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Updated: 5-15-24

Batik fabrics are some of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics available for quilting. The patterns and colors add a richness and lusciousness to your quilts that are simply unmatched.

Batiks are dyed with fiber reactive dyes—just like hand dyers use—on higher thread count greige goods. The higher thread count makes more detailed, precise prints in the finished batik yardage possible.

Due to the higher thread count, they fray less, making them an excellent choice for hand applique shapes. However, this makes them harder to push the needle through, so they're not recommended for hand quilting, hand piecing, or quilt backing, especially if long-arm quilting is anticipated. (Check with your long-armer before purchasing batik yardage for a backing.)

An additional benefit of the higher thread count is they are less apt to shrink, and if they do, it's much less than regular quilting cotton.

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Below you'll find batik fabric from many of the most popular fabric brands, arranged  by brand and then by collection. 

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Now let's get to the good stuff!

Anthology Batiks, a division of Windham Fabrics

Check all the wonderful fabric choices from Windham.

Dutchy Blues Batiks by Jacqueline de Jonge (1/24)

Dutchy Blues Batiks fabric collection by Jacqueline de Jonge for Anthology FabricsDutchy Blues Batiks
Jacqueline de Jonge
Anthology Fabrics

Tranquil as a Dutch windmill scene, this hand-dyed batik collection 👩‍🎨 evokes the spirit of Vermeer with its palette of serene delft blues and warm rusty oranges.

Abstract florals, hexagons, and foliage patterns flow across the fabric like an artist's dream. Stitch a landscape 🌄 of quilted tulips, a pillow with Rembrandt richness, or an heirloom quilt infused with Dutch masters' nuance.

Adore Batiks (11/23)

Fall head over heels for these dreamy Adore batik prints. 💖

Swirls of carnation pink, coral crush and paradise mint evoke love's first blush. Fluttering butterflies, blossoms and feathered plumes adorn prints as pretty as a valentine. Dainty florals and divine geometrics inspire joy with every stitch. Adorn your home with quilts and accents in these poetic pastels.

From first sight to last stitch, these fabrics are made for adoration.

Bumble Baliscapes (8/23)

Escape to the tranquil tropics with Bumble Baliscapes batiks. Buttery yellows blaze against onyx black reminiscent of lava stone beaches. Plush ivory sands and foamy breakers beckon your imagination. Intricately etched ferns and palms sway in the balmy breeze as hummingbirds flit among hibiscus blooms.

Bask in the island vibes as these batiks transport you to an exotic oasis.

You'll revel in the warmth of the islands as you stitch these batiks into your own island-inspired masterpiece.

Pixie Baliscapes (8/23)

Frolic and fly away to fantastical realms with the whimsical Pixie Baliscapes batiks.

Gossamer wings in hues of petal pink, robin’s egg blue and marshmallow white flutter across the magical landscapes. Delicate dandelion spores drift on the fairy-kissed breeze as dragonflies buzz and fireflies glow. 

Your quilts will be overflowing with magic and wonder. Let these playful batiks inspire the pixie in you to create something truly enchanting.

Majesty Batiks by Jacqueline de Jonge (6/23)

Savor the luxurious texture of each intricately designed piece, a testament to the artistry of the delightfully harmonious color scheme. From rich amethysts to delicate lilacs, the sumptuous colors of the Majesty Batiks collection capture the enchantment of a royal garden at dusk, beckoning you to create the most opulent of quilts, fit for a queen.

In the hands of a passionate quilter such as yourself, the Majesty Batiks collection truly becomes "so berry sweet." Experience the regal splendor of Majesty Batiks today and embrace the warm embrace of timeless luxury.

Midnight Moon Batiks by Jacqueline de Jonge (11/23)

What's blue and beautiful all over? Jacqueline de Jonge's dreamy Midnight Moon batiks. Cobalt, denim, turquoise and sapphire flow like moonlit tides. 🌙 Silhouettes of exotic flora emerge from saturated depths, accented with foamy white crests.

Step into the cool night air and let these intense batiks wash over you like the pull of the deep blue sea.

Paint Splatter Batiks (1/23)

Show off your wild side with Anthology Fabrics' Paint Splatter Batik collection.

Let the vibrant, wacky watercolors and eye-catching splotches of color bring a unique flair to any project. Add some modern art vibes for an expressive touch.

