Contemporary, Elegant Art Gallery Fabrics, By the Yard and Precuts

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A strong desire to bring a chic and modern perspective to quilt fabric was the impetus of Pat Bravo and her husband, Walter, to start Art Gallery Fabrics. Since their beginnings in 2004, they have lived up to this ideal. 

'Contemporary elegance' describes their collections. Suitable for quilters who embrace a modern esthetic, these fabrics add a touch of chic sophistication to your quilts.

Art Gallery is mindful of current trends. This is reflected in collections that push the limits on colors and patterns, perhaps even taking a quilter out of her/his quilting comfort level. And we all know we grow when we tread into these areas. 

While you can't tell from the pictures of the collections below, Art Gallery prints their fabrics on 100% premium mercerized cotton with a 205 thread cotton.

Your fingers will tingle with excitement as they caress these luscious fabrics.

Notice the collections tend to have fewer prints in fewer colorways. However, the grouping itself tends to be more diverse and novel than for other manufacturers.

For instance, you won't see one design in 5 different colorways in a particular collection—only once or twice at most.

These are genuinely eclectic fabrics. An absolute delight to work with.

Seasonal Art Gallery Fabrics

To make the list easier to navigate, seasonal Art Gallery fabric is shown on separate pages on this site.

To find them, simply click on the category buttons below.

Find Art Gallery Halloween fabrics here
Find Art Gallery Christmas fabrics here
Browse Art Gallery's heart quilt fabric
Browse all the subtle low volume fabric collections and curated bundles from Art Gallery

Art Gallery Fabrics complimentary downloads

I just love Art Gallery fabrics!

Besides the absolute lusciousness of their fabrics, they do a bang-up job supplying patterns to showcase their lines for you to download for free.

I've corresponded with Art Gallery to confirm that as they are made aware of changes/corrections to these patterns, they make those changes/corrections right in the directions. You don't need to go looking for any 'corrections' page on their website.

Best practices means to download the pattern right before you make it. That gives you the most up-to-date version. 

My advice to you is to write the date right on the download so that you have that information if you have to leave a project and come back to it later much later.

Art Gallery fabric collections

Remember to bookmark this page to keep up with all the new fabrics arriving in quilt shopsBookmark this page to find it again!

The fabrics are arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up with the latest arrivals. I add fabrics as they arrive at my affiliates.

If there are free patterns, they're shared here with a link to the download. Commercial patterns that use the Art Gallery fabric collection for the cover quilt are also shown. Clicking on those images takes you to an affiliate site to purchase that pattern.

Fat Quarter Shop does a nice job of bringing together coordinating fabrics from the basic Art Gallery collections. Look for those, too.

Now it's time to kick back and enjoy some fabric drooling and maybe some shopping...if you can't resist. ;)

Are you a seamstress as well as a quilter? Do you love the look of Art Gallery Fabrics and wish you could get more?

Check out all the rayons from Art Gallery here.

2.5 Edition Binding by AGF Studio (12/23)

Like bold brushstrokes on an abstract canvas, these graphic stripes lend a modern art edge to your quilted creations.

Crisp 2.5" repeats march in an artist's bright palette—zingy citrus, grassy greens, cobalt blue and vivid orange. Ready to trim and bind in high contrast or subtle tonal pairings.

Wherever applied, this versatile collection promises a masterpiece finish. 🎨🖌

All is Well by AGF Studio

Come explore a picturesque meadow with AGF Studio's All. 

This collection is just what you need to add a fresh Springtime flair to your next design. With gorgeous May flowers emerging from the wet kisses of a long downpour, inspiration is sprouting with wild abandon. 

 So go ahead and add some All Is Well fabric to your next project – your creativity will thank you for it!

Art Gallery 108" Wides by Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery's deliciously fine fabric, now in four new 108" wide widths for backing.

We are sew lucky!

Bookish by Sharon Holland

Bookish is a collection of fabrics, patterns and textures that help you discover the serenity that in habits the library. Earth tones are used for this design with floral designs mixed into it all to make things interesting!

You won’t need your reading glasses for this one.

