Unleash Your Creativity with These 40+ Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

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Updated: 2-10-24

A Log Cabin quilt is a classic quilting pattern that has been around for centuries and is a timeless favorite of quilters everywhere. This quilt design is an opportunity for you to unleash your creativity and make something truly unique.

Whether you want a one-of-a kind masterpiece or something cuddly to curl up under, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

More than 40 Log Cabin quilt patterns to choose from

For beginning quilters, Log Cabin quilt patterns are ideal because it's all simple piecework—rectangles and squares.

It is a great way to learn the basics of quilting without becoming overwhelmed by too many complicated techniques. The repetitive nature of the Log Cabin blocks also helps beginners practice their skills and build confidence in their work.

A design for a yellow Log Cabin quilt for my daughter, will it work?Hmmmm...I wonder if I'd like a YELLOW Log Cabin quilt?

Log Cabin quilt patterns offer a lot of flexibility for expert quilters, too.

Quilters can use novelty fabrics, embroidery, or applique to make their quilts unique. Experienced quilters can take these simple quilt designs and customize them with their own creative touches. The Log Cabin quilt patterns allow for endless design possibilities. The perfect canvas to indulge your creativity.

A pile of stitched Log Cabin blocksThere's nothing I like better than sitting at my sewing machine and sewing—and a Log Cabin with narrow logs provides the perfect opportunity!

For these reasons, a quilter should stitch a log cabin quilt for themselves—at least once.

It's a great way to learn the basics of quilting, practice skills, and infuse the design with your own character. Plus, it's just plain fun!

This article contains both free and paid quilt patterns and books for designs ranging from traditional to modern to even deconstructed.

Designs that use:

  • strips, either cut by you or purchased as pre cuts
  • uneven Log Cabins where the strips are cut at different widths
  • A single block that's a whole quilt
  • Designs where the colors grade in value from top to bottom
  • square and rectangular blocks
  • deconstructed blocks put back together asymmetrically

Sew! Why not give it a try?

Browse the Log Cabin quilt patterns below and see if one doesn't tickle your fancy.

Happy Quilting!

On this page, you'll find:

  • Our curated selection of commercial and free Log Cabin quilt patterns

Log Cabin quilt patterns

If you thought a Log Cabin quilt was predictable, even boring, browse through the curated group of patterns.

With a wide range of designs there's something to wet your curiosity. 

Free patterns to download from the major fabric brands are marked with a FREE to make them quick to spot.

Which one(s) will you choose?

A Blue Moment by Jean Anne Wright - FREE

from Benartex

With a center unit that's pieced like a Log Cabin and outside units added with partial seams, the simple piecework will keep you on your toes...but none of it's difficult.

What better way to use some of those big, outrageous prints in unique fabric combinations that you've been stockpiling in your stash?

Big them out into the daylight and let them dazzle you!

(Wouldn't this make a terrific flannel quilt?)

Adelita by Madison Rose Quilting Co.


A modern take on our old friend the Log Cabin quilt.

Here the traditional Log Cabin quilt block is deconstructed and sent to the four corners.

Easy and fun to piece, and you end up with a Log Cabin stunner for your efforts!

Alphabet Log Cabin by Stacy Iest Hsu


Advanced Beginning Quilters

A-B-C-D-E-F-G… there's plenty of reason to fall in love with the new Alphabet Log Cabin Quilt by Stacy Iest Hsu. This pattern is a great way to use up fabric scraps and makes for a cozy quilt that can double as a learning tool for the wee little ones in your life.

If you're looking for a fresh and modern take on the classic log cabin quilt, this is the pattern for you! The large-scale prints from the ABC XYZ fabric collection make this quilt top come together quickly. And who can resist those adorable little creatures peeking out from the windows?

Black Tie Affair by Doug Leko for Antler Quilt Design

Fat 1/8 friendly icon


If you're looking for a stunning quilt that turns heads, look no further than the Black Tie Affair.

This geometric design stitched with half log cabin blocks is perfect for those who love bold, eye-catching lines.

Plus, it's scrap-friendly. Raid your scrap basket and use up all of those little bits and pieces from your stash.

Bungalow by Alison Glass


The Bungalow Quilt Pattern is a half Log Cabin block pattern that is made for quilters who want to make a quilt with personality.

This bold and brassy design is sure to dazzle your guests and will be a modern addition to your home. Piece it in your favorite fabrics to make it truly your own.