Jackson Pollack who?

Strawberry Fields

Let me take you down

'Cause I'm going to strawberry fields

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about

Strawberry fields forever

~The Beatles

Here's hoping all your quilting is as effortless as a Beatles song...

Flower Ship by Anthology Fabrics

Sailing into port comes a set of beautiful Batik fabrics inspired by the arrival of spring.

With shades of aqua, teal, crimson and maroon, this fabric is perfect for quilters looking to add a touch of elegance to their quilting.

Whether you're looking to create a masterpiece inspired by Russian painter Vladimir Kush's painting, "Arrival of the Flower Ship," or simply want to add a touch of artistry to your next quilt, this fabric is sure to make your project stand out.

Isles of Shoals by Anthology Fabrics

This Anthology Batik fabric collection is inspired by the beautiful artwork of Childe Hassam. His "Isles of Shoals" mesmerizing feeling is captured in this fabric line with deep, dark blues and crisp teals.

The diagonal lines, flowers, leaves, and circles against the blue background make for a stunning quilt top.

Marmalade Baliscapes

This lush collection in fruity red, purple, and orange batik is the ultimate overdose on color. Leaves, flowers and swirling clouds dot the fabrics organically.

Mandarin marmalade on toast anyone?

Peacock by Jacqueline De Jonge

Stitch up something smashing with this new batik fabric group by Jacqueline de Jonge! 

These vibrant fabrics will have you feeling like a peacock—ready to strut your quilting stuff—with their bright colors and swirling patterns. With so many options to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect fabric for any project. Whether you're making a quilt, a wall hanging, or something else entirely, these fabrics will add a touch of pizzazz. 

You'll be positively preening with the finished results.

Pura Vida by Shayla Wolf

Pure life is bursting from this vibrant rainbow of batik fabric.

Shayla Wolf's Pura Vida collection takes as its inspiration the rainforest and its geometric designs.

Each print is a celebration of color and life, urging you to slow down and enjoy the surrounding technicolor beauty.

Scarlet Flame Baliscapes by Anthology Batiks

Flame on with this sizzling set of red Batik fabrics from the Anthology Batik team.

This collection is full of big, wide leaves, swirling rose petals, waving leaves and vines and long zig-zagging lines, emblazoned on fiery prints.

Banyan Batiks, a division of Northcott Fabrics

Dandelion Wishes Batiks by Karen Gibbs (10/23)

Picture yourself in a meadow, a gentle breeze carrying dandelion wishes through the air. Karen Gibbs' Dandelion Wishes transports you to this serene spring scene.

The batik technique lends a watercolor-like effect to the vibrant florals and foliage, as if they were painted by nature itself.

Bright hues burst forth, reminiscent of a blooming garden: sunny yellows, delicate pinks, and fresh greens. Watch your quilt blossom into a field of dreams.

Hexies (9/23)

Radiant rainbow shades shine in this vibrant batik collection.

Sunny yellows, verdant greens, and fiery oranges dance together, accented by inky navies, bubblegum pinks, and luscious lilacs. ✨ The wax-resist technique infuses each piece with luminous depth, allowing the fully saturated hues to glow as if lit from within.

Embrace the full color spectrum and add a dose of cheer to your next project (and fabric stash!) with these vivid batiks that practically vibrate with energy. Feel the beat of your creativity pulse as you craft with Hexies.

Destination Amazon by Karen Gibbs

Feel the mist of the rainforest on your face with this stunning batik fabric collection.

With flowing clouds, diamonds and broken stripes in an earthy blend of gray, green, yellow, teal and brown hues, you'll feel transported to the heart of the Amazon.

Immerse yourself in the colors and patterns of the jungle.

Available by the yard, and 1/2 and FQ bundles.

Destination Caribbean by Karen Gibbs

Explore the tropics with this vibrant batik fabric collection from Banyan Batik. With its bold colors and island-inspired designs, you'll feel like you're right there in the Caribbean.

With Destination Caribbean in your stash, you can drift away to a tropical paradise anytime you want.

Available by the yard, and 1/2 and FQ bundles.

Flutter by Banyon Batiks for Northcott

The delicate flutter of butterfly wings is a beautiful thing to behold. Come celebrate the beauty of nature with Banyan Batiks’ newest fabric collection, Flutter.