Boscage by Katarina Roccella

You can feel the air grow hot and humid as you set out to explore Boscage.

The lush rainforest is teeming with life in all its colorful glory, from leopards prowling the jungle to mountain goats on Peaks Island to macaws chirping cheerfully at their flock over by Jaguar Paw Rock Outpost.

A combination of vibrant colors makes this fabric absolutely irresistible!

Botanist by Katarina Roccella

Gardening and quilting just seem to go together, and with Katarina Roccella's Botanist fabric collection, you can bring the beauty of nature into your quilts in a big way! With stunning depictions of foliage and charming colors and shapes, this fabric is sure to inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind quilt that will be cherished.

Charlotte by Bari J (7/23)

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with Charlotte, the enchanting fabric collection from Bari J. This vibrant collection is a symphony of color, bursting with brilliant hues that will make your heart sing and your creativity soar.

Each piece in the Charlotte collection tells a story. Marvel at the delightful designs of curious creatures frolicking amidst blooming blossoms, all intricately illustrated with Bari J.'s signature style. From playful polka dots to sumptuous stripes and mesmerizing mosaics, the patterns are as varied as they are vibrant.

But it's not just about the beauty you can see; it's also about the quality you can feel. Crafted by Art Gallery Fabrics, known for their exceptional quality, each fabric is beautifully soft, smooth to the touch, and a delight to work with. It’s like a love letter to your fingertips!

Crafting Magic by Maureen Cracknell

It's no charm, no foul...

...just some Crafting Magic from Maureen Cracknell. With bewitching hues of orange, mint, purple, cream and ocher, this limited-edition collection is sure to spellbind any quilter lucky enough to get their hands on it.

So don't delay in adding this enchanting fabric. My witches, it’s time to trick or treat yo’self.

Daisy by Maureen Cracknell (3/23)

It can be difficult to capture the essence of a modern aesthetic without going too far into the realm of abstract or unrealistic designs. But with Daisy by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics, you needn't worry.

This collection features vibrant colors and delightful wildflowers that will bring spring to life in your next quilt project. This variety of design motifs makes it easy to plan out a custom design that is accurate in its representation of the modern aesthetic.

With Daisy, quilters can feel confident in their ability to make a beautiful, modern quilt.

Decostitch Elements by AGF Studio

Bring the magic of hand stitching to your projects with this enchanting fabric collection from Art Gallery Fabrics—designed to go with all your other AG stash.

Tone-on-tones that blend together perfectly, you can add that decorative stitch feel to any patchwork you desire.

And, of course, with Art Gallery there's a stunning free pattern to introduce you to the collection! 

Duality Fusion by AGF Studio for Art Gallery Fabrics

With prints that are both light and dark, soft and bold, delicate and strong, Duality Fusion by Art Gallery Fabrics is bound to attract attention.

Whether you're looking to make a statement with your fabric choice or want something unique to add intrigue, this collection is perfect.

With so many prints in one place, it's a cinch to find the ultimate combination for your next quilt.

Dusk Fusion by AGF Studio

As the golden hour approaches, Dusk Fusion by AGF Studio brings a dreamy and romantic feel to your quilting project. With its lush, vibrant colors that capture the warmth of the setting sun, this collection will transport you to the beauty of an evening stroll. Its intricate floral designs are radiant with life, making each quilt a truly unique masterpiece.

Welcome the beauty of twilight into your home with Dusk Fusion by AGF

Eclectic Intuition by Katarina Roccella

With a unique color pull that's a hallmark of Art Gallery Fabrics, this latest collection from Katarina Roccella is one that's sure to kick your creativity into high gear.

The diverse and eclectic mix of prints in Eclectic Intuition are certain to add a touch of whimsy. From bold florals to playful animals and geometric designs, this fabric line has something for everyone.

Fanciful by Sharon Holland

With its stunning palette of deep, rich hues, the Fanciful fabric collection by designer Sharon Holland is sure to add elegance and flair to any of your quilts. The beautiful mix of mauve, peach, teal and burnt orange will set your quilt apart from all the rest.

Why not treat yourself to this luxurious fabric line and make your next quilt a real show-stopper?

