The New Fall Quilt Fabric Lines aren't just pretty...
...They're un-be-LEAF-able!

Once the weather turns cooler, we quilters are all itching for a new quilt project!

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Fall is my favorite season.

I know it’s cliché, but don't you just love it when the trees break out their dazzling finery?

To celebrate the golden, fiery trees, I enjoy slipping into a comfy, chunky cardigan, pulling on my favorite slippers, and savoring the earthy goodness of a cup of steaming hot cider.

All in anticipation of a fine time stitching as the quilt studio beckons with its siren call.

Fall also means that new quilt fabric collections are arriving.

As in previous years, the new lines don't fail to impress.

Sew, rev up your sewing machine.

These new Fall prints and colors await your approval.

To make it easier to find the perfect Fall quilt fabric

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The collections are alphabetical by manufacturer and then the name of the line to make fabrics easier to find.

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The newest fall quilt fabric for 2023 started shipping in March. And there are still plenty of favorites from last season below.

What will you make with them?

(Need a push? You can check out our Fall quilt patterns here.)

3 Wishes

The Pick of the Patch by Beth Albert - NEW 2023

Pick of the Patch is a heartfelt tribute to the cherished memories of gathering with friends and family at the pumpkin patch. Each print tells a unique story, full of comforting warmth and love.

The prints feature plump pumpkins, falling leaves, and the old iconic jalopy Ford Model 50 truck, inspired by those joyous autumn days spent together exploring the pumpkin patch.

Remember and treasure all the moments that bring us together with The Pick of the Patch.

Happy Harvest by Courtney Morgenstern

Each print looks as if it was painted with a water color brush, creating a beautiful and unique fabric collection that captures the essence of fall.

With colors unconventional, it stands apart from other fall collections. It includes prints of pumpkin patches, vintage trucks, daisies, and other autumn florals. All the prints are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely add an artistic touch of beauty to any quilt.


For more tempting fabrics from Andover, click here.

Practical Magic by Laundry Basket Quilts

What's more fitting than a sprinkling of crisp leaves, tiny blooms and lush vines to usher in Fall?

Laundry Basket Quilts has put together their Practical Magic collection full of all things that'll put you in an Autumn-state of mind. With its straight grain plaids and deep, luscious colors, this fabric line will have something perfect just waiting at your fingertips.

Use the link, or wave your magic wand, and you'll have this in your stash before you can say Abracadabra!

Art Gallery Fabrics

Pumpkin Spice Elements by AGF Studio (9/23)

The aroma of pumpkin pie baking on a crisp autumn day. 🥧 Shades of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger swirl together in this palette of spiced hues.

Warm espresso diamonds next to steamed milk chevrons. Clove colored arrows dance with allspice polka dots. The perfect companion to cozy sweaters and afghans, these fabrics are like your favorite latte captured in cotton. 

Fall Elements by AGF Studio (9/23)

Capture the spirit of the changing seasons with these versatile basics that invite creativity. Simple concept prints to inspire; rich solids for depth and texture.

Gather this bouquet of autumnal cottons and let your imagination wander through the colors of the harvest.

Blank Quilting

Harvest Classics by Anna Bailey - NEW 2023

The Harvest Classics collection truly speaks to the heart of every quilter who cherishes Fall, providing a cornucopia of possibilities to showcase your love for the season's most iconic elements. You'll find yourself lost in a world of swirling leaves, bountiful harvests, and festive gatherings as you explore each captivating design.

Why not indulge your senses and add this gorgeous collection to your ever-growing fabric stash?

With Harvest Classics, you'll be reaping the rewards of your creative endeavors, fashioning quilts that radiate the warmth and wonder of the season.

Henry Glass

There's more to see from Henry Glass. Check them all out here.

Gratitude & Grace by Kim Diehl

Kim Diehl, the Queen of Simple Whatnots, is back with another incredible collection for Henry Glass

It's a treasure trove for any quilter looking to add some excitement and flair into their next scrappy quilt, filled with florals and vine geometric prints in shades from cream through teal.

Harvest Hill by Kim Diehl

Inspired by the colors of Autumn and with her own personal style, Kim Diehl has created a fabric collection that is both timeless and unique.

The hues of red, orange, and yellow are complimented by warm neutrals to give your home that cozy feeling we all love about Fall.

No matter your style, Harvest Hill is sure to please.

Hello Fall by Hannah West

Fall is the best time for a little quilting.

With this group of beautiful autumnal fabric, you can create your very own patchwork masterpiece that will be full of color and texture!

Hoffman Fabrics

Fall for Autumn by Hoffman Fabrics

Come Fall for Autumn by Hoffman Fabrics and add some metallic dazzle to your autumnal quilt projects. This collection of traditional autumn fabrics is decorated with bright sunflowers, maple leaves, and other foliage.

