Free Quilt Block Patterns Library, E-M

by Julie Baird

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Our Free Quilt Block Patterns Library continues with blocks whose name starts with E-M.

Free quilt block patterns library for blocks whose name starts with N-Z

Fully illustrated, beginner-friendly instructions include directions for multiple sizes for each patchwork design.

Pressing directions are easy to find when they're highlighted in yellow

Pictures of the sample block during construction are shared each step of the way.

If you're experienced, the cutting instructions, technique advice and any downloads may be all you need.

Printing Help and Copyright

If you need help printing any of the tutorials or free paper piecing pattern or templates used in the construction of some of the free quilt blocks, visit these pages:

If you have questions about copyright and sharing these pattersn, click here.

Click here for helpful tips to make flatter, more accurate blocks, more efficiently.

Quickly find the block you want

Alphabetically by common name...

Or by finished block size...

Or by type...

Even 9-patch

Just in time to stock your Christmas Stash...

Click any of the images below to see the full collection with bigger pictures and find pricing/ordering information.

Do you remember seeing a Christmas fabric you liked, but now can't remember its name or where you saw it. I've put every single Christmas fabric displayed on this website on one page. 

Click here to save yourself some time and frustration.

The blocks await...

To make things as easy as possible:

  • Our free quilt block patterns are listed alphabetically by their most common name. 
  • Finished Sizes are shown on the thumbnails below. Most blocks include multiple sizes.
  • If there are any paper piecing patterns or paper templates used in the tutorial, they are available as free downloads for you to print. Use the most recent version of Adobe to print Click here for more printing help.

Click on any block pictured below to get started!

Economy quilt block tutorial
Economy quilt block tutorial - 10inch block

Eva's Garden quilt block tutorial
Evening Star quilt block tutorial

54-40 or Fight quilt block
Five Patch quilt block tutorial
Flock of Geese quilt block

Flying Kite quilt block tutorial

Frame quilt block tutorial
Friendship Star quilt block tutorial
Garden Maze quilt block tutorial

Goose in the Pond quilt block tutorial

Grandmother's Cross quilt block tutorial

Hour Glass quilt block tutorial
Click here for the Hourglass quilt block tutorial

Indian Hatchet quilt block tutorial

Jack in the Box quilt block tutorial

Joyce's Mystery quilt block tutorial
Lady of the White House quilt block tutorial

Log Cabin quilt block tutorial, paper pieced
Log Cabin quilt block tutorial, traditionally pieced
London Roads quilt block tutorial

Louisiana quilt block tutorial, paper piecing and traditional piecing methods

Magnolia Blossom quilt block templates

Medieval Walls quilt block tutorial

Missouri Puzzle quilt block tutorial

Morning Quilt Block Tutorial

Mosaic #3 Quilt Block Tutorial
Mrs. Brown's Choice quilt block tutorial

Looking for more blocks...?

Use these buttons to visit to the different pages of our Free Quilt Block Patterns Library and make your next choice.

For even more blocks to make...

Click here to learn about my favorite quilt book resources that inspire my patchwork designs.

For you, are quilt block patterns like potato chips... can't have just one?!!

Check the amazing resources I rely on for the majority of the quilt block designs you see on this website. 

To see if they're worthy of spot in YOUR quilting library, read about them HERE.

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Did you see a Christmas fabric you liked but can't remember  where?

Save yourself time and frustration. Every one on this site is here

Quilt patterns, books and kits to tempt you...

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Vintage Christmas by Lori Holt
"Vintage Christmas"
by Lori Holt"

Norway quilt pattern by Thimble Blossoms
by Thimble Blossoms

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