Eye-catching Riley Blake Fabric:
By the Yard, Precuts and Fabric Kits

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Updated: 1-15-23

If you're a quilter, chances are you've got some Riley Blake fabric squirreled away in your stash.

Since their humble beginnings in 2009 when they introduced their first collection—a flannel line—Riley Blake has been a leader in fabric design and production.

If you're looking for a fresh take on your next quilt design, browse through the newest fabric collections from Riley Blake.

From the kitschy-vintage designs of Lori Holt to the watercolor artistry of J. Wecker Frisch to their licensed lines like Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Fisher-Price, there's a fabric collection for every style and taste.


Read on!

The inspiration will have those quilting ideas in your head going off like fireworks!

Seasonal Riley Blake Fabric

Riley Blake Designs really does it up for the holidays with all kinds of goodies to tempt you.

To avoid unnecessary distractions while browsing through the fabrics, seasonal prints and flannels have their own pages.

The buttons below take you directly to the spot where the Riley Blake fabric is.

While you're there, check out what the other manufacturers are tempting you with, too.

Find Fall fabric here
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New Riley Blake Fabric Collections

These are the collections that have shipped in the past year(ish). You'll find fabric by the yard and precuts. All the images are clickable and take you to various businesses that carry them. 

Just like at your local quilt shop, the longer a fabric is available the harder it is to find all the fabrics in the collections. You may need to visit several links to find all the fabrics you need for your patchwork piece de resistance.

As always, I share commercial and free patterns showing the fabric in an actual quilt to get the ideas flowing. 

Let's grab your favorite beverage, find a bit of quiet time and dream about all the quilts you want to make. 


Barbie Girl by Mattel (1/23)

Jump back in time and experience the iconic glamour of Barbie Girl from Mattel, now reincarnated with a modern twist.

This classic childhood favorite is sure to rock your world - it's all about making moves like no other doll ever has before.

So, don't be a basic Barbie, be a Riley Blake Barbie Girl and make some serious waves.

Bee Basics by Lori Holt

Lori definitely has a Bee in Her Bonnet, and aren't we lucky quilters that she does!!!

In all the vivacious colors we've come to expect from her.

Basic, yes. But infinitely usable in all your favorite projects.

There are plenty of prints in this rainbow-themed fabric assortment. Stitched hearts, scissors, needles & thread, shirting-like but colorful prints and irresistible gingham.

Bee Ginghams by Lori Holt (10/22)

It's all check, all the time, with Bee Ginghams.

This vintage-inspired gingham fabric is chock-full of checks in a variety of sizes. The colors are classic and will coordinate with anything in your quilt stash. Add this fabric to your collection and see what delightful creations you can make!

Wouldn't these make wonderful bindings, even if you didn't have a plan for them just now?

108" wide Bee Ginghams in Coral, Sea Glass, Cayenne, and Pebble are available, terrific for backings.

Bee Plaids (3/22)

What a delightful collection of fabric! With a wide variety of colorful plaids, gingham, and floral designs, you can create charming quilts with ease. It doesn't matter if you're new to quilting or a seasoned professional, Bee Plaids has something for everyone.

Add a touch of Lori Holt's magic to your next quilting project with Bee Plaids!

Blissful Blooms by Lila Tueller

Wanna feel like you're in a never-ending garden party?

Well then, you need to get your hands on Blissful Blooms by Lila Tueller. With its playful palette of navy, purple, pink, eggplant, and fuchsia, this fabric line is perfect for bringing some life to your quilting projects.

And the coordinating prints of vines, blossoms, damask, and more florals are sure to give your quilts that extra wow factor.

Go ahead, start quilting – life's too short to not live it in full bloom!

Blossom 2022 by Christopher Thompson

With all the colors of a petal-covered rainbow, Blossom is a go-to basic that you'll use again and again.

Add a little texture to your stash or to your next patchwork project.

Blossom is also available in many colors as a 108" wide backing fabric.

Blue Jean by Christopher Thompson

As comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, Blue Jean from Christopher Thompson is a perfect fit for your quilting needs. This versatile collection offers a variety of denim-inspired prints in classic hues—from brilliant whites to the darkest indigo.

So grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and start stitching up a storm with this must-have quilt fabric collection!

Bumble and Bear by Sandy Gervais (11/22)

The fun quotient is high when you decide to make your next quilt with the Bumble and Bear Collection by Sandy Gervais.

This nostalgia-filled collection features buzzing bees, honeycomb, radiant rainbows and tone-on-tone prints in mint, yellow, orange and brown hues.

