115+ 6" Quilt Blocks to choose from!

From our Free Quilt Block Patterns Library

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A 6" quilt block is a lot like Goldilocks...not too big...not too small...but just right—in fact, you'll find more patterns for this block-size than any other on the website.

Below are all the 6" blocks from our Free Quilt Block Patterns Library.

Some are traditionally pieced.

Others are paper pieced.

The rest are a combination of both techniques.

They are divided into groups based on the number of grid units they are drawn on as shown here.

3x3 grid3x3
4x4 grid4x4
6x6 grid6x6
12x12 grid12x12

Looks just like little bits of graph paper, right?!! That's really all grid units are...the squares on graph paper. Depending on the block design it'll take more or less squares to draft the pattern.

These groupings are helpful if you are looking for an alternate block for a quilt you are designing.

Block designs drawn on the same grid layout look better set edge-to-edge together. They are more likely to create interesting secondary designs.

Whirlwind quilt block tutorial

What about a different quilt block?

For a list of all the 215+ quilt block patterns on this site, start here.

If you know the name of the block, shorten your search by using these links:




Click here if you're looking for blocks with at least some paper piecing.

Click here if you're looking for the basic building blocks of quilting, i.e., Flying Geese, half square triangles, quarter square triangles, etc., along with several techniques to make each.

And finally, use these links to find blocks in these finished sizes:

Making a quilt with 6" quilt blocks...?

...and need to know how many blocks it'll take for anywhere from a Twin to California King sized quilt?

Go to our 'How Many Blocks' page. There you'll find charts to download and print for each bed size with three different drops to accommodate most mattresses.

Take the math out of the equation!

Tools to make quilt designing easier...

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