The warm hues and twinkle will add welcome warmth to those chilly fall days.

Autumn Is In the Air

The crisp scent of fall is here, and you can feel it. Yes, Autumn is in the Air!

The leaves on these trees are gorgeous shades that we won’t see again until next year! Just take one step into this forest to find out where all our favorite colors meet: browns, greens (even blue), honey...

Includes gold metallic embellishments.

In the Beginning Fabrics

Reflections of Autumn by Jason Yenter

You'll be 'falling in love again' when you make quilts from the In the Beginning fabric collection, Reflections of Autumn.

The colors are just like those leaves that you love to crunch underfoot on a chilly autumn day. And the patterns? They'll have you dreaming of warm fires and cozy nights spent inside.

Lewis & Irene Fabrics

Evergreen by Lewis & Irene

Those frisky little squirrels are scampering through this pretty fall-themed Lewis & Irene fabric collection called Evergreen. The colors are earthy and subtle to lend a calm feeling to your new quilt. There are lovely florals, mushrooms, and leaves in addition to the critters, all nestled among the greenery. This would be a beautiful choice for a quilt to celebrate the changing seasons.

Nestle under it with a cup of hot cider and enjoy the colors of the falling leaves!


Snuggle Season by Lewis & Irene Fabrics

As the days get shorter, the nights get colder and the leaves start to fall, we know that snuggle season is upon us.

This collection from Lewis & Irene will help you add a little bit of warmth and coziness to your home. Full of falling leaves with acorns and mushrooms strewn about (and even a passing Gnome), Snuggle Season is sure to put a hug in your heart.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up under a quilt made with this fabric and relish the cuddle time the season has to offer.

Marcus Fabrics (formerly Marcus Brothers Textiles)

Marcus Fabrics makes quilting fun with their fabrics. See them here.

Maywood Studios

Autumn Harvest Flannel by Bonnie Sullivan - NEW 2023 FLANNEL

Unleash the infinite creative possibilities with the Autumn Harvest Flannel collection, and weave timeless tales of family love, warmth, and cherished memories, destined to be passed down as treasured heirlooms for generations to come. With each stitch, let nostalgia sweep you away into the comforting embrace of home, where heartwarming quilts bring families together in moments of joy and solace.

Fall Kimberbell Basics by Kimbell

Without a focus fabric, you might look at this and pass, but... personal experience using her Basics lines (Spring, Summer and Winter), it that they blend quite well with fabric lines from other designers.

Woolies Flannel by Bonnie Sullivan

Beautiful, deeply saturated hues, the epitome of fall colors, and in flannel, too. The ultimate in warmth.


Tickle your imagination with all these other tempting textiles from Moda.

Fluttering Leaves by Kansas Troubles Quilters - NEW 2023

Behold the changing leaves as Autumn paints her masterpiece.

Fluttering Leaves by Kansas Troubles immerses you in the season's tapestry, with fabrics rich in tradition and depth. Feel the coolness in mossy greens, the warmth of pumpkin oranges, tang of bittersweet reds. Stitch diamond trellises, flowing borders, and rustic wreaths with this stunning ode to Fall.

As the last leaves descend in a chromatic blaze, these patterns and hues summon Autumn's nostalgia to your quilting. 🍁🍂

Forest Frolic by Robin Pickens - NEW 2023

Imagine weaving a beautiful quilt blossoming with vibrant shades of deep oranges, rich reds, and blissful berry tones, capturing the essence of a woodland walk during the crisp autumn months. Forest Frolic invites you to rejoice in the kaleidoscope of colors as fresh as the season itself, while awakening your senses to the melodious symphony of rustling leaves and flourishing florals.

Forest Frolic is a heartfelt tapestry, where nature is your happy place.

Harvest Moon by Fig Tree Quilts - NEW 2023

Fallalujah, quilt fabric enthusiasts!

You autumn-know it's time to welcome Fig Tree Quilts' latest marvel: Harvest Moon. Nestle into a beautiful world of imagination where every quilter can find comfort in their cozy creations.

Don't leaf any quilter behind! Embrace the colors and stories found in Harvest Moon and watch your world transform into a fabric-inspired utopia. Happy quilting, and remember to savor every splendid stitch!

Below are patterns and kits that feature these fabrics:

Harvest Wishes by Deb Strain - NEW 2023

Celebrate the vibrant splendor of Fall with Moda's Harvest Wishes. A true labor of love from designer Deb Strain, this stunning collection features a cornucopia of fabrics in rich and inviting colors—from plush pumpkins to seasonal plaids and exquisite florals.