This set features two distinct palettes, each illuminating a sea of butterflies, leaves, vines, and bounteous foliage in a rainbow of saturated shades.

Rose Parade by Pat Fryer of Villa Rosa Designs

Take a stroll through the Rose Parade by Pat Fryer and be surrounded by beautiful blooms in every direction. This collection of vibrant fabrics is perfect for adding a touch of floral flair to any project. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning quilt, dress up a table setting, or add some color to your home decor, this fabric collection assuredly adds beauty and charm.

Amble down the garden path and let your creativity bloom with Rose Parade.

Hoffman Fabrics

Cherry Pie Batiks (1/24)

Cherry Pie Batiks by HoffmanCherry Pie Batiks

🥧 These batik beauties are as juicy and delicious as homemade cherry pie on a summer day.

Bursting with vibrant hues of cherry red, blueberry blue and raspberry purple, each luscious print tantalizes your senses. Whip up a fruity table runner or stitch a sweet quilt with pieced cherry blocks as plump as Mom's pie crust. One look at these batiks and your mouth will water for fabric! 😋🍒

Violetta Batiks (12/23)

Be enveloped in the visual poetry of purple with these artisanal batiks. Amethyst medallions and wisteria vines climb across smokey indigo and plum-colored backgrounds, rendered in the wax-resist technique.

Shades evoke twilight skies and regal velvets—thistle, lilac, hydrangea, mulberry, and iris flow through graphic lotuses and abstract organic prints. Stitch the jewel tones into bold quilts for an infusion of creativity and intrigue. 💜🌿🔮

Give Thanks Batiks

Gather around cornucopias of batik bounty in rich Autumn hues.

Give Thanks flows with waxed warmth in shades of cinnamon, nutmeg and chestnut. Freeform vines wander across soft chalky backgrounds, accented in pale golds and verdante.

Piece together quilts that feel like crisp days amongst changing leaves. Stitch table toppers with heirloom fruits, or wall hangings with lush botanicals. However you stitch, these beautiful batiks vibrate with gratitude for simple blessings. 🦃🍂

Autumn Trail Batiks (9/23)

The crisp air and crunch of leaves signal autumn's arrival in this batik collection.

Meandering vines trail burnt umber leaves, as mossy greens mix with earthy brown tones. The fluid nature of wax-resist dye adds painterly textures, allowing colors to flow like a babbling brook.

Warm your hands by the fireside, cozy on an autumn hike or relaxing under a quilted throw. Infuse your next project with the richness of the changing seasons. 

Natural Beauty Batiks (8/23)

Reveal subtle splendor with the Natural Beauty Batiks. Hand-dyed batiks in warm honey, creamy linen, umber earth, and bold midnight and raven hues evoke natural elegance. Paired tones of weathered timber and sun-kissed sands cascade across the finely woven batik.

With its organic neutrals and nocturnal shades, Natural Beauty Batiks brings a touch of wilderness home.

Forest Breeze Batiks (6/23)

Picture yourself meandering through an enchanting forest, where time stands still and the bountiful foliage of greens and creams dances in unison to the whispers of the wind. Our newest fabric line, Forest Breeze, captures the serene essence of nature's symphony, wrapping you in a world of imaginative comfort.

"May the forest be with you" as you embark on your quilt making journey with Forest Breeze, the fabric that weaves wonder and creativity into every seam.

Coastal Mornings Batiks (6/23)

These handcrafted wonders are set to the tune of the ocean's roar, a symphony that speaks right to your soul. As if painted by the gentle touch of the sea breeze, the calming colors of neutral creams and soft gray blues flow effortlessly into deeper shades of navy, mirroring the captivating depths of the ocean. Delicate flecks of tossed flowers and ferns dance with tone-on-tone prints, mending all wounds, just as saltwater does.

Nothing soothes the soul like a day by the water...invite serene feeling into your quilt studio with Coastal Mornings Batiks.

Dandelion Wishes Batiks (5/23)

Imagine yourself in a lush garden, surrounded by the magical beauty of dandelions taking flight on a gentle breeze. That's the essence of Dandelion Wishes Batiks, a collection that tells a story of dreams, wishes, and artistic mastery. Each fabric is a masterpiece, skillfully crafted using the classic batik technique, resulting in intricate designs that will leave you breathless.