With Bumble and Bear, it's all smiles!

Below are patterns that use this collection:

Buttercup Blooms by Gerri Robinson

This collection by Gerri Robinson for Riley Blake is just the thing to get your creative juices flowing!

With beautiful traditional floral designs and fun, trendy color palettes, you'll be inspired to start some new projects for Spring.

Calico by Lori Holt (12/22)

Lori Holt's Calico fabric is the ultimate mix of design and delight.

With charming plaids, beautiful florals, and an array of colors that are sure to please any palette - this collection has it all.

Go ahead...indulge your creative side with Lori Holt's artful work!

CAT Junior Crew by Caterpillar for Riley Blake Designs

Think you can drive a CAT? Then, jump in with this fun construction crew for builders of all ages!

Smiling machines get to work on this bustling city scene by teeming across aqua, white, gray, orange, and yellow prints.

These prints are bursting with potential - just pair them with these corresponding Confetti Cottons Solids from Riley Blake Designs to create some fun projects!

Cat's Meow by Shawn Wallace

This new collection of fabric is just purrrfect for cat lovers! With its adorable prints of kitty heads, birdhouses, yarn balls, and paw prints, it's pawsitively impossible not to love. The furbulous pink, green, songbird, and white color palette is meow-nificent, and we just can't get enough of it!

So go ahead, savor the meow-ment and explore this pawsome new collection.

I guarantee you'll be feline fine in no time!

Coffee Chalk by J. Wecker Frisch


I love coffee,

I love tea, 

I love the Java Jive,

And it loves me.

Coffee and tea

And the Java and me

A cuppa, cuppa, cuppa cuppa cup…Ahhhhhh!

(I love me some Manhattan Transfer, too!)

This fabric collection is for all us coffee lovers by a favorite designer, J. Wecker Frisch, illustrator extraordinaire!

Coloring on the Farm by Crayola

Leave it to Crayola to design a wonderful children's fabric collection with all the colors of the rainbow.

With this vibrant fabric, you can create endless projects with a farm-inspired flair. Whether you're stitching up a pillow for your child's room or making a quilt to keep them cozy, these fabrics are sure to inspire your inner artist.

Confetti Cottons - Solid Fabric by Riley Blake

Confetti Cottons solid fabrics by Riley Blake DesignsConfetti Cottons

A quintessential array of hues from tints to shades to fully saturated colors.

The Confetti Cotton collection is made up of more than 250 colors printed on soft 100% cotton, designed specifically to go with all the Riley Blake fabric collections.

Whether you're a maker of modern quilts, or a more traditional quilter who needs the perfect match, you'll find it in Confetti Cottons.

Cook Book by Lori Holt (12/21)

Cook Book offers a variety of vibrant and colorful designs perfect for quilting and as home decor fabric.

With bright colors and intricate illustrations, these designs feature a kitchen backsplash pattern, ingredients for homecooked food, floral arrangements for the dinner table and plants on the window sills.

Community by Citrus & Mint 

A true sense of community can be felt in this fabric collection.

Kids biking, dogs walking and yoga in the park; rows of houses with their owners living peacefully next door to each other while watching over children playing outside on grassy lawns or staying up late talking about what has happened that day at school together as they prepare dinner.

It's like a book where you get invited into someone else’s life! 

Cooper by Bella Blvd for Riley Blake 

Cooper and his friends are waiting for you to design a custom project with the Bella Blvd's Cooper collection, the 'ultimutt' fabric line for dog lovers.

The aqua, green, red, blue and black prints are pawsitively adorkable with their dog bones, paw prints, doggey word clouds and oodles of Cooper's friends to keep you company.

Your next quilt is sure to be a howling success with Cooper.

Dainty Daisy by Beverly McCullough

She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me! The Dainty Daisy Collection by Beverly McCullough for Riley Blake Designs is sure to inspire lots of love with its pretty floral prints on solid canvases. Use these dainty fabrics in place of Confetti Cottons Solids from Riley Blake for some flowery themes in your next quilt or sewing project. Let your creativity bloom with Dainty Daisy!

What looks like white spots in the image are actually Daisy blooms in a scattering of speckles. Ideal for when a solid just won't quite do.

Daisy Fields by Beverly McCullough

Bring the swarm weather outside inside with Daisy Fields by Beverly McCullough. Delicate dots, handwritten script and buzzing bees in fresh, spring colors will have you stitching up something sweet in no time.

You won't be planting these daisies in your quilts if you haven't botany for your stash. ;)

Dapple Dot by RBD Designers

Dapple Dot by Riley Blake Designs is a must-have fabric line for any serious quilter.