Flight Path by Jessica Swift for Art Gallery Fabrics

Bring your modern quilting to soaring heights with this latest fabric line from Art Gallery Fabrics.

This seamless blend of bold, pop-of-color designs are true to Jessica Swift's iconic aesthetics. Darling swans, rainbows and lilies all hide in these soothing hues created for those on the path of life who fly high above it all!

Check out this trio of complimentary patterns available to download right now to your computer.

Floral Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics

Flaunt your floral style with Art Gallery Fabrics' Floral Elements fabric collection! With blooms that look like they're about to burst open and a range of colors to choose from, these prints will add excitement to any quilt.

From upper left to lower right, the new colors in this ongoing  collection for 2022 are: Chalk, Victorian Brick, Washed Denim, Antique Rose, Storm Winds, Sweet Peach.

Use the link to see all the available colors.

Florence by Katarina Roccella (11/23)

Step into a Italian reverie with the Florence fabrics...a cultivated spirit roams here. 🇮🇹 Glistening trellises intertwine with vines bursting with ripe jeweled grapes, as plump peaches vie for space.

Pay homage to bountiful harvests amongst ancient architecture, now swathed in organza textures kissing stone. Botticelli would swoon over these ornate offerings plucked from countryside splendor.

Flower Bloom by AGF Studio (6/23)

Flower Bloom embraces the spirit of vibrant florals, retro charm, and vintage-inspired designs. The warm saturated yellows, moss greens, and energetic pinks mingle to form a delightful palette that'll awaken your inner flower child.

It's as if nature herself painted every petal, leaf, and stem.

Imagine wrapping yourself in the artful embrace of these brilliant colors, and feel the joy of stitching up a cozy quilt that celebrates the groovy essence of days gone by.

The Flower Fields by Maureen Cracknell (1/24)

The Flower Fields  fabric collection by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery FabricsThe Flower Fields
Maureen Cracknell
Art Gallery Fabrics

The breeze carries the sweet scent of wildflowers as you stroll through the meadow. 💐🌸 Lemon and cherry blossoms mingle with poppies and cornflowers, a riot of reds, yellows, and blues. Silky petals and plump buds dance across soft creamy cotton, ready to burst into bloom. You can almost hear the buzzing of bees! 🐝🌻

The Season of Tribute: Chapter 2 - Garden of Opulence by Bari J

Looking for the perfect fabric collection to take your quilting skills to the next level?

Look no further than Garden of Opulence from Art Gallery Fabrics. With beautiful painterly florals, stunning peacocks, and buzzing bees, these fabrics have everything you need to create a masterpiece.

Don't, add Garden of Opulence to your stash today!

Gayle Loraine by Elizabeth Chappell

A fellow named Chic and a girl named Floral had a baby and named it the Gayle Loraine, a new collection by Elizabeth Chappell for Art Gallery Fabrics. This line is perfect for the sophisticated quilter who wants to add a touch of elegance to their next project. With a versatile color palette, you can't go wrong with any of these fabrics.

Trust us, your quilt will thank you!

Grow & Harvest by Alexandra Bordallo

Bring the country life to your quilting with this charming collection by Alexandra Bordallo.

With prints of wildflowers, chickens, farmers, and vegetables, you can create a bountiful harvest of projects. 

So gather your fabrics and get growing!

Haven by Amy Sinibaldi (4/23)

Step into a calming refuge with Amy Sinibaldi's Haven fabric collection from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Lose yourself in the vibrant floral patterns, taking you to a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by sweet-smelling blooms and sunshine that sparkles off every petal.

Every intricately designed piece captures life at its fullest, each whispering story just waiting for an eager listener or quilter seeking their next creative project! Soft colors dance across these delicate fabrics like light bouncing off water—tendrils stretching gracefully ever outward, so you can finally have your own oasis right in your very home.

Hazelwood by AGF Studio

Bring your quilting to life with the magical Hazelwood collection from AGF Studio.

Feast your eyes on the dreamy combination of vibrant animal, floral, and foliage-inspired prints in warm tones that will inject any project with eye-catching charm.