Every element is an inspired work-of-art that will transport your living space into an enchanting Autumn landscape filled with warmth and beauty. Enjoy every cozy moment as you experience life through these divine fabrics.

Rustic Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings - NEW 2023

The warm and inviting color palette of Rustic Gatherings weaves together a symphony of gold, orange, brown, black, gray, and cream tones. Each hue creates a rich harmony that perfectly complements the other, embodying the very fabric of our quilting roots. Get lost in the labyrinth of intricate designs and patterns etched on these precious textiles - an ode to the craftsmanship of our quilting ancestors.

Rustic Gatherings boasts a versatile array of shirtings on a cream background, tone-on-tones, stripes, and exquisite tiny geometric intricacies. The sophisticated combination of traditional, geometric, and floral designs creates an unparalleled visual delight for quilters.

Sew the seeds of inspiration and stitch your way into the hearts of your people.

Late October by Sweetwater

Looking for fabrics that don't scream Halloween?

If a subtle, muted palette is more your cup of tea, then Late October by Sweetwater should tickle your fancy.

This collection features classic patterns like dots, paisleys, plaids, and geometrics, with a Halloween twist.

Ideal if you're not quite sure yet if you'll be making a Halloween quilt or an Autumn Quilt this year.

Autumn Gatherings Flannels by Primitive Gatherings

"If a year was tucked inside a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour..."~Victoria Erickson

...and flannel, the magic fabric. There's something about its crispness that makes us believe anything is possible. Maybe it's because flannel reminds us of cozy fireside chats, or perhaps it's because it's the perfect weight for layering as the weather gets cooler.

Whatever the reason, there's no denying that flannel brings a touch of magic to the season.

Cozy Up by Corey Yoder


Cozy Up by Corey Yoder for Moda has brought us a new way to enjoy our favorite hobby. These beautiful designs are so serene that they will instantly relax your mind and spirit. 

Give yourself some time to unwind with these fantastic florals and small prints. You'll love quilting with this collection.

We're so lucky to have this much inspiration to draw on, check out these patterns from Corey Yoder.

Maple Hill by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Discover a world of florals, foliage, and vines to enliven any project. The traditional assortment of Maple Hill welcomes quilters and beginners alike with lively colors and design.

Warm up with the enchanting collection of quilting delights.

Pumpkins & Blossoms by Fig Tree Quilts


The Pumpkins & Blossoms fabric collection by Fig Tree Quilts is made up of beautiful autumn flowers and soft hues of orange, green, cream, and taupe with a few dark prints to balance it all out.

This gorgeous cotton quilting weight fabric is elegant, beautiful and ready to make your masterpiece come to life!

Fig Tree has done it again!

For inspiration, consider these patterns and kits:


For more fabric from Northcott (including Banyan Batiks, Figo and Patrick Lose) click here.

Stonehenge Autumn Splendor by Linda Ludovico

Revel in the crisp air and fiery foliage of autumn with Stonehenge Autumn Splendor.

Coppery maples and amber aspens mimic nature's paintbrush stroking canvas blue skies. Bronze oak leaves drift amongst evergreen pines and spruce cones.

Digitally printed branches and photo-real panels capture autumn's tapestry in all its vibrant glory. Pair rich hennas with forest greens, cobalt blues, and fading greens. Cut and piece this stunning selection to create quilts glowing with seasonal warmth. As the last leaves fall, stitch the colors of autumn into textile treasure.

Woodland Adventures by Deborah Edwards - NEW 2023

The Woodland Adventures collection is a heartfelt ode not only to our beloved woodland creatures, but also a testament to the enduring love of quilting.

Stitch a quilt that whispers tales of curiosity and wonder from the depths of the forest, and ignites a world of captivating comfort in every stitch.

Autumn in the Air by Patrick Lose

The seasons may change, but the fabrics of Patrick Lose are timeless. The deep, cool colors of autumn have never looked so good. With a mix of sunflowers, crunchy maple leaves, and rich plaids, this collection is perfect for making a quilt that your family will love.

Cozy up by the fire with a pumpkin-spice-something and enjoy the changing of the seasons with this beautiful fabric collection.

Awesome Autumn by Sandy Gervais

When October comes, and the leaves start to turn, that's when you know it's time to break out the Awesome Autumn fabric collection by Sandy Gervais. With its enchanting array of colors and patterns, this fabric will help you stitch a stunning autumn-themed quilt. The rich hues of the leaves, pumpkins, and acorns are offset by the plaids, diamonds, and ditsy prints, creating a visually arresting fabric that is perfect for your next quilt project.

So curl up with a cup of hot cider and start sewing! Your quilt will be the talk of the harvest festival when it's finished.

Fall Barn Quilts by Tara Reed

Welcome to the wonderful world of Barn Quilts!