With bright little sprinkles of spots against a rainbow of colors, this basic fabric collection is perfect for adding a touch of personality to any quilt.

Regard of if you're a beginning quilter or experienced, Dapple Dot is a fabric you'll reach for over and over again.

Daybreak by Fran Gulick

This fabric collection by Fran Gulick is ah-mazing! The prints are bursting with life, and the colors are just perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to your Spring projects.

With playful florals, artistic stripes and charming bees, this fabric collection is sure to inspire your creativity!

Easter Parade by Lindsay Wilkes for Riley Blake Designs

Lindsay Wilkes' Easter Parade Collection is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary patterns for all your quilting needs.

Cute bunnies, chicks, and puppies will be no problem to find alongside some beautiful confetti, dot and classic checks. With flowers popping up on these prints you'll have an instant Spring garden inside of your home too! ;)

Emma by Citrus & Mint

If you close your eyes and let your mind wander, you can almost smell the sweet fragrance of flowers in the air. You can see the delicate swallows soaring through the sky and feel the soft fabric of the quilt as you wrap yourself in its warmth. This is Emma, a beautiful floral fabric collection inspired by Jane Austen's classic novel.

The colors are soft and dreamy, like a summer day spent lost in a good book. The prints are ditsy and feminine, with a touch of whimsy. There is something for everyone in this collection, from the die-hard Austen fan to the casual quilter. Whether you're looking for a pretty print to add to your stash or a unique fabric to make a one-of-a-kind quilt, Emma has something for you.

Enchanted Meadow by Beverly McCullough

Prepare for Spring with Riley Blake Design! Enchanted Meadow is the ultimate fabric collection of fanciful creatures, flowers, mushroom caps, and stripes.

With a palette suited to projects you are itching to get your hands on, this design is sure to rev up your creativity. The variety in this collection will keep you inspired all season long.

Go sew, surround yourself in the enchantment of this whimsical world today!

Fable by Jill Finley

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful floral fabric collection called Fable by Jill Finley. Full of fanciful forest creatures, vibrant villages, and geometric tiles in sage, pink, white, and gray.

Add a touch of romance to your next quilt with Fable.

Fisher-Price by Riley Blake

The memories of your youth are forever preserved in the Fisher-Price by Riley Blake Designs.

With this nostalgic collection, you have fun reminiscing about your own childhood as you stitch up something for a new generation.

Fisher-Price's Let's Play Fisher Price

Come explore Fisher-Price's newest fabric collection, Let's Play. 

With vibrant colors and playful designs, this collection can't help but put a smile on your face. 

Need a quilt for a new baby? Or the perfect finishing touch to a kid's room? 

These fabrics are sure to inspire your creativity. So grab your sewing machine and bring your creation to life.

Flea Market by Lori Holt (12/20)

As a vintage devotee and the artist has created these prints in that style for you! These Flea Market prints will fit right into your home with their plucky colors of blue, green, grey, pink, teal  and yellow. 

It's like walking down memory lane while still feeling fresh because the design inspiration comes from current trends such fru-fru patterns or beachy tones we see around us everyday

She feels like these prints fit right into place alongside her previous fabric  collections; provoking nostalgia while bringing imagination alive with every new look you put together using your own creativity and maybe some help from those flashy flowers.

The Fat Quarter Shop has put together a slew of kits to go with the Flea Market book (shown first below). The first four kits are FABRIC ONLY (top and binding). You will need to buy the book separately.

Fleur Noire by My Mind's Eye

Add a touch of elegance to your next quilt project with Fleur Noire by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs. This collection of black and white fabrics features versatile, stylish prints that will make any quilt look spectacular. Whether you're looking for a stunning plaid, stripe, floral or geometric print, Fleur Noire has you covered.

So add some sophistication to your next quilt project with Fleur Noire!

Floret by Gerri Robinson (11/22)

This tone-on-tone collection of background fabrics will add a fresh and contemporary dimension to your quilting projects.

With its delicate ditsy prints in a vibrant color palette, Floret by Gerri Robinson offers the perfect fabric backdrop for your next masterpiece. Whether you need a subtle contrast or an eye-catching pop of color, this versatile selection has something to pique any quilter's interest.

Flower Garden by Echo Park (4/22)

Gaze upon this stunning fabric collection and be transported to a world of beautiful blooms. Echo Park has created a floral masterpiece, with vibrant roses, daisies, and other florals against a soft color palette. Whether you're a gardening novice or veteran, you'll love these pretty fabrics. 

So go ahead. Lose yourself in this garden of delights!