Let your imagination run wild and create the quilt of your dreams with this magical collection.

Honey Fusion by AGF Studio

Get ready to indulge in Honey Fusion, fabrics that'll breathe sweetness into any quilt.

From vibrant colors featuring delightful designs of flowers and fascinating shapes, you won't be able to resist adding this yummy touch of warmth and charm. Not only will your quilt look good enough for a bee's sweet tooth - it’ll also give off an unforgettable allure with every stitch.

So get to stitching now: It's time to make some honey-licious magic!

HyperNature by Pat Bravo

Take a walk on the wild side without leaving your sewing room!

HyperNature by Pat Bravo is the perfect combination of bright and neutral colors, with beautiful floral designs that brings nature indoors. From subtle sunset-inspired tones to dreamy floral prints, inspiration is blooming everywhere in this incredible collection.

So why not ditch the boring beige and embrace the bold beauty of HyperNature? Your next quilt will thank you for it.

Juniper by Sharon Holland (10/23)

Usher in the wonders of winter with Juniper by Sharon Holland. ❄️❄️❄️

Delightful forest creatures emerge in icy blues, frosty grays and snowy whites, from fluffy cardinals to curious deer peeking through snow-dusted pines. ❄️❄️❄️ Scene prints paint a magical woodland reverie, where chickadees flit between blanketed branches under cold winter skies. Let these chilly companion prints inspire quilted tales of crisp air, cozy nights by the fire and the quiet beauty of a fresh snowfall. ❄️❄️❄️

Gather Juniper’s cool palette of animal imagery and winter blooms to capture the peaceful essence of the season in fabric form. A bundle as lovely as winter’s first dusting of powdery snow.

La Vie en Rose by Pat Bravo

Color abounds in the La Vie en Rose collection from Art Gallery Fabrics. Perfect for adding a touch of charm to any project, this selection of pink, cream and yellow hues is sure to please. Cubist portraits, vibrant geometrics, larger-than-life florals, and dainty dots give you plenty of options for expressing your unique vision.

Let the Season of Tribute begin with La Vie en Rose.

Lakelife by Jessica Swift

Lake breezes ruffle tree leaves in bold shapes, peaks of mountains reflected on still waters. Swirls of peach and green dance together as wooden canoes drift lazily through inky brush strokes. Playful foxes and owls pattern treetops ready for snuggly quilts, while textured triangles, circles, and diamonds shimmer like sunlight on waves—an artist’s abstract celebration of rustic summer charm. 🦊🌲⛵️

Listen to your Heart by Sharon Holland

She loves me, she loves me not.

Daisies whisper the eternal question while love birds coo and squirrels frolic in a playful love story. Layers of blooms, in a variety of pink hues, some with sprinkles of gold, some outlined in black, are stitched together with delicate cream and white fabrics printed with dandelions, paisley, and love letters. This is a fabric collection that celebrates love in all its forms!

LullaBee by Patty Basemi

You'll be walking in sunshine when you get your hands on the playful LullaBee quilt fabric collection. These delightful prints feature a cheery palette, accompanied by a cast of sweet and sassy animals and florals. Dreams will come true as you stitch up your next project with this joyful selection of prints.

I double-dare you not to grin when these fabrics are delivered to your door

Maven by Maureen Cracknell (11/23)

Floral fever sweeps the garden in the mood-lifting Maven fabrics, a riot of petal power.

Bold peonies jostle for space with unruly dahlias in brilliant pinks and fuchsias, their plump blossoms spilling across painterly geometrics. Textures bloom abundantly too amidst flowers gone gloriously wild.

Revel in the hodgepodge and see what spunky color combos catch your fancy. The horticultural possibilities are deliciously endless!

Mindscape by Katarina Roccella

With its playful animals, flourishing florals, curious creatures and lovely geometric patterns paired with an eye-catching combination of orange and blue hues, this fun mix is sure to tickle your quilting creativity.

Your projects will stand out from the crowd as you explore this whimsical realm of inspiration - let's escape together into Mindscape.