Big, 16-inch blocks make it a quick one to piece, too!

Burrows by Sweetfire Road

Fat 1/8 friendly icon

An excellent pattern to use that Fat 1/8 or Fat Quarter bundle to showcase a fabric you just love.

Using a sashing around the blocks makes this an easy quilt to piece.

Fabrics from the Midnight Meadow collection create the cover quilt.

Cabin Frenzy by Elise Lea for RK - FREE

from Robert Kaufman
Fat Quarter Friendly icon


After cutting each log a folded corner (in black here) is added to the right side.

THEN the Log Cabin blocks are pieced and the spiraling design emerges.

A simple twist with amazing results.

Cabin in the Stars by Ariga Wilson - FREE

from Robert Kaufman


It's the gradation of color that makes this free log cabin quilt pattern so eye-catching.

The instructions have you creating the Flying Geese for the center square stars using the 4-at-a-time method.

I prefer to paper piecing those units for accuracy. You'll find a tutorial for paper piecing the 1"x2" finished size Flying Geese here.

Candy Logs by Wendy Sheppard

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Savor the sweet satisfaction of stitching together this delectable Candy Logs quilt pattern. Watch your fabric come to life as each log is added.

With yummy fat quarters in your favorite colorway, you'll be able to whip up this candy-themed quilt in no time.

Close-Knit by Sewn Modern Quilt Patterns


Log Cabin meets the stained glass technique in this quilt pattern based on Scandinavian interior design.

The Close-Knit Quilt Pattern is a beautiful work of art that will make your home shine. Enjoy piecing together the traditional log cabin blocks with a modern twist. This is a great pattern for those who want to make an impressive statement with their quilting.

Beginner-friendly and satisfying for those more advanced quilters.

Company Picnic by Corey Yoder for Coriander Quilts

Honey Bun Friendly icon


Your eyes might be fooling you, these Log Cabin blocks are actually square—not rectangular.

The design is quite similar to Wendy Sheppard's Macaroons. Who doesn't say 'great minds think alike'?

One particularly nice feature of this design is that you only need to match seams at the corners of each block.

Courthouse Steps - FREE

from Riley Blake
Jelly Roll Friendly button

Gather precut 2-1/2"  strips and watch them become graphic stair-step cascades. 

Now wrap yourself in this cozy beauty, made modern with precuts. Relax as the quilted steps ripple around you—a quick classic brought to life by your own two hands.

Perfectly size for a quick baby quilt!

Creative Log Cabin Quilts by Annie's

The only problem you'll have is choosing just one to make.

Creative Log Cabin Quilts by Annie's is your go-to source for inspiring quilt patterns like 'Hearth and Home' on the cover by Wendy Sheppard.

Featuring both pieced and appliqued designs, each pattern in the book comes with easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photographs.

Whether you're looking to create a simple wall hanging or an intricate bed quilt, this book has something for all Log Cabin lovers.

Crocus by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Charm Square Friendly icon

If you're not afraid of a few creative twists, take the traditional log cabin block to new heights with an eye-catching rainbow pattern.

A lively display of crocus in bloom with a secondary pinwheel design emerging makes your quilt something truly special—that won't be fading away any time soon.

The perfect size for a Log Cabin table topper or wall hanging.

The sample is stitched with fabric from the Clover Blossom Farm line also by Kansas Troubles for Moda.

Diamonds in the Deep by Bonjour Quilts



Create a quilt with the Diamonds in the Deep Log Cabin quilt pattern and watch your fabric come to life with vibrant colors.

This pattern is simple enough for beginning quilters, but also provides a satisfying result for more expert quilters.

With just two colors, you can create a fantastic value gradient that will wow everyone who sees it.

Dueling Diamonds by Seams Sew Me

Jelly Roll Friendly button
Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Dueling Diamonds is a fun-filled adventure that turns your scrap stash into a stunning masterpiece.

Dueling Diamonds takes the classic log cabin design and turns it on its head, creating a vibrant dance of shapes and hues. Imagine your fabric scraps coming to life, their colors dueling for the spotlight, their beauty showcased in an array of diamond shapes that sparkle and shimmer on your quilt.

Designed for the adventurous quilter, the one who loves to play with colors and patterns, the one who sees every scrap of fabric as a treasure.