From the depths of twilight blues to the warmth of sun-kissed yellows, the color palette of this collection is a dream come true for quilters with an eye for the exquisite.

CongaBay Batiks by McKenna Ryan (4/23)

Step into the world of CongaBay Batiks by McKenna Ryan and start a journey through vibrant, captivating hues.

From golden sands to lush rainforests, each exquisite batik fabric radiates with mesmerizing patterns in an array of stunning colors.

Whether you are crafting a quilt or bag, these batiks will instantly add depth and texture to your design that takes inspiration from sun-drenched beaches and multicolored coral reefs. An unmissable collection for any creative looking to fill their stash with paradise beauty.

Give free rein to your imagination as only dreams stand between you now when working with such drool-worthy fabrics.

Made with Love (1/23)

Fall head over heels for the gorgeous designs found in Made with Love Batiks.

Romance your next quilt design with a bouquet of dainty florals, dazzling sunflowers, and luscious ruby red berries. Choose between an array of sultry shades like purple and pink or opt for something more subtle like cream or yellow.

Go ahead—you know it's love at first sight!

The Softness of Spring Batiks (4/23)

Indulge in the serene beauty of spring with The Softness of Spring Batiks collection from Hoffman Fabrics.

This handcrafted and hand-dyed batik range will delight your senses, evoking visions of blossoming buds in dreamy shades of cool blues, purples, and whites. Transform any project into a stunning masterpiece that captures all the beauty and vibrancy of this special season; ferns unfurling against dappled designs or an intricate geometric pattern. Let these fabrics bewitch your imagination as they add exquisite detail to every stitch!

Capture warmth and tranquility with The Softness of Spring Batiks. It's time to bring life back into design.

Under The Willows (4/23)

Escape to a haven of tranquility and beauty with Under The Willows Batiks, from Hoffman Fabrics. These entrancing fabrics will captivate the eye with an array of vivid colors - deep blues, lush greens and gentle purples dancing across intricate nature-inspired motifs like ferns and dappled prints. An exceptional fabric collection that invites quilters to create their most beautiful works yet.

Come, indulge in the beauty and tranquility of Under The Willows Batiks. Let your imagination soar, and your creativity run wild as you add these stunning fabrics to your next piecing extravaganza.

With each new piece, you'll be one step closer to creating the quilt of your dreams.

A Walk in the Park
1895 Batiks

With colors as deep as the ocean and as light as a summer's day, Hoffman Fabrics' 1895 Batiks Bali Watercolors has something for everyone. Perfect for backdrops or as a stand-alone print, these batiks will add a touch of elegance to any quilt. So dive in and add some saturated tonal batik fabrics to your stash.

Amber Waves of Grain

Amber Waves of Grain Batik by Hoffman Fabrics; the contrast between the warm colors and cool tones with deep blue patterns brings us down to earth. Invites us to take a step back in our day-to-day lives.

Gazing at these landscapes, with vines, leaves, and pinecones dotting its surface will make you want nothing more than this fabric; it feels like home.

Azure Dreams by Hoffman Fabrics

Classic, hand-dyed fabrics in intense shades of blue.

Beautiful designs that are perfect for your next project, these fabrics will make you feel like you're swimming in a dreamy garden!

Berry Delicious by Hoffman Fabrics

These Berry Delicious Batiks are a collection of yummy, vibrant violets.

The eye-catching designs and colors are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room. With deep purple hues and intricate designs, this collection is sure to impress.

Batik enthusiasts will love the hand-dyed Hoffman batik fabric with flowers, leaves, and vines in this intensely colored collection.

Bold and Bright Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

These dotty batiks will add a touch of fun and whimsy to any project. The bright colors add a pop of personality, and electrifying energy, and the playful dots are sure to plaster a wholehearted grin across your face. 

Add that bold and bright touch that you're looking for to your quilts.

Spring Sherbet Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics

Get ready to indulge in a delicious fabric collection with Hoffman Fabrics' Spring Sherbet Batiks.

This line is full of cloudy prints in a rainbow of colors, perfect for creating a tasty fabric masterpiece.

Island Batiks

Winged Things by Kate Colleran Designs (1/24)

As dawn's rosy fingers caress the sky, winged creatures take flight in a painter's palette of pastel hues.

Abstract butterflies dance amid blooms kissed by the morning light 🌅, while songbirds sing in lavender fields touched by the sunrise. Wrapped in this ethereal beauty, your patchwork will soar with the promise of a new day's dreamy delight.

Earthly Greens by Kathy Engle

Wander through forests teeming in verdant life. Earthly Greens nourishes the spirit with waxed woodland flora.

Stalks of grain, ferns and ivy climb across earthy backgrounds, subtle variations from sprout to leaf. Piece together nature's tapestries—imagine blankets strewn with clover, pillows with bodacious blooms.

These greens root you in the wilderness, connecting your quilts to landscapes near and far. 🌱🌿🍃

English Lavender by Kathy Engle

Step into a world of floral fascination with Kathy Engle's batik wonders, "English Lavender." 🌿🎨

Let your creative hands caress these dreamy, gentle-as-a-whisper fabrics, from the palest blue to the deepest, richest purples. Imagine your project blossoming with the grace of lavender fields and the vibrancy of wild herbs! 🌾💜

It's a quilt that's like a fragrant English garden in your own hands.🪴 Embrace these batiks; let your craft bloom. 🌸

Robert Kaufman

Splash Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (1/24)

Splash Artisan Batiks fabric collection by Lunn Studios for Robert KaufmanSplash Artisan Batiks
Lunn Studios
Robert Kaufman

A rainbow at a your fingertips. Punchy brights and earthy jewel tones swirl together like an artist's palette, ready to create.

Freeform shapes dance across wall hangings in mood-lifting hues. Traditional batik full of global spice market motifs. 

Textures ebb and flow like river ripples. Let these fabrics intrigue you, sparking joyful creativity with each vibrant thread. 🌈

Bamboo Garden Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (1/24)

Escape to a serene bamboo grove where graceful leaves 🍃 and slender stalks 🎍 sway in the breeze.

Batik brilliance flourishes under the expert eye of Lunn Studios in these earthy neutrals and zen-like hues, evoking the resilient beauty of nature's wonders.

Kindle a sense of harmonious balance and enduring strength in your next quilt design.

Morning Mist Artisan Batiks 2023 by Lunn Studios (10/23)

As dawn breaks, immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of Morning Mist.

Picture serene ponds, their surfaces gently rippling, adorned with delicate lily pads. Vines entwine, leaves rustle, and faint florals add a touch of nature's poetry. These batiks, in shades of soft blues and soothing tans, evoke the ethereal beauty of an Asian garden at sunrise.

Let your quilting journey be guided by the gentle touch of Morning Mist.

Petite Pastels by Lunn Studios (12/23)

Immerse yourself in a world drenched in technicolor with Petite Pastels by Lunn Studios.

Picture an artist’s canvas, brimming with a kaleidoscope of punchy brights and earthy jewel tones. Each fabric swath dances with energetic batik motifs, reminiscent of a summer garden at sunrise.

. Ready to transport yourself into this sherbet-y watercolor wonder, bringing your freshly bloomed fabric foliage to life?

Then, these artisan batiks are silently whispering your name. 🌈🧵

Seashore Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (8/23)

Dive into tropical tides with the vibrant Seashore batiks.

Sunlit sands and sea foam shores in shades of peach, melon, and pistachio. Molten lava tones of tiger lily and mango evoke an island paradise. Iridescent abalone shells glisten as schools of parrot fish and angelfish flit through swaying sea grasses. Stitch sapphire seascapes and verdant reefs capes with these artisanal batiks.

Feel the salty breeze kiss your face as you cut and piece patterns as bold as island sunsets and detailed as carved tiki totems.

Floral Fantasy Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (6/23)

Introducing Floral Fantasy Artisan Batiks, where a Margaritaville vibe meet timeless elegance! Unleash your inner quilt artist with these enchanting floral batiks, blooming in a harmonious analogous color scheme, stretching from sun-kissed yellows and oranges to lush greens and tranquil blues.

The vibrant colors dance across hand-dyed batiks, weaving a story of love, laughter, and pride with every stitch.

This versatile fabric breathes life into your creative projects, allowing you to effortlessly craft masterpieces that capture the essence of modern elegance. From cozy quilts to fashionable clothing, Floral Fantasy Artisan Batiks are your passport to a realm of quilting magic.

Kapua Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (9/23)

Escape into a tropical paradise with these batik beauties bursting with exotic blooms. Vivid fuchsia orchids unfold beside trailing vines of deepest purple. The fluid nature of wax-resist dyes creates painterly textures as colors blend in an abstract dance.

Feel creative inspiration flourish with crimson hibiscus, coral bouquets, and palm fronds. Stitch up your own island getaway under a quilt stitched with the rich purple and blue shades of twilight skies at sunset over turquoise seas. Transport your spirit and stitch each day away.

Tranquil Gardens Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (5/23)

The Tranquil Gardens Artisan Batik collection offers more than just stunning aesthetics; it promises a luxurious quilting experience that will leave you yearning for more. The exceptional craftsmanship ensures every cut, stitch, and seam effortlessly melds together, creating a quilt that's not only visually stunning but also a tactile delight.

Watch the mesmerizing hues of blue, purple, and green as they dance gracefully across your latest quilting project.

Marshland Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (5/23)

There's no denying it – the Marshland Artisan Batiks collection is an absolute must-have for any passionate quilter.

Imagine yourself traversing through breathtaking wetlands, where nature's beauty unfolds before your very eyes. Marshland Artisan Batiks captures the essence of this verdant paradise, showcasing an array of batiks foliage fabrics to leave you spellbound. Can you feel the rustling of leaves beneath your fingertips as you explore these exquisite patterns?

So, why resist the allure of this enchanting fabric range?

Surrender to the temptation and let these bewitching batiks foliage fabrics weave their magic into your cherished fabric stash.

Sunrise Blossoms Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios (11/22)

Wake up to the beauty of Sunrise Blossoms Artisan Batiks.

This stunning fabric collection just oozes vibrant blooms in lush vibrant blooms in shades of purple, pink, and red. The hand-dyed batik fabric is perfect for quilts that require a touch of luxury and elegance.

Let the sun's warm light brighten your day with Sunrise Blossoms.

Below are patterns that use this collection:

2022 New Prisma Dyes Batiks by Lunn Studio

Ever spend FOREVER looking for just the right color?

Lunn Studio has heard our lament and treated us to 24 more new colors to play with in their Prisma Dye Batiks collection.

Hand-dyed to perfection, these batiks will make any quilter squeal with delight! So dive into this pool of color and explore the wonderful world of batik quilting!

Pastel Petals Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studio

Drawing on the imagery you find in nature, Pastel Petals creates a collection of batiks that are both unique and gentle. With a pastel color palette, these wisps of color will have you feeling like you're walking among the cotton candy clouds.

Kasuri Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Lovers of all things blue…this one’s for you!

Discover the Kasuri Artisan Batiks fabrics for your next quilt project. The vibrant blue and white prints are inspired by artisan textiles

Whether you want an elegant, bold collage or a cute animal quilt, this line has patterns to please everyone. 

Prisma Dyes Batiks by Lunn Studios

The Prisma Dyes Batiks offer all the essentials for your next quilting project.

This well-rounded collection delivers a rainbow of saturated hues straight from your color wheel dreams. Hand-dyed in small batches, each yard bears its own personality, with wax-drawn trails holding mysteries to unfold. Lean into lush coral reefs, misty morning blues, twilight purples, and every shade between.

Though basic in range, these batiks promise depth in their dye-painted tones. Let Prisma batiks provide the missing colors to make your quilted canvas sing. 🎨🌈🖌️

For all 154 colors available in the Prisma Dyes collection, use the buttons below for yardage and all the precuts.

For precuts grouped into collections, click on the images below.

Timeless Treasures

Lakeside Tonga Batiks (10/23)

Let your needle glide through fabrics soft as a misty morning at dawn. 🦢🌫️

Pale blues and creams flow together like the lake merging with the shore, earthy browns and tans grounding like stones beneath its surface. Pieces in this soothing palette evoke stillness and calm, serenity found in nature's subtle beauty. Capture the essence of the lake's gentle rhythm in threads that soothe and restore.

Create with fabrics imbued in tranquility—as if they inhaled the wisdom of the silent woods, exhaled the peace of the rippling water. Make something meaningful to hold the spirit of the lake within every thread.🌿🌊

Splash Tonga Batiks (10/23)

Fabrics splash in colors bright as Bahamian waters, vibrant as island blooms. Lime and turquoise dance together like waves lapping the shore, while deeper blues and sunny yellows evoke swaying palms against cloudless skies. 🍃🌊

Piece these playful prints into quilts transporting as a Caribbean breeze. The whimsical batik designs and vivid, saturated palette capture the spirit of island paradise.