Onwards + Upward by Jessica Swift

Art Gallery's recent fabric release, Angles Onward, and Upward will make the perfect addition to your quilting stash.

The collection features mythological beasts such as the Pegasus, Unicorn, and Phoenix. With a variety of colors and fun prints like Falling Arrows and other fetching Designs, you can unleash your creative side with this new fabric line! 

Path to Discovery by Jessica Swift

Working in her favorite color palette of orange, pink, teal, off-white and yellow hues, Jessica Swift's latest fabric collection, Path to Discovery, is chock-full of her trademark bold florals, dots, and pineapple prints.

As always, Swift's designs are perfect for creating eye-catching quilts that are sure to become family heirlooms. 

With a focus on the tropics, Path to Discovery features beautiful mermaids, whales and kelp beds, rainbows and singing birds.

Bring the essence of Paradise into your next quilt design.

Periwinkle by AGF Studio

Escape to your own private paradise with this dreamy collection. Dive into the cool comfort of periwinkle and find yourself surrounded by modern florals. Create a delightful decor with this inspiring fabric set.

With Periwinkle by AGF Studio, you can add a touch of floral bliss to your quilts with ease. Soak up the sun and relax in style with this beautiful fabric collection.

Petite Circus by Alexandra Bordallo

The circus has come to town! A lively and vivacious assemblage of multicolored performers, horses, elephants trumpeting drums, gigantic tents, clowns, carousels, and checkerboard patterns are all you need to create a festive atmosphere in your home.

2023 Plaid of My Dreams by Maureen Cracknell (4/23)

A part of Art Gallery's Essentials collection...

Art Gallery Fabrics presents the extraordinary 2023 Plaid of My Dreams collection by renowned designer Maureen Cracknell. This array of elegant plaid fabrics is a must-have for quilters, with its stunning blends of scarlet, mustard, and teal hues woven together to create pieces that will lend an air of sophistication to any project. From cozy throws to mesmerizing bed quilts, these timeless motifs are sure to elevate your work above all expectations, so why not succumb to the dreamy splendor within this captivating collection?

Go ahead. Indulge yourself in the Plaid of My Dreams collection and turn YOUR dreams into reality!

Pollinate by Jessica Swift

If you're looking for springtime inspiration, then do not miss out on the Pollinate collection by Jessica Swift.

The floral prints in her latest fabric line bring nature into your sewing room through bright colors and beautiful designs. With pieces like Nectar Love with bees buzzing around blossoming flowers or Abundant Meadow among other things - there are so many ways to bring some greenery inside all year long without even leaving home.

Pure Solids Blossoming Edition

This collection of 'pretty in pinks' is available in both half-yard and fat quarter bundles. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day or a new baby girl or the little Princess in your life...

...or simply because YOU'RE worth it! 

For ALL of the Pure Solids Colors available from Art Gallery, click here.

Rain or Shine by Jessica Swift

Bring the sunshine inside with Art Gallery Fabrics' latest collection, Rain or Shine. With charming designs inspired by inclement weather, this collection brightens up any day. Featuring rainbows, rain boots, sunburst, lily pads, froggies, and more, this splish-splash collection has a little something for every quilter. 

So don't let the outside weather ruin your day—let Rain or Shine brighten up your home regardless of the forecast.

Road to Round Top by Elizabeth Chappell (8/23)

Get ready to blaze a trail of bold, beautiful florals with this eye-catching lineup from Elizabeth Chappell.

These fabrics burst with saturated hues and modern designs - from abstract bouquets to playful posies and everything in between. Whimsical line drawings and geometrics and arcs add intrigue.

Vibrant quilts are in your future—you'll be the talk of Round Top.

An adventure for your sewing room awaits. 🚙🌻🏵️🌸🚦

Roots of Nature by Bonnie Christine

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go! But before we start on that long journey, let's stop and explore the Roots of Nature with Bonnie Christine. This collection is inspired by all the creatures and greenery you'll find on a walk through the woods. To capture the serene feeling of the quietness of the forest, she combines blooming florals with the simple creatures of the wood. Add a dash of simple geometrics and the line is complete.

Take a walk on the wild side with Roots of Nature.

