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Updated: 2-4-23

Batik fabrics are some of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics available for quilting. The patterns and colors add a richness and lusciousness to your quilts that are simply unmatched.

Batiks are dyed with fiber reactive dyes—just like hand dyers use—on higher thread count greige goods. The higher thread count makes more detailed, precise prints in the finished batik yardage possible.

Due to the higher thread count, they fray less, making them an excellent choice for hand applique shapes. However, this makes them harder to push the needle through, so they are not recommended for hand quilting, hand piecing, or quilt backing, especially if long-arm quilting is anticipated.

An additional benefit of the higher thread count is they are less apt to shrink, and if they do, it's much less than regular quilting cotton.

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Below you'll find batik fabric from many of the most popular fabric brands, arranged alphabetically by brand and then by collection.

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Now let's get to the good stuff!


A Splash of Color by Laundry Basket Quilts

The captivating colors of Laundry Basket Quilts are perfect for any quilting enthusiast. You'll find hand-dyed batik fabric that's one-of-a-kind, with custom-dyeing processes merging nature and geometric shapes into rich hues from vibrant blues to fiery reds to calming creams.

Pulsar Batiks by Alison Glass

Shy, retiring violet? Who, Alison Glass.

Not on your life!

The Pulsar Batiks by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics collection is inspired by simple, geometric patterns that are bright, bold, and in your face.

This collection features a versatile design of crosses, or plus signs, on an array of bright, saturated colors—not your grandmother's solids!

Will they be the inspo for your next quilt?

Anthology Batiks, a division of Windham Fabrics

Limelight Baliscapes (1/23)

Step into the spotlight this Spring with Anthology Fabrics' Limelight Baliscapes—a collection of stunning batiks that'll have you blossoming like never before.

From winding vines to blooming flowers in refreshing shades of chartreuse to  cornflower blue, these beautiful patterns will elevate your everyday looks from ordinary to extraordinary!

Oceania Baliscapes by Anthology

With hues fished out of the deep blue sea, you'll be adding ocean-inspired flair to your next quilt with Oceania Baliscapes. These fabrics are rich with sea spray, algae blooms, beachside blossoms and more, making them a great choice for projects that celebrate the beauty of the ocean.

Get your stash into shipshape condition with Oceania Baliscapes.

Paint Splatter Batiks

Show off your wild side with Anthology Fabrics' Paint Splatter Batik collection.

Let the vibrant, wacky watercolors and eye-catching splotches of color bring a unique flair to any project. Add some modern art vibes for an expressive touch.

Jackson Pollack who?

Strawberry Fields

Let me take you down

'Cause I'm going to strawberry fields

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about

Strawberry fields forever

~The Beatles

Here's hoping all your quilting is as effortless as a Beatles song...

Coral Bliss Batiks by Jacqueline De Jonge

Be still, my coral-loving heart!

This is the collection for summer quilting perfection. The fabric is awash in a mix of island flowers and citrus-inspired designs. Twists of seaweed, and bubbles float together in a heart-hugging color palette of royal violet, peach, and coral hues.

Get your island flair on with your next quilt and Coral Bliss.

Flavors of Fall by Jacqueline De Jonge

Batik is the perfect fabric for Autumnal projects because of it's magnificent variety of colors and textures.

Imagine walking through your favorite forest in October when all leaves are turning above as you hike a  crisp brown dirt path below, fallen leaves crunching under foot.

That's what Batik can do!

This newest set from Anthology Fabric gives any project an instant harvest feeling without even having to leave home. 

Flower Ship by Anthology Fabrics

Sailing into port comes a set of beautiful Batik fabrics inspired by the arrival of spring.

With shades of aqua, teal, crimson and maroon, this fabric is perfect for quilters looking to add a touch of elegance to their quilting.

Whether you're looking to create a masterpiece inspired by Russian painter Vladimir Kush's painting, "Arrival of the Flower Ship," or simply want to add a touch of artistry to your next quilt, this fabric is sure to make your project stand out.

Isles of Shoals by Anthology Fabrics

This Anthology Batik fabric collection is inspired by the beautiful artwork of Childe Hassam. His "Isles of Shoals" mesmerizing feeling is captured in this fabric line with deep, dark blues and crisp teals.