For The Love of Nature by Teresa Kogut for Riley Blake Designs (1/22)

Let your love for nature inspire your next quilt project with these designs by Teresa Kogut.

With vibrant colors and playful animals, you'll be transported into a lively green forest with foxes, hares, stags, bees, flowers, and cottages.

So, breathe some life into a simple project or dive deep into a woodland wonderland. Either way, these fabrics have you covered.

Forgotten Memories by Minki Kim (10/22)

Add a touch of nostalgia to your quilting with this lovely fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs. Featuring delicate florals and simple sketches, this collection is perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to your projects.

The soft colors and beautiful prints are sure to inspire you to create beautiful quilts that will be loved for years to come.

Gingham Fields by My Mind's Eye (1/23)

If you've ever wanted to make a green quilt, My Mind's Eye is dropping all kinds of tints with their new line, Gingham Fields. ;)

It's the perfect collection to bring your next quilting project to life, with unrestrained florals, classic plaids, and timeless dots. Take a dive into the lush greens of forest, sage, lodgepole, and pistachio—these shades are guaranteed to make any quilt stand out.

Don't be afraid to show your true colors. Embrace the bold greens of Gingham Fields by My Mind's Eye and create a quilt that's sure to make everyone green with envy.

Gingham Foundry by My Mind’s Eye 

Gingham Foundry by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake has all the classic fabric prints you need this season. With silver and gold notes infused through their creations, they're sure to please any fan of cozy sweaters or country style houses alike.

Coordinating Confetti Solids, also from Riley Blake, include RileyNavy, Honey, LeCreme, Pinacolada, BleachedDenim, RileyWhite

Glamp Camp by My Mind's Eye

Glamp Camp by My Mind's Eye is a decidedly feminine approach to a camping-themed fabric collection.

Get back to nature in a sophisticated way.

All-over wood grains, straight of grain soft plaids, itty-bitty dots and flowers, text and adorable glampers, of course!

All on a fresh color palette.

So grab your tent and some hot chocolate, it's time to go glamping!

Golden Poppies by Shealeen Louise

Flutter by, quilters!

Golden Poppies is a vibrant line that celebrates the beautiful wildflower that grows in meadows, prairies, and even the home gardens of Golden State.

The main and coordinating prints are brimming with butterflies, poppies, and quail, as well as a lovely tonal floral. The color palette of blue, white, charcoal, turquoise, and orange is as bright and happy as the flowers themselves.

Flutter on over and take a gander! You'll be California Dreamin' in no time.

Harmony by Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee's latest fabric collection is perfect for all of your spring and summer projects. Whether you're making a table runner, wall art, or quilt, this line has the perfect colors and playful prints to mix and match with.

With something for everyone, these fabrics will be a hit at your next bee night!

Hibiscus by Simple Simon & Company

Hibiscus by Simple Simon & Company is enchanting and fun! With whimsical designs like confetti, dots, and stripes, this series has something for everyone.

Alpacas are the star of the show in this collection, and with beautiful fabrics like hibiscus and tropical leaves, you'll love the look of these prints.

Whether you're looking for playful fabrics for a child's room or something stylish for your own home, Hibiscus is sure to please.

Honey Bee by My Mind's Eye

The fabric collection of Honey Bee by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs is a breathtaking tribute to the hardworking honey bee.

The black and gold flowers, hives, and honeycombs pop off the fabric in a way that is sure to inspire your creative side. Whether you are looking for a project piece for Spring or simply want to appreciate the beauty of these creatures, this fabric collection is sure to please!

Time to get buzzy with your next quilt project.

Hope in Bloom by Katherine Lenius

Love conquers fear, especially when stitched up into a quilt.

This cherubic fabric collection of delicate butterflies and flora, all in the soothing colors of pink, white, and cream, is filled with the optimistic messages of strength, hope, courage, and faith.

The letters in pink, white, and cream fabrics beckon the reader into a textured world where plaids meeting cursive text. 

Hot Wheels Classic by Riley Blake Designs

Get ready to race with this collection of Hot Wheels fabric! With vibrant colors and a fun retro design, this fabric is perfect for quilters who love a good adrenaline rush.

Whether you're a fan of classic muscle cars or modern racing machines, you'll find the perfect fabric in this collection.

Rev your engines. It's time to put your pedal to the metal and sew!

For another motor-themed fabric, check out Windham's American Muscle.

Imagine by Kristy Lea

Add a giant portion of personality and a generous dash of VA-ZOOM with Kristy Lea's new fabric collection, Imagine. It's a fun-filled, