration of nearby violets, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies is punctuated by more understated foliage and small motifs in this classic collection of blues, tans, and yellows.

The Regency Somerset Blues collection will provide you with the traditional fabrics that you have come to know and love for your next quilting project.

Through the Woods by Sweetfire Road

Quilters, this magical fabric line will transport you to a mythical forest filled with ferns, trees, flowers, and butterflies in a golden-cheddar, black, taupe-y grey, and white color story.

Lovely and restful.

Riley Blake Designs

Adel in Autumn by Sandy Gervais

Fall is my favorite season! The cool air, the changing leaves, and best of all…the pumpkin-spice lattes.

The prints are inspired by the colors and textures of Fall, with design elements of all the things you enjoy during the season0.

Bee Backgrounds by Lori Holt

Lori Holt is getting her bees in order!

The Bee Backgrounds collection features whimsical white or cream backgrounds with elements like red and black honeycombs; pink, blue or yellow stitch marks, cursive writing (remember cursive writing?) and more.

Prints that work together for a scrappy look as well as by themselves.

Bee Basics by Lori Holt

Lori Holt definitely has a Bee in Her Bonnet, and aren't we lucky quilters that she does!!!

In all the vivacious colors we've come to expect from her.

Basic, yes. But infinitely usable in all your favorite quilt projects.

There are plenty of prints in this rainbow-themed assortment. Stitched hearts, scissors, needles & thread, shirting-like but colorful prints and irresistible gingham.

Welcome to Lori's World!

Coffee Chalk by J. Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake Designs


I love coffee,

I love tea, 

I love the Java Jive,

And it loves me.

Coffee and tea

And the Java and me

A cuppa, cuppa, cuppa cuppa cup…Ahhhhhh!

(I love me some Manhattan Transfer, too!)

This ones for all us coffee lovers by a favorite designer, J. Wecker Frisch, illustrator extraordinaire!

Harmony by Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee's latest fabric collection is perfect for all of your spring and summer projects. Whether you're making a table runner, wall art, or quilt, this line has the perfect colors and playful prints to mix and match with.

With something for everyone, these fabrics will be a hit at your next bee night!

Hope in Bloom by Katherine Lenius

Love conquers fear, especially when stitched up into a quilt.

This cherubic collection of delicate butterflies and flora, all in the soothing colors of pink, white, and cream, is filled with the optimistic messages of strength, hope, courage, and faith. The letters in pink, white, and cream fabrics beckon the reader into a textured world where plaids meeting cursive text. 

Flea Market by Lori Holt

Lori Holt is a vintage devotee and she has created these prints in that style for you! These Flea Market prints will fit right into your home with their plucky colors of blue, green, grey, pink, teal  and yellow. 

It's like walking down memory lane while still feeling fresh because the design inspiration comes from current trends such fru-fru patterns or beachy tones we see around us everyday

Lori feels like these prints fit right into place alongside her previous collections; provoking nostalgia while bringing imagination alive with every new look you put together using your own creativity and maybe some help from those flashy flowers.

Hush Hush a Collaborative Collection by Riley Blake Designers

Modern is the new traditional!

Transform your new quilt into a work of art with this exciting neutral fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs.

Filled with low-volume prints of rulers, schematics, basic shapes, stitch marks, color list text, and plaids, you'll be able to add a surprise treat for those who step close to your patchwork creations.

Stitch by Lori Holt

Start with the humble needle and thread.

Simple and functional.

Add the creativity of a woman's hand, and you have 'Stitch,' the latest fabric collection by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.

With her love of stitching and vintage fabrics, Lori Holt has created an eclectic collection of motifs and patterns to spur you to sew up a storm. No matter whether your passion is applique or piecing.

Robert Kaufman

Chalk and Charcoal by Jennifer Sampou

Introducing a new textured fabric collection from Jennifer Sampou. With a stunning array of deep, fully saturated hues, these fabrics are perfect for the adventurous quilter looking to mix it up a little with their next project.

For lighter hues in this same textured print, click here.

Mini Madness 2021 by Studio RK

Looking for a new white fabric collection? You'll love this fun and whimsical Mini Madness collection from Studio RK!

These stars, pin dots, snowflakes, and more will make your creative heart grin.

Modern Classics by Violet Craft

40 designs

Lines and dots and dashes and star light. Beautiful rich hues to add texture to your quilts.

Ruby Star Society

Golden Hour by Alexia Marcelle Abegg

18 cotton prints

3 rayon prints

Moda suggests these Bella Solids as coordinates:

  • 9900 20 - Navy
  • 9900 203 - 
  • 9900 232 - Saffron
  • 9900 256 - Cayenne
  • 9900 285 - Muslin Unbleached
  • 9900 292 - Amber

You'll find Bella Solids at the FQS.

Tarrytown by Kimberly Kight

It's all about texture and sweet motifs with an eclectic color story. Don't you just love those tiny tortoises?

The quilts below use Tarrytown in the cover quilts (for Pieces of Love it's the bottom one with the dark background.)

Whatnot by Rashida Coleman-Hale 

If you want to get your sewing mojo back, you need to add a splash of fun and color to your next project.

Then Whatnot by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society is just what you're looking for!

With this collection, you can't help but feel like you've been transported into a world where everything is wonderful and nothing hurts. 

Wilmington Prints

Fields of Gold by Lisa Audit

So what is stopping you from sampling our Fields Of Gold fabric collection?

The sun is beaming, the flowers are blooming, and there are all sorts of blossoms to choose from.

Mary, Mary would not be contrary with daisies, daffodils, chrysanthemums, and lilies to choose from, in addition to plaids, gingham, and stripes. These come in canary, goldenrod, gray, and white prints.

Sew Little Time by Danielle Leone

What better way to celebrate your sewing journey than with a fabric collection that says, "I find joy in my stitching?"

Created by quilter Danielle Leone, the "Sew Little Time" fabric collection features prints perfect for all the little things you do along the way.

From scissors and buttons to pincushions and needles, she celebrates these simple necessities of sewing life with playful charm on every print.

Windham Fabrics

Space Explorer by Whistler Studios

Space Explorer is an out-of-this-world, kid-friendly fabric collection.

Your quilts will blast of with rocket ships, stars, planets, and little astronauts on skies of blue, gray and white.

This stellar collection of fabrics is out of this world!

Now that you've picked your quilt fabrics, what will you create?

For inspiration check out our free quilt block patterns library or quilt design example pages to get those creative juices flowing.

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