The diagonal lines, flowers, leaves, and circles against the blue background make for a stunning quilt top.

Jewel by Jacqueline De Jonge

With its vibrant range of emeralds, rubies and sapphires, the Jewel Batik fabric collection by Jacqueline de Jonge is perfect for designing projects that will transport you to your own coastal oasis getaway. Painted in beautiful shades of blue, green and purple, the large island flower blooms and petite blossoming petals make this fabric collection a truly jewel-like find.

Use it to create quilts, pillows, or other home decor items that will add a touch of luxury to your space.

Luna Baliscapes Batiks by Anthology

Float on an ocean of blue, blue batiks, that is! The Anthology Fabrics team has put together a collection of indigo and violet hues in a variety of designs including paisleys, leaves, blossoms, and geometrics.

Your quilting Muse awaits a stash of these new blues to inspire her.

Marmalade Baliscapes by Anthology Fabrics

This lush collection in fruity red, purple, and orange batik is the ultimate overdose on color. Leaves, flowers and swirling clouds dot the fabrics organically.

Mandarin marmalade on toast anyone?

Peacock by Jacqueline De Jonge

Stitch up something smashing with this new batik fabric group by Jacqueline de Jonge! 

These vibrant fabrics will have you feeling like a peacock—ready to strut your quilting stuff—with their bright colors and swirling patterns. With so many options to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect fabric for any project. Whether you're making a quilt, a wall hanging, or something else entirely, these fabrics will add a touch of pizzazz. 

You'll be positively preening with the finished results.

Pura Vida by Shayla Wolf

Pure life is bursting from this vibrant rainbow of batik fabric.

Shayla Wolf's Pura Vida collection takes as its inspiration the rainforest and its geometric designs.

Each print is a celebration of color and life, urging you to slow down and enjoy the surrounding technicolor beauty.

Scarlet Flame Baliscapes by Anthology Batiks

Flame on with this sizzling set of red Batik fabrics from the Anthology Batik team.

This collection is full of big, wide leaves, swirling rose petals, waving leaves and vines and long zig-zagging lines, emblazoned on fiery prints.

Banyan Batiks, a division of Northcott Fabrics

Destination Amazon by Karen Gibbs

Feel the mist of the rainforest on your face with this stunning batik fabric collection.

With flowing clouds, diamonds and broken stripes in an earthy blend of gray, green, yellow, teal and brown hues, you'll feel transported to the heart of the Amazon.

Immerse yourself in the colors and patterns of the jungle.

Available by the yard, and 1/2 and FQ bundles.

Destination Caribbean by Karen Gibbs

Explore the tropics with this vibrant batik fabric collection from Banyan Batik. With its bold colors and island-inspired designs, you'll feel like you're right there in the Caribbean.

With Destination Caribbean in your stash, you can drift away to a tropical paradise anytime you want.

Available by the yard, and 1/2 and FQ bundles.

Flutter by Banyon Batiks for Northcott

The delicate flutter of butterfly wings is a beautiful thing to behold. Come celebrate the beauty of nature with Banyan Batiks’ newest fabric collection, Flutter.

This set features two distinct palettes, each illuminating a sea of butterflies, leaves, vines, and bounteous foliage in a rainbow of saturated shades.

Rose Parade by Pat Fryer of Villa Rosa Designs

Take a stroll through the Rose Parade by Pat Fryer and be surrounded by beautiful blooms in every direction. This collection of vibrant fabrics is perfect for adding a touch of floral flair to any project. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning quilt, dress up a table setting, or add some color to your home decor, this fabric collection assuredly adds beauty and charm.

Amble down the garden path and let your creativity bloom with Rose Parade.

Winter Wonder by Patrick Lose - NEW 2022

What doesn't Patrick Lose do well? The much-acclaimed designer has an impressive portfolio, and his latest work is no exception.

The Winter Wonder Batik Fabric Collection for Banyan Batiks is a masterpiece of color and pattern. A blustery winter wonderland awaits you, with its richly saturated blue, red, and green palette. Geometric patterns, stylized snowflakes, and stripes of dots decorate the abstract designs. This is a must-have for your holiday sewing projects!

Click here for more Christmas quilt fabric.

Hoffman Fabrics

Made with Love

Fall head over heels for the gorgeous designs found in Made with Love Batiks.

Romance your next quilt design with a bouquet of dainty florals, dazzling sunflowers, and luscious ruby red berries. Choose between an array of sultry shades like purple and pink or opt for something more subtle like cream or yellow.

Go ahead—you know it's love at first sight!

Coast To Coast (12/22)

It's blue as far as the eye can see...or is it sea?

Coast to Coast Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics is like a field of deep blue dreams. With each fabric piece, you'll bring the beauty and mystery of the sea right into your quilt. Catch the waves with shimmering shoals, tossed flowers, airy bubbles and rich navy tones that come alive in every stitch.

Experience a unique adventure with every stitch you take.

Sweater Weather Batiks by Hoffman (9/22)

Cozy sweaters are just like quilts, except you can wear them to work.

And what could be more perfect for chilly weather than a quilt made of luxurious yarn-like fabrics?

With Sweater Weather Batiks, you can have the best of both worlds: beautiful, handcrafted quilts that are also warm and cozy.

This Hoffman Fabrics collection features autumnal leaves, flowers, and dots in rich oranges, reds, blacks, and tans, with a touch of icy teal. It's the perfect way to add a bit of luxury to your Fall.

So bundle up and enjoy the best of both worlds with Sweater Weather Batiks.

A Walk in the Park
1895 Batiks (8/22)

With colors as deep as the ocean and as light as a summer's day, Hoffman Fabrics' 1895 Batiks Bali Watercolors has something for everyone. Perfect for backdrops or as a stand-alone print, these batiks will add a touch of elegance to any quilt. So dive in and add some saturated tonal batik fabrics to your stash.

Autumn's Finest Batiks

As you take a deep breath in, the aromas of pumpkin spice and autumn leaves fill your senses. You close your eyes. The sun warms your face. The rustling of leaves in the wind provides the perfect soundtrack to your daydream.

You open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by a sea of mahogany batik fabric.

The fall foliage, circles of dots, and clever designs come together to create a feeling of warmth and coziness. This is the perfect fabric collection for adding a touch of emotion to your fall decor!

Amber Waves of Grain

Amber Waves of Grain Batik by Hoffman Fabrics; the contrast between the warm colors and cool tones with deep blue patterns brings us down to earth. Invites us to take a step back in our day-to-day lives.

Gazing at these landscapes, with vines, leaves, and pinecones dotting its surface will make you want nothing more than this fabric; it feels like home.

Appletini Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

With their vibrant emerald hues, the Appletini Batik fabric collection by Hoffman Fabrics is sure to make a statement in your next project.

The textured designs, with vines, leaves, and flowers in soothing viridian, sea-glass and white are perfect for adding interest and excitement.

Azure Dreams by Hoffman Fabrics

Classic, hand-dyed fabrics in intense shades of blue.

Beautiful designs that are perfect for your next project, these fabrics will make you feel like you're swimming in a dreamy garden!

Berry Delicious by Hoffman Fabrics

These Berry Delicious Batiks are a collection of yummy, vibrant violets.

The eye-catching designs and colors are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room. With deep purple hues and intricate designs, this collection is sure to impress.

Batik enthusiasts will love the hand-dyed Hoffman batik fabric with flowers, leaves, and vines in this intensely colored collection.

Bold and Bright Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

These dotty batiks will add a touch of fun and whimsy to any project. The bright colors add a pop of personality, and electrifying energy, and the playful dots are sure to plaster a wholehearted grin across your face. 

Add that bold and bright touch that you're looking for to your quilts.

Café Au Lait by Hoffman

From the deep browns of your morning cup of brew to the pale golden foam that floats on your latte, this collection will warm the heart of any coffee lover.

Candy Skies Batiks

Looking for a sweet addition to your fabric stash?

With its vibrant colors and charming designs, the Candy Skies Batiks are sure to add that touch of sweetness to your quilts.

Featuring playful dots, geometric designs, and blooming florals, this fabric collection is perfect for quilters who are looking to add a touch of whimsy to their creations. Create a fun, kid-friendly quilt or maybe a sophisticated piece for your home.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Candy Skies.

Citrus Craze by Hoffman

This spirited collection of batik fabric is full of life and perfect for any quilt needing a summery vibe.

With oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and pinks in fun-loving hues, this fabric adds brightness to your project. Whether you're looking for waves, lines, or bunches of flowers, these colors are sure to make your quilt top pop.

Flame Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

Looking to add a little heat to your quilt making? Then check out Hoffman Fabrics' Flame Batiks!

This collection of hot prints features classic designs in fiery colors, perfect for adding some sizzle to your next project. So, why not give it a try?

Flame on, Quilters, flame on!

Harvest Helping Batiks

As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, our thoughts turn to cozy fires, warm drinks and, naturally, to stitching up a new quilt, one to snuggle under.

Harvest Helpings batiks will add the right touch of the season to your next creation. With richly saturated colors of red, orange and yellow, They bring the beauty of Autumn into your next project.

Into the Mist by McKenna Ryan

If you're looking for a fabric collection that will transport you into a winter wonderland, look no further than Into The Mist Batiks by McKenna Ryan. 

This beautiful fabric line features a range of icy shades, from teal to navy, all with a soft, dreamy batik texture. 

So whether you're looking to create a quilt that will keep you warm all winter long or simply want to add a touch of frosty magic to your home décor, Into The Mist is the perfect choice!

Paradise Batiks by Hoffman

The colors of the jungle are in your fabric closet.

Imagine a world where vibrant vines and leaves blend with crisp lime greens, fuchsia flowers or bright reds.

Add some spice to any project by using these beautiful folk art batik designs from Paradise Batiks.

Red Rock Jewel by Hoffman

Create something amazing with this fiery vine and leaf batik fabric collection by Hoffman Fabrics.

With mesmerizing patterns of vines and leaves, this passionate set of Batik fabrics will surely add some heat to your next project.

Return to the Wild by Dana Michelle

The Return to The Wild fabric collection by Dana Michelle showcases some of the world’s most beautiful natural elements, in subtle colors.

You can imagine finding wild raspberries with monarch butterflies flitting above you, taking a walk through lush forests where dragonflies roam freely, and hearing the happy songs of birds in your backyard.

Create that outdoor feel on rainy days today.

Sand and Sky Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

Hoffman's Sand and Sky Batiks will sweep you away to a breezy beach day, even if you're landlocked.

The vibrant colors of the fabrics in this collection evoke the feel of a sunny day at the seashore, with bold leaves and circles of dots in shades of blue, green, white, cream, and muted orange.

These fabrics will add a touch of breezy, relaxed whimsy to your patchwork.

Spring Sherbet Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

Get ready to indulge in a delicious fabric collection with Hoffman Fabrics' Spring Sherbet Batiks.

This line is full of cloudy prints in a rainbow of colors, perfect for creating a tasty fabric masterpiece.

Up with the Sun Batiks

This new batik collection joyously captures the changing colors of the sky at sunrise. With a beautiful range of colors and patterns, layered with the yumminess of hand-dyed fabrics, this collection is one that you won't want to miss!

Who needs worms? This early bird's going to catch these batiks!

Moda Fabrics

Confection Batiks by Kate Spain

The Confection fabric collection has an eye for detail intended to set your projects apart.

The vibrant colors beautifully coordinate in each fabric, so you don't have to work hard at color matching. This batik collection is sure to inspire creative ideas.

Felicity Batiks by Kate Spain

Winter has just begun to take form, and this festive holiday collection is here to help you celebrate with some inspired stitching. 

Explore this batik collection of red, green, gold, and white batik featuring Christmas lights, trees, snowflakes, poinsettias, and stars in each detailed pattern.

Robert Kaufman

Seaside Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Each hand-dyed fabric is like a mini tide pool—explore shimmering sands, bright starfish, and sea turtles brought to life with vibrant blues, pinks greens, and purples.

Lunn Studios takes you on a voyage of discovery through the world's most fascinating depths, be it bubbling currents or swaying kelp beds.

Let your imagination run free as you dive deep into this captivating underwater paradise.

Below are patterns that use this collection:

Sunrise Blossoms Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (11/22)

Wake up to the beauty of Sunrise Blossoms Artisan Batiks.

This stunning fabric collection just oozes vibrant blooms in lush vibrant blooms in shades of purple, pink, and red. The hand-dyed batik fabric is perfect for quilts that require a touch of luxury and elegance.

Let the sun's warm light brighten your day with Sunrise Blossoms.

Below are patterns that use this collection:

2022 New Prisma Dyes Batiks by Lunn Studio

Ever spend FOREVER looking for just the right color?

Lunn Studio has heard our lament and treated us to 24 more new colors to play with in their Prisma Dye Batiks collection.

Hand-dyed to perfection, these batiks will make any quilter squeal with delight! So dive into this pool of color and explore the wonderful world of batik quilting!

Floral Wave Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

It's cheerfulness on steroids! This blue and yellow batik fabric collection from Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics is overflowing with flowers in every direction. Swirling leaves and petals make this a perfect choice for your next floral-themed quilt project.

Infuse your next quilt with happiness.

Pastel Petals Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studio

Drawing on the imagery you find in nature, Pastel Petals creates a collection of batiks that are both unique and gentle. With a pastel color palette, these wisps of color will have you feeling like you're walking among the cotton candy clouds.

Bubble Blues Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studio

Like tiny bubbles in the wine, the colors in this collection are sure to pop and delight.

The Bubble Blues Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studio is a beautiful range of cool hues that evoke feelings of peace and serenity. Each fabric is hand-dyed, meaning no two are exactly alike - making your quilt project truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether you're looking to create a baby quilt that's as unique as your little one or a striking wall-hanging, this collection is perfect for your next project. So pop open a bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass, and let the creative juices flow!

Celebrate Fall Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios - New 2022

Fall is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful fabric collection inspired by the autumn leaves? 

Lunn Studios and Robert Kaufman have teamed up to create batiks in saturated hues that will help you warm up your quilts this season. With these gorgeous golds, ambers, and greens,  stunning fall-themed quilts are sure to follow. 

There is a quartet of free patterns from Kaufman to spark your creativity. The final one is a commercial pattern by Then Came June, stitched up in these batiks.

Evening Glow Artisan Batik by Lunn Studios

Experience the beauty of nightfall with this enchanting batik collection from Robert Kaufman. With shades of pale blue to deep purple, this fabric will transform your quilt into a work of art.

Watch as the moon comes out to play and casts its glow over your project. Then, make your dreams a reality with Evening Glow Artisan Batik.

Forest Glen Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Tread carefully through the roots to find your way out of the mist-laden forest. You'll be met with a vast expanse of water-rippled ponds, lagoons, and lakes that invade into other layers of light blue teal rippling waves. The vines are thick with leaves.

The ferns burst with life.

Everything is overgrown with rich green hues of natural organic landscapes. This batik fabric collection is sure to captivate any quilter you meet!

Hidden Valley by Lunn Studios

Take a magical journey through the Hidden Valley, where you'll find enchanting fern leaves, vines, and island flowers.

This dreamy batik fabric collection from Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics features vibrant prints in shades of aqua and lilac.

Kasuri Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Lovers of all things blue…this one’s for you!

Discover the Kasuri Artisan Batiks fabrics for your next quilt project. The vibrant blue and white prints are inspired by artisan textiles

Whether you want an elegant, bold collage or a cute animal quilt, this line has patterns to please everyone. 

Mardi Gras Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Want to add a Mardi Gras feel to your quilts? Then the Mardi Gras Artisan Batiks collection by Lunn Studios is made just for you.

The prints in this collection are inspired by traditional Mardi Gras masks, fleurs-de-lis, and Jazz instruments. The batik fabric collection also includes broad stripes of color, diamonds, and clouds.

Moodscapes Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Indulge yourself in a colorful explosion of happiness  with the Moodscapes Artisan Batiks fabric collection ! Let these bodacious batiks be the star of your next quilt project.

It's a festive collection guaranteed to lift your somber mood on the dreariest of cold, gray, January days.

Spring Promise Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Spring has Sprung courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics!

You can practically see the colorful designs fluttering in the breeze. Studio RK's Spring Promise features butterflies and blossoms in soft, dreamy pastel colors.

These Artisan Batik prints pair perfectly with Prisma Dyes Batiks from Robert Kaufman to create some truly fresh projects.

Summer Zest Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Dreaming of a day at the beach?

With its intense, vibrant colors, Summer Zest will have you longing to bury your toes in the warm sand, staring out over the water, imagining all the quilts you'll make.