Season & Spice by AGF Studio

Add some Season & Spice to your fabric collection with this line of modern quilt fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics. These prints are perfect for adding a touch of fall cheer all year round. These fabrics are suitable for autumnal projects with oranges, cranberries, and yellows shades.

It's time to gather bunches of flowers, can the seasonal blessings, and decorate your space with these warm prints today!

Seedling ~ AGF Designer Essentials by Katarina Roccella (2/23)

Soft as the petals of a springtime blossom, this gorgeous heather-dotted fabric collection is the perfect way to complete your quilt.

The muted tones of blues and purples will add a serene, calming effect or a playful, cheerful look. This collection can go either way.

So go ahead and plant the seeds of creativity, with Seedling by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Sew Obsessed by AGF Studio (9/23)

Your stash is meticulously organized. You dream in stitching and thread colors. 🧵Your idea of Zen is an afternoon at your sewing machine.

Proclaim your passion for stitching with these sewing-centric prints. Thimbles march in formation next to mannequins modeling retro styles. Rulers and scissors quilt together beautifully.

For the seamstress who wants the world to know her obsession, these modern fabrics will let your flag fly for sewing. Show off your sewing swagger.

Shine On by Sharon Holland

Spring is in the air with the new Shine On fabric collection from Art Gallery Fabrics.

This vibrant assortment of quilt fabrics features darling daisies, beautiful blooms, and dreamy paisleys. Soak up the sunshine and enjoy the season of new life with these lovely fabrics.

The Softer Side by Amy Sinibaldi

Open your rainbrella as you stroll along the winding path, taking in the sweet fragrance of the flowers in bloom.

Let The Softer Side by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics be your guide through this lovely garden of fabrics. With a mix of magnolias, rain showers, butterflies, and geometric florals in calming hues, you'll feel like you can take a deep breath and relax.

Soul Fusion by AGF Studio (1/24)

Soul Fusion fabric collection by AGF Studio for Art Gallery FabricsSoul Fusion
AGF Studio
Art Gallery Fabrics

Bursting blooms 🌸 and bold geometrics dance together in this unique blend. Punchy brights like an artist’s joyful canvas. Earthy jewel tones on swooping florals evoke a spice market’s vivid mosaic. Intricate patterns on table runners and pillows tell tales of faraway places. Whimsical shapes float across baby quilts. Curious textures to run your fingers over.

Transporting prints take you exploring, delighting senses and sparking creativity. 💡

Spring Equinox by Katie O'Shea (6/23)

Welcome, dear quilters. Prepare to be whisked away to a magical land bursting with imaginative possibilities.

Each piece is beautifully crafted with stunningly detailed designs, drawing inspiration from the stunning sights of spring. You'll be transported to a world where deep and mysterious shades swirl with vibrant and cheerful hues, creating a stunning tapestry of flourishing flowers and enchanting critters. 

Let your imagination run wild in this whimsical wonderland.

Storyteller Plaids by Maureen Cracknell (4/23)

Step into a world of vibrant beauty and vivid imagination with Maureen Cracknell's stunning Storyteller Plaids collection.

Lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors, each one captivatingly crafted to evoke memories and stories that span the seasons. From cozy winter nights spent tucked away under soft quilts, to sun-drenched summer days filled with adventure; these timeless plaid fabrics invite you on an unforgettable journey where creativity knows no bounds.

Embrace their cheerful hues as they bring your projects alive—every fabric tells a story!

Tails & Threads by Patty Basemi

Dive into a field of florals with Patty Basemi in this dreamy fabric collection from Art Gallery. With Tails & Threads, you'll find yourself surrounded by playful mice in an open meadow.

The soft colors and light feel of the fabric will keep you relaxed and dreaming all day long as you stitch.

Timberline by Jessica Swift (6/23)

Timberline's exquisitely intricate designs are a quilter's delight, with endearing woodland creatures, and captivating foliage motifs. Each enchanting detail is gracefully interwoven into the fabric, creating an inviting haven for your needles and thread. And fear not, dear quilters, for duplicity is a stranger to the Art Gallery realm—each print is unique, ensuring that your creations will always stand out from the crowd!

