Windham Fabrics: By the Yard, Precuts and Panels

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Windham Fabrics offers an ever-changing collection of beautiful fabrics perfect for a variety of quilting projects. Both contemporary and vintage styles inspire their designer textiles, and Windham also offers a variety of basics in different colors and prints.

Whether you're looking for something whimsical or antique, with over 80 collections a year to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fabric for your next patchwork endeavor.

And that's not all.

As a part of the Windham family, Whistler Studios adds their take on what's trending in design to suit the modern quilter, while Anthology Fabrics creates timeless batiks created in Bali, bursting with color and emoting an organic feel.

Below you'll find beautiful Windham Fabrics by the yard, precuts, and bundles—enticing additions to your next quilt project.

Seasonal fabrics from Windham

To make it easier to find exactly the fabric you're looking for, I've split out seasonal and holiday fabrics out into the categories below.

Simply click the one you're looking for to arrive at the Windham collections for that category. Sweet!

Click here for Christmas fabric from Windham
Click here for fall-themed quilt fabric from Windham
Click here for patriotic quilt fabric from Windham
Find batik fabric from Anthology Batiks, Windham Fabric's batik division
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New fabrics are added to this list as soon as they start arriving in the quilt shops.

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Without further ado, let's get to the fun stuff!

Windham Fabrics

American Muscle by Rosemarie Lavin

If you're searching for the perfect fabrics for the car lover in your life, look no further than American Muscle by Rosemarie Lavin.

This collection is jam-packed with prints that will rev any car lover's engine.

From classic car illustrations to retro garage signs, there's something for every driver. So put your pedal to the metal and quilt something amazing today.

For another motor-themed fabric collection, check out Riley Blake's Hot Wheels Classics.

Bonny by Denyse Schmidt (11/23)

Get ready for some floral fireworks! 💥 The vivid Bonny prints burst with sassy acid brights, energizing even the dreariest day.

Zippy zinnias and spunky sprigs rock color combos so fun they’re almost illegal, scattered across snazzy geometrics.

Let your creativity run riot with these spirited prints, no neutral tones allowed! Stitch up some fierce bags, daring dresses or rad quilts.

Because boring? Bonny isn’t having it. 😎

Country Mouse by Heather Ross

Allow yourself to be whisked away to a whimsical countryside, where adorable little mice frolic amidst lovely geometric patterns, all designed with a heartwarming retro twist. Each piece in this endearing collection captures the essence of childhood wonder, making it perfect for creating cherished keepsakes for the little ones in your life.

Create a legacy of love and warmth that celebrates the magic of childhood.

Elliot by Julie Hendricksen (1/24)

Step into a garden where heirloom blooms unfurl in a classic palette 💐.

Timeless florals flourish alongside nostalgic geometrics in latest collection by Julie Hendrickson, the Queen of Reproduction quilting.

Like turning the page to a beloved tale, these fabrics conjure up coziness and charm. Lose yourself in the simple pleasures that evoke the beauty of bygone days.

Forestburgh by Heather Ross (1/24)

Wander into a whimsical woodland, where critters scamper amidst nature's bounty. 🦊🐿️🐞 Darling animals cavort across blooming foliage in earthy hues, conjuring forest adventures and foraging delight.

Organic splendor at its best, these fabrics celebrate the wonders of the natural world. 🌳🌿

Forget-Me-Not by Allison Harris (11/22)

Ring around the Rosie, a pocketful of Forget-Me-Not! This stunning quilt fabric collection by Allison Harris combines some of the best floral and geometric elements for a truly eye-catching collection.

From daisies, tulips, cosmos, and vases to gorgeous plaids, stamps, and dots in beautiful shades of red, green, blue, peach, and ocher - make your next quilt a show-stopper.

Below are patterns that use this collection:

Foxy by Vivian Yiwing (2/23)

A fox is subtlety itself (wrote Aristophanes), so this fabric collection might just be the perfect pick for when you're looking to add a sly, playful touch to your latest quilting project.

Vivian Yiwing's Foxy is full of clever little foxes and flourishing florals in comforting warm hues of blue, brown, and yellow. Whether you’re looking to create a quilt, pillows, or accent for your wall, this fox-filled fabric will be your go-to for adding a humorous and charming touch to any patchwork project.

Lexington by Julie Hendricksen

Breathtakingly beautiful, Lexington by Julie Hendricksen is a collection that infuses traditional designs with a touch of modern flair. 

Whether it's from blooms that form gorgeous floral bouquets to Xs sewn together to make broken stripes, or octagons positioned in a beautiful cheater print, this collection will delight.

Julie's delightful collection with its soothing color palette is sure to bring a touch of elegance and charm to any space.

Lucky Rabbit by Heather Ross (12/22)

Hippity! Hoppity! Find yourself lost in a magical world of childhood dreams and whimsical adventure when you stitch up your next quilt using Heather Ross's Lucky Rabbit collection.

This delightful fabric features an adorable collection of bunnies, stars, clovers, and flowers on colorful backgrounds of pink, orange, yellow, green, cream, and blue.

Wrap your precious little one in a quilt...made from these magical prints.

Rowan by Whistler Studios

Delight in the beauty of this floral bouquet, shirtings, and stripe filled fabric collection.

The blooms in Rowan are bursting with color, as if spring has arrived early. Peonies, roses, and other flora are arranged in thick bouquets, while stripes, traditional shirting prints, and light foliage provide a complementary backdrop.

With its rich palette of the moody hues of crimson, cocoa, and ivory, Rowan is like a painting come to life.

Sew Good by Deborah Fisher

Are you looking for fabrics that celebrate sewing?

Look no further than Sew Good by Deborah Fischer. Let these vibrant prints inspired by all kinds of handmade pincushions and other sewing tools turn the notions in your mind into a finished quilt.

Go ahead! Treat yourself to a little something. It's Sew Good!

Sketchbook by Whistler Studios

With Sketchbook, you can bring the beauty of ink drawings to your fabric projects.

This collection from Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics takes its inspiration from the delicate art of sketching, and features charming prints in a soft color palette.

No matter the project—a quilt, table runner or patchwork pillow*#8212;this fabric collection will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Storybook '22 by Whistler Studios

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fabric collection called Storybook. It was filled with lovely old-fashioned prints in a delicate 1930s palette.

Children frolicked in the scenes, playing with puppies and bunnies or exploring Alice's Wonderland. The sweet little blooms and pretty flowers added to the charm of the timeless quilts made with these delightful fabrics.

Will you be one of those quilters?

Yippie Yi Yo Ki Yay by Laura Heine

Saddle up and join us for a modern take on the classic American Western genre, with Yippie Yi Yo Ki Yay from Windham Fabrics.

Laura Heine—the Queen of Collage—has created an awesome collection that captures all the best parts of being out West...think cowboys, florals galore, grazing cattle...even knotted barbed wire.

With colors ranging in range dusty blues to fiery oranges and yellows to rich greens , all hitched together by shades of black and gray, this is one trail ride you don't want to miss!

Whew! There's more quilt fabric to explore!

There's no need to stop looking just yet.

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