A little sun is good for the creative soul!

Watercolor Blossoms Artisan Batiks by Studio RK

Another day, another psychedelic kaleidoscope!

This time, the colors are more solid on the outside and squishy like watercolors on the inside.

The new palette is made up of vivid cerulean, magenta, aquamarine, and azure shades. In this art of batik fabric's design, these colors are mixed in with charming butterflies, sprouting vines, and floral foliage.

Timeless Treasures


Drink in the intense hues of Merlot Tonga Batiks! This unique fabric collection features classic wine-inspired colors that will make your next quilt intoxicating. From deep burgundies to magnificent pinks, this hand-dyed batik fabric is sure to turn heads.

So raise a glass and toast your next project.


Eclipse takes its inspiration from the lunar eclipse, one of the most fascinating and captivating natural phenomena in the world.

With its mesmerizing blue designs of whirling lines and captivating florals, this selection of hand-dyed batiks is sure to capture everyone's attention. Whether you're looking for a quilt fabric that will make a statement or simply want something with a touch of celestial magic, Eclipse Tonga Batiks is perfect for you!


Be swept away by the vibrant colors and fun designs of Fiesta Tonga Batiks from Timeless Treasures. This collection is perfect for adding a touch of excitement to any project.

Grab your sunglasses! You'll be glad you did, working with this dazzling collection.


Indulge in the beauty of patriotic fabric with Timeless Treasures' Honor Tonga Batiks.

These vibrant batiks feature bold designs and cool colors, perfect for adding a touch of American spirit to your projects. Whether you're looking to sew a festive quilt or simply add a splash of color to your home décor, these fabrics are sure to impress.

So why wait?


Take a journey to a faraway land with this beautiful batik fabric collection.

With golden accents, these fabrics are reminiscent of ancient temples and tropical jungles. Vines, leaves, and flowers in black, indigo, blue, and variations of tan give these batiks a tribal feel, perfect for your next project.


With their vibrant prints, Oasis Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures Fabrics adds flair and excitement to any project. These fabrics are hand-dyed in cool colors. The design motifs include butterflies, dots, flowers and several textures, making them a versatile and unique collection.

Try these batik fabrics today for an eye-catching patchwork!


Opal Tonga Batik by Timeless Treasures Fabric is a brilliant low volume batik collection that will add some subtle luster to your fabric stash.

This beautiful collection of monotone prints in cream with hints of blush-pink, icy blue and sun-bleached yellow highlights will satisfy quilters who crave the charm and elegance of batiks.

Its mottled motifs are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any quilt. 

Plum Fusion Tonga Batiks

Take a journey into the unknown with Plum Fusion Tonga Batiks from Timeless Treasures Fabrics!

These beautiful hand-dyed fabrics feature an assortment of florals and textures in deep violets and stone greys. With their unique designs, these prints add personality and intrigue to any quilting project you choose to make!

Wilmington Prints

To browse the latest fabric from Wilmington Prints, click here.

Color Splash Batiks by Wilmington Prints

Color commotion! That describes Color Splash batiks, Wilmington's latest addition to this Essentials line.

Swirling shapes and hazy backdrops in a rainbow of fully saturated color will help you create dynamic new projects. So add some fun and brightness to your fabric stash with this essential collection.

Available in 10- and 5-inch squares and Jelly Rolls (Wilmington calls theirs '40 Karat Jewel Strips).

Jade Garden Batiks for Wilmington Prints

Wilmington Prints' jade garden batik fabric collection is perfect for quilters who want to add a touch of spring to their projects. The cool, crisp air and bright colors of the fabric collection will help you bring your quilting projects to life. With pink, purple, and green shades swirling around leaf and flower motifs, this fabric collection is sure to add some excitement to your quilting.

Lakeside Batiks by Wilmington Prints

Explore the Lakeside Batiks fabric collection, and you'll find yourself lost in a vibrant world of color and texture. From natural blue to deep green, these fabrics are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your next project.

With such a beautiful selection of colors and patterns, you'll be eager to start quilting!

Is there new batik fabric in your future?

With their natural richness and qualities that make them wonderful to piece, applique and quilt with, will batik fabrics find a place in your next quilt?

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