Elliptical by Wendy Sheppard

Fat Quarter Friendly icon


With center squares now replaced with rectangles, Elliptical by Wendy Sheppard will have you eagerly piecing this curved log cabin quilt pattern together in no time!

Is there really curved piecing? Say it ain't sew!

It's still the simple piecework you'd expert with Log Cabin quilt patterns.

Did you notice the hint of the  'stained-glass' technique?

Brighten up any room with this cheerful design.

Embers by Crystal Manning


There's just something about a traditional Log Cabin design that radiates comfort and nostalgia.

Embers by Crystal Manning brings a cozy charm to any room with its classic design and vibrant floral prints. With each block featuring an eye-catching color combination, you'll love the way this quilt project looks when it's finished.

The sample is constructed with fabrics from the Sundance collection, also by Crystal Manning for Moda.

Enfold by Brigitte Heitland
for Zen Chic

Fat 1/8 friendly icon


The classic Pineapple quilt block gets a modern twist from the creative musings of Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic. With the Enfold quilt pattern, you can bring a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to your home.

The Log Cabin quilt blocks create a three-dimensional effect as ripples of muted colors cascade across the fabric. Gather your favorite fat eighth bundle in Modern Background Even More Paper, also by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics, and get ready to craft this unique take on tradition.

Eureka! by Animas Quilts

For variations on a theme, this Log Cabin quilt pattern is hard to beat!

With a 1-1/4" finish grid, it's perfect for the experienced quilter looking for a new challenge.

But don't let that scare you off – the results are definitely worth the effort!

Floral Splendor by Robert Kaufman - FREE

from Robert Kaufman


This Half Log Cabin design is another quilt that where the fabric is doing the heavy lifting. Every other fabric strip is chosen for its ability to be a bridge between the colors in the strips on either side.

Simple piecework. Intriguing results.

Labyrinth by Wendy Sheppard



Create a masterpiece with the Labyrinth Quilt Pattern. This stunning design features a mesmerizing swirl of colors that is perfect for any palette.

Gather your supplies and get started on a dramatic addition to your home.

Lanterns by Elise Lea for RK - FREE

from Robert Kaufman
Jelly Roll Friendly button

The Kaufman version of a Jelly Roll is called a Roll Up and is used to make this free quilt pattern.

The Courthouse Steps version of a Log Cabin block is used here. It speeds up the piecing because, once the block is big enough, you can add a block to both opposite sides before popping up to press.

Lust Have by BasicGrey

Jelly Roll Friendly button


Caress the fabric with loving hands, watching as the squares come to life with geometric wonder.

See the blocks cascade and move with the pieced logs that provide intriguing detail.

Lust Have is a Must Have.

Macarons by Wendy Sheppard

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Wendy Sheppard's Macaroon is sure to tantalize your senses.

With its delicious geometric shapes, assembled in a Courthouse Steps fashion—a variation on the classic Log Cabin quilt block—this design makes for a fun weekend project

Using fat quarters in bright colors, you'll be able to create a beautiful quilt that will have you eager for more.

Bet you can't make just one!

Meadow Sightings by Sweetfire Road

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

While the cover quilt colors don't scream, "FALL!", squirrels looking for their nuts create the design.

Choose your favorite Fall and Autumn quilt fabrics or go with Midnight Meadow by Sweetfire Road, just like the sample.

Morning Walk by Chelsi Stratton Designs

Fat 1/8 friendly icon

Come take a walk on the boardwalk! With this precut-friendly quilt pattern, you can create colorful log cabin blocks from your favorite fat eighth bundle.

Add a whirling burst of color to your living room.

Picadilly Square by Cotton Street Commons


Picadilly Square is a contemporary wonder, a playful dance of controlled scrappy fabric pull set against the classic charm of a Half Log Cabin Quilt. Imagine a kaleidoscope of colors swirling together, creating a symphony of harmony and contrast that captures the eye and warms the heart. It's not just a quilt; it's a masterpiece waiting to happen.

So why wait? Dive into the colorful world of Picadilly Square today and discover the joy of creating a quilt that's not just beautiful, but uniquely yours.

Pineapple Quilt by Darlene Zimmerman - FREE

from Robert Kaufman

The Pineapple quilt belongs to the family of Log Cabin quilt patterns. 

In this easy version, folded corners are added after each round of logs.

If you'd prefer to paper piece the 3" finished/3-1/2" unfinished Square in a Square unit in the center, see our tutorial with cutting chart and free downloadable patterns here.

