8" Quilt Block Patterns

From our Free Quilt Block Patterns Library

by Julie Baird

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The 8" quilt block patterns on this page are divided into several categories based on the grid (think graph paper squares) they are drawn on.


4x4 grid4x4



Use these links to skip to the blocks you're looking for.

If you are looking for an 'alternate block' for a quilt design you are working on, block designs using the same grid tend to look good together with little effort.

Blocks with their patches set on point might not look like they belong in a particular category, but look closely. You should be able to recognize the grid divisions with a bit of practice.

Some of the 8" quilt block patterns include at least some paper piecing. If that's the case, there is a free pattern for you to download.

Under the image of each block are the other sizes included in the block tutorial.

New blocks are added to this grouping as they are published on the website.


8" quilt block designs sorted by grid layout


Double Pinwheel quilt block tutorial
Whirlwind quilt block


Art Square quilt block tutorial
At the Depot quilt block tutorial
Blocks and Pinwheels quilt block tutorial
3d Bow Tie quilt block tutorial
Brave World quilt block tutorial - TRADITIONAL PIECING
Brave World quilt block tutorial - PAPER PIECING
Brickwork quilt block tutorial
Charleston Quilt block
Colorado Beauty quilt block tutorial
Crystal Star quilt block tutorial
Double Quartet quilt block tutorial
Duck Tracks quilt block tutorial
Evening Star quilt block tutorial
Grandmother's Cross quilt block tutorial
Hour Glass quilt block tutorial
Mosaic #3 Quilt Block Tutorial
Paper Pinwheel quilt block tutorial
Rocky Mountain Puzzle quilt block tutorial
Click here for the Sailboat quilt block tutorial
Click here for a traditional Sailboat quilt block tutorial
Scrap Zig Zag quilt block lesson
Seesaw quilt block lesson
Click here for the Sunny Lanes quilt block tutorial
Click here for the Susannah quilt block tutorial
Triangle Weave quilt block
Whirlwind quilt block tutorial


Crossword Puzzle quilt block tutorial
Dewey quilt block tutorial
Goshen Star quilt block tutorial
Indian Hatchet quilt block tutorial
Odds and Ends quilt block tutorial
Click here for the Rosebud quilt block tutorial
Click here for the Ruins of Jericho quilt block tutorial
Click here for the Sunshine quilt block tutorial


Pineapple quilt block pattern

Looking for something other than an 8" quilt block?

For a list of all the quilt block patterns on this site, start here.

If you know the name of the block, you can shorten your search by using these alphabetical links:

All Blocks

All Blocks

All Blocks

Click here, if you're looking for blocks with at least some paper piecing.

And finally, if you're looking for the basic building blocks of quilting, i.e. Flying Geese, half square triangles, quarter square triangles, etc., along with several techniques to make each, click here.

How many 8" blocks do you need for a quilt?

If you're designing your own quilt with these 8" patterns, there are charts on this website to help you decide how many you'll need for a Twin through a California King sized quilt. 

Click here for that information and to download and print the charts you want.

Happy Quilting!

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