This collection draws it inspiration from the beautifully painted, wooden barn quilts that adorn barns across the countryside. The prints in this collection are full of the colors of fall—warm oranges, reds, and yellows complimented with cool greens and blues.

So gather your supplies, cozy up with a cup of coffee or tea or maybe even a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy stitching with this stunning collection.

Fall's in Town by Sandy Gervais - NEW 2023

Swirling leaves in crimson, amber and gold dance across our treasured cotton as the harvest season arrives. 🎃 Plump pumpkins ripen amidst the last blooms of autumn flowers. 🌼 Piece together maple leaves, acorns 🍁 and pine cones into cozy quilts, perfect for snuggling on crisp evenings. 🧣 With vibrant hues and seasonal motifs, Fall's in Town brings the best of autumn home.

Sniff the cider, 🍎 feel the brisk chill, 🧥 and revel in autumn's bounty with this fabric that celebrates the turn of the season. 🍁🍂🎃

Maple by Gabrielle Neil Design

If you love autumn, then you'll love Maple by Gabrielle Neil Design for Riley Blake Designs. This collection of fabrics features gorgeous prints of leaves, pie, pumpkins and flowers against a backdrop of coral and maroon. The geometric patterns on some of the fabrics are reminiscent of fashion apparel, adding a touch of luxury to your quilt project. Fall into the spirit of the season with this fabric collection!

Adel in Autumn by Sandy Gervais

Fall is my favorite season! The cool air, the changing leaves, and best of all…the pumpkin-spice lattes.

The prints are inspired by the colors and textures of Fall, with design elements of all the things you enjoy during the season0.

Shades of Autumn by My Mind's Eye - NEW 2023

Shades of Autumn evokes the magic of Fall's transformation. 🍂

Leaves of amber, garnet and gold flutter across mottled blue skies. 🎃 Plump orange pumpkins ripen as the harvest nears. Metallic accents glimmer like sunshine ☀️ through changing foliage. Stitch pumpkins, leaves and scenic views into quilts that feel like crisp walks in the countryside. 🚶‍♀️ With its rich autumnal tones and glistening details, Shades of Autumn brings the rustic beauty of the season home.

Snuggle up in autumn's glow 🍁 with fabric as heartwarming as fresh apple cider. 🍎

Robert Kaufman

See the other fabrics Robert Kaufman has to tempt you with.

Autumn Fields by Studio RK - NEW 2023

The Autumn Fields fabric collection by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman, a heartwarming ode to the magical splendor of fall. These Fall and Autumn foliage fabrics will kindle your love for quilting as the leaves change and the air turns crisp, beckoning you to embark on a delightful creative journey.

Wander through its golden forest, where plump pumpkins nestle amidst a vibrant tapestry of flourishing foliage in a rich palette of classic fall hues.

Cozy up with a warm cup of apple cider and let your creativity flourish with the heartwarming Autumn Fields.

Check out these complimentary pattern downloads from Robert Kaufman:

Autumn Hues Palette

This Kona Solids collections  contains the colors of falling leaves.

A perfect complement to your Autumnal quilt projects.

Shades of the Season by Studio RK

Studio RK's Shades of the Season collection is an ideal fabric line to help you get in the autumn spirit!

With beautiful sunflowers blooming across metallic prints, coordinating plaids printed on the diagonal (for yowza bindings), butterflies and maple leaves, this line has everything you need to create warm and cozy autumnal projects.

The rich colors in this line are undoubtedly what you'll want for your fall decorating needs.

Wilmington Prints

Essentials Falling Leaves - NEW 2023

These elegant blenders will blend harmoniously with your existing fabric stash, unlocking infinite creative possibilities for you as a passionate quilter.

Whether your goal is to create a striking centerpiece or a soul-touching masterpiece, this fabric line ensures that your final creation becomes a cherished family heirloom, wrapped in the warmth and comfort of countless memories.

Autumn Sun by Lola Molina

With its vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, Autumn Sun is sure to please any quilter looking for the perfect un-be-leaf-able fall fabric collection.

Bees and sunflowers abound in this stunning line, making it a must-have for any nature lover. Don't miss out on your chance to add this one-of-a-kind collection to your fabric stash. It's a-maizing.

Harvest Gold by Danhui Nai

Fall is in the air, and with it comes all the cozy feelings of autumn. There's something so special about the way the world seems to glow a warm orange and red in the cooler months.

You'll find all the usual suspects of the season—pumpkins, sunflowers and fall flowers, plaids, and leaves.

This fabric would be perfect for making a fall quilt or some cozy pillows for your couch. It would also make a beautiful tablecloth to celebrate the season.

Bring the warm glow of Autumn into your home with Harvest Gold.

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