Play House by Satomi Quilts

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Log Cabin meets Modern Design in the Play House quilt pattern.

With six sizes to choose from, this versatile pattern will give you a masterpiece that fits your space whatever the need. Pick out prints from your favorite collections and get creative with color combinations for an eye-catching look. This modern Log Cabin quilt is sure to be a timeless addition to any home—giving you years of enjoyment and coziness.

Why not take the plunge and make this beautiful quilt today? It's destined to bring you hours of warmth and comfort.

Quilter's Cabin by Laundry Basket Quilts


Leave your worries behind and make the Quilter's Cabin quilt by Edyta Sitar—an oasis right in your very own home.

Cozy up with a selection of greens and reds to create this tranquil retreat-inspired project.

Log cabins have been havens for peace since they were first constructed, so don't miss out on recreating that same blissful feeling through fabric.

Escape to the great indoors.

Raise the Roof by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics - FREE

from Art Gallery Fabrics

With its strips in varying sizes—cut 2½" and 4½" wide—this single block quilt is a quick one to put together.

Fun and quick at the same time?

What could be better!

Why, the PDF pattern is free, of course!

Retro Labyrinth by Zen Chic


Delight in the perplexing modern log cabin design of Retro Labyrinth as you navigate your way through this colorful maze of blocks.

With every twist and turn, you'll be proud to unravel this intricate puzzle. 

So grab your favorite prints, and get inspired to stitch up this 'WOW' of a quilt!

There's also a gray version of this Zen Chic pattern here.

Scrappy Log Cabin by Laundry Basket Quilts

Fat Quarter Friendly icon
Fat 1/8 friendly icon

The Scrappy Log Cabin quilt pattern is a contemporary take on a traditional favorite. Scrappy is right. Choose from your stash of FQs or fat 1/8s. Use up those leftovers from previous projects.

Modern and traditional quilters alike will love their Scrappy Log Cabin.

Sentimental Journey by Lavender Lime Designs



Are you gonna take a Sentimental Journey with this log cabin inspired quilt pattern by Lavender Lime Designs?

This mesmerizing pattern features a sweeping diagonal design that will keep you captivated. With its dreamy aesthetic, this quilt is the perfect addition to any room.

Fabrics from the Promenade collection by 3 Sisters for Moda are showcased in this cover sample.

Sky Log Cabin Quilt Pattern by Jennifer Sampou


Confident Beginner and up

If you're looking for a classic quilt pattern with a modern twist, then the Sky Log Cabin Quilt Pattern is for you.

This traditional log cabin block pattern is given a fresh update with vibrant colors and bold geometric shapes. It's the perfect way to add some personality to any room. Best of all, this quilt pattern is easy to follow, so you can create a stunning quilt in no time.

So grab your favorite fabrics and get started on your next project today. You won't be disappointed with the results.

Spangled by Kim Diehl

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Sparkle and shine, quilters! Get ready to be mesmerized by the dazzling Spangled quilt pattern by Kim Diehl. Not just a quilt; it's an explosion of creativity, a symphony of colors and shapes that will add a sprinkle of magic to your quilting journey.

Spangled enchants with its unique blend of traditional Log Cabin blocks and twinkling Sawtooth Stars; a testament to Kim Diehl's innovative design acumen.

Imagine the stars in the night sky finding their home in your quilt, each one shimmering with a unique charm. The log cabin blocks nestle these stars, creating a beautiful constellation that tells a story of homely warmth and celestial beauty.

Square Puzzle by Stacy Iest Hsu


Isn't it amazing how something made from simple squares and rectangles can be so captivating?

This variation on the traditional Log Cabin block is called a Half Log Cabin. It makes a stunning quilt that will add interest and color to any room. Featuring vibrant colors and unique fabric selections, this quilt is sure to be a conversation starter.

You'll be so proud of what you stitched with your own two hands!

Star Watch by Carried Away Quilting

Jelly Roll Friendly button

The Star Watch quilt pattern by Carried Away Quilting is a delightful scene of shining stars above a field of cozy log cabins.

This inviting quilt is the place to showcase your favorite fabric collection in a variety of colorways.

So gather your supplies and get ready to stitch this charming quilt top today.

Straightaway by Modern Quilt Studio for Benartex - FREE

from Benartex

I really should be calling this a faux Log Cabin, as its Log Cabin blocks are constructed as a strata of strips, then cut in half on the diagonal. No adding patches around a center square.