Unleash your creativity as you shape your very own visionary masterpiece with the boundless possibilities offered by Timberline! Compose a symphony of stitches and witness your designs come alive, as you redefine what it means to be a maestro of the quilting world.

Go on, don't just "fox" around—invite your imagination to frolic in the endless possibilities Timberline holds!

Tomales Bay by Katie O'Shea (11/23)

Escape to the tranquil shores of Tomales Bay, where otters playfully frolic and herons perch amidst windswept cypress.

Delicate feathers mingle with eucalyptus blooms and textured sea glass in this pastoral menagerie, conjuring meandering hikes and serene vistas.

Your quilts are washed in coastal calm, with fabrics sure to inspire wanderlust each time you snuggle under their pacific charm.

True Blue by Maureen Cracknell (8/23)

Vibrant floral blooms in shades of indigo, cobalt, and majestic navy blue create a symphony of aquatic color. 🐳 No two prints alike, each panel tells a unique tale through petals and leaves.

Stitch luscious hydrangeas, delicate ferns, and vivid sprigs into stunning quilts that flow like the sea. 🌊 With its rich saturation and one-of-a-kind prints, True Blue brings an immersive world of blue hues to your home.

Adrift in artistry, let these fabrics wash over you in waves of cerulean bliss. 🌊

Willow by Sharon Holland

As the days grow warmer and the sun lingers in the sky a little longer, take a deep breath in and feel the fresh spring breeze.

With Willow by Sharon Holland, you can bring the beauty of the season inside with light florals and foliage in a brisk color palette with mushrooms, tossed vintage keys, and other modern designs.

Whether you're looking to add a pop of color or simply want to bring the outdoors in, let this collection inspire you to create something beautiful!

Wintertale by Katarina Roccella (7/23)

Gather round the Christmas tree and get ready to deck your quilts with holiday charm using the Wintertale collection by Katarina Roccella. This jolly assortment of Christmas fabrics will help you spread seasonal joy through your quilting creations.

Filled with traditional Yuletide imagery like snowflakes, mistletoe, poinsettias, and pine cones, these fabrics practically glow with cozy Christmas magic. Lovely shades of berry red, forest green, creamy ivory, and cool winter blue evoke the excitement of a holiday wonderland.

You'll feel like dancing with glee when you see the beautiful Nutcracker ballet motifs that grace several prints. Sugarplum fairies and nutcracker soldiers add a graceful touch of classic elegance perfect for festive quilts. 

Woodland Keeper by Maureen Cracknell

You'll find all the forest's denizens in the Woodland Keeper collection from Maureen Cracknell. From deer and foxes to mushrooms and wildflowers, this fabric brings a touch of enchantment to your creations. With its rich earthy tones for the background prints, a more vibrant contrast with the outrageous floral designs occurs. With these prints, you can make something truly magical.

Release your creativity.

Are you building a stash of Art Gallery Fabrics?

If sew, you'll want to check out their 'Color Master' series of collections. 

Color Master

These are boxed sets of 10 prints from various collections and designers. Sometimes grouped by color, sometimes by designer and sometimes by holiday.

Bite-size collections to improve your stash color families in either fat quarters or half yards.

Teal Color Master Bundle by Art Gallery FabricsTeal
Color Master Bundle
Art Gallery Fabrics

Pure Solids

It's luxury by the yard. 

Using the most environmentally safe dyes in the industry and a unique dip-dye process, Art Gallery Fabrics produces solids in the most saturated colors, with a soft hand and enviable quality. Shrinkage is the lowest among all the solids fabrics on the market.

NOTE: Originally named 'Pure Elements', the name was changed to 'Pure Solids' in the last year or so.

You'll find these in 'color stories', usually to go with a regular quilt fabric collection or holiday. An example is the Merry Pure Solids from Christmas 2021.

They are also available in gradations and by the yard.

Not ready to stop dreaming of new fabrics?

The fabric manufacturers are busy as bees dreaming up new fabrics to tempt you with. 

Use the buttons below to see what your favorite brand has in store for you.

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