Sew a summer reverie with fabrics sure to ignite adventure—so full of life and cheer, you can almost hear the steel drums playing. 🎶🌴

Honeycomb Tonga Batiks (9/23)

The busy buzz of the hive comes to life in these batik beauties.🐝

Soft creams and sunny yellows mix with rich umber, inky midnight, and warm honeyed tones. Hexagons, honeycombs, and queen bees flit across the fabric, interspersed with subtle geometric patterns. The organic flow of the wax-resistant dye techniques adds depth and texture to the designs.

These natural batiks will have you feeling as productive as the honey-makers themselves. Efficiently tailor your next quilt with the varied vibrancy of Honeycomb Tonga.

Pansy Tonga Batiks (8/23)

Immerse yourself in a garden of purple delight with Pansy Tonga Batiks. These richly hued fabrics bloom with flowers and foliage, expertly batiked in shades from lavender to wine. Stitch a quilt that's fit for royalty with the regal flair of kings and queens.

No matter your project, these purple prints are sure to reign supreme. Unleash your creativity and design something marvelous with this assemblage of purple magnificence. 💜🌿🌸

Rose Petal Tonga Batiks (8/23)

In blushing pink, verdant green and creamy linen, Rose Petal batiks bloom. 💕

Plaids become tapestries, geometrics transform to mosaic art. Shadowy brushstrokes reveal hidden flowers, secret gardens in fabric. Petals open to reveal deeper shades within, colors living and breathing. Stitch pale roses on buttermilk like love notes written at dawn.

Rose Petal beckons—come, let your imagination wander and grow with your next masterpiece. 🌹🌿💕 

Flutter Tonga Batiks (6/23)

Indulge in a deliciously vibrant collection that brings the entire rainbow to your fingertips. Flutter Tonga Batiks use traditional batik techniques to create striking patterns or mottling, flowers, foliage, and seashells.

With its scrumptious sherbet tones, this collection will transport you back to sun-soaked beach days, joyous gatherings, and blooming gardens. But what's even better than one scoop of fabric?

How about a double dip? With this collection, you can create quilting masterpieces that perfectly blend modern vibrancy with timeless artistry.

Mariposa Tonga Batiks (6/23)

Mariposa Tonga Batiks Collection is a dreamy fabric line that’ll bring the enchanting watercolor magic of the sea straight to your quilting corner. It shimmers like sunlight on water, conjuring up memories of frothy waves, high tides, and good vibes.

These exquisite batiks are adorned with nature's finest—butterflies, flowers, and more—a delightful reminder that life is indeed simple, when you just "add water".

Let the alluring patterns and rich colors set you free, inviting you to indulge in the creative possibilities of this versatile collection.

Harbor Tonga Batiks (5/23)

Set sail on a magnificent journey of creativity with the breathtaking Harbor Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures.

A tribute to the timeless beauty of batiks, these stunning designs feature geometric patterns, delicate foliage, and charming little butterflies, all brought to life through the intricate and time-honored batik technique.

Indulge in the luxurious feel of the high-quality batik fabrics. Your imagination will run wild as you explore the gorgeous hues of blues and browns that adorn each piece. A symphony of color and design is yours to conduct, a true masterpiece of the fabric arts.


Drink in the intense hues of Merlot Tonga Batiks! This unique fabric collection features classic wine-inspired colors that will make your next quilt intoxicating. From deep burgundies to magnificent pinks, this hand-dyed batik fabric is sure to turn heads.

So raise a glass and toast your next project.

Wilmington Prints

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Color Splash Batiks by Wilmington Prints

Color commotion! That describes Color Splash batiks, Wilmington's latest addition to this Essentials line.

Swirling shapes and hazy backdrops in a rainbow of fully saturated color will help you create dynamic new projects. So add some fun and brightness to your fabric stash with this essential collection.

Available in 10- and 5-inch squares and Jelly Rolls (Wilmington calls theirs '40 Karat Jewel Strips).

Is there new batik fabric in your future?

With their natural richness and qualities that make them wonderful to piece, applique and quilt with, will batik fabrics find a place in your next quilt?

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