Then repeated and filled in with several smaller stripped fillers.

With all the sewing of the strata's you'll want to nail your 1/4" seam allowance.

Take a Sewing Test before starting to fine-tune your 1/4".

Measure as you add the strips. It's easier to re-sew or rip-out if it's only a single strip, instead of a bunch of them.

And for your efforts?

The result is a modern log cabin quilt that looks much like a couple of half Log Cabin blocks.

Tigerlily by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman - FREE

from Robert Kaufman

An uneven Log Cabin made of four mega-blocks. 

The greenish strips in the corners and scattered across the wider orange center strips are cut 1" wide. Finishing as 1/2" wide.

Measure your blocks after sewing every four seams to check for accuracy.

The unique color palette used in this square quilt design really grabs your eye, doesn't it?

Starching your quilt fabric before cutting makes it easier to cut and piece.

Upwards by Paigie Puddles


Upwards takes the beloved Log Cabin motif and gives it a fresh, modern spin. Now it's your turn to join the many quilters who are elevating their craft with "Upwards."

The pattern invites you to blaze your own trail. Love the drama of high contrast? Go for it! Prefer a soft, soothing palette? That works too!

This pattern is a canvas for your creativity. Just remember to keep your background fabric light to make your colors pop.

Zen Cabin by Zen Chic

Jelly Roll Friendly button


Zen Cabin by Zen Chic is a modern quilt pattern that is perfect for a beginner. This log cabin quilt pattern features larger-than-life blocks with an intriguing optical illusion.

Grab a handy jelly roll and spend a weekend piecing this beautiful project together.

Log Cabin quilt blocks to make

Here are several Log Cabin blocks that include an easy tutorial with a pattern for you to try. Some are paper pieced—the PDF pattern is free to download—the rest use your everyday rotary ruler and cutter.

No templates or specialty rulers so there's nothing to buy, but some lovely new quilt fabric, or cut into that special something you've been saving.

Our favorite Log Cabin books to learn from

The first Log Cabin quilt I ever made was a two-fabric wonder back in 1993. At that time, I didn't know that 'quilt stores' were even a thing. A rotary cutter and mat were brand new to me, and quite frankly, confusing. 

Seriously. How did using these tools mean the fabric is cut perfectly on grain. I mean, that's the point, isn't it. <whacks self in head yet again!>

So, I did what any confused novice quilter would do and ripped my strips on the grain line.

But Eleanor Burns got me through that first Log Cabin quilt. Her book is now in its 6th Edition since she first self-published it back in 1978.

Even today. If you're a beginning quilter, it's still where I recommend you start. Straightforward, to-the-point instructions with no gimmicks. No tricks. Just good basic quilting technique. 

Bravo, Eleanor!

Once you have a couple of quilts under your belt, then get ye to a Judy Martin Log Cabin book!

Deliberate. Thoughtful. A stickler for details. Judy will really put you through your quilting paces as you stitch up her incredible Log Cabin quilt designs. 

Well worth the effort to follow along and do exactly as she instructs. You'll be a better quilter for it.

Now for an artful twist on Log Cabin quilt patterns. Take the basic technique —adding a strip at a time clockwise around a center square—and merges it with interpreting artful images.

Katie Pasquini Masopust (I just love how her name rolls off the tongue) leads you along on this improv quilting technique.

She turns the classic block on its ear and pushes every single design button...just to see what happens. If you're an art quilter who loves Log Cabin quilts, this one's for you!

More about Log Cabin quilt patterns...

If you love Log Cabin quilts, there's lots more about this most loved of quilt designs here on the website. Use the links below to find new favorites.

After all that you've seen, I ask, "What's not to love about a Log Cabin quilt pattern?"

After all that you've seen, I ask, "What's not to love about a Log Cabin quilt?"

Its versatility and endless possibilities make it an ideal choice for the beginner quilter or the experienced alike. No matter what your skill level. 

A Log Cabin quilt is definitely worth trying—it's fun, creative, and so rewarding to see your finished product! And with this classic pattern, you can create something truly unique that will last a lifetime.

So don't wait—start stitching your own Log Cabin quilt today and bring a wee bit of cozy comfort into your home.

Happy Quilting!

The finished yellow Log Cabin quilt topThe top is finished—don't forget to share at your local quilt shop. They love to see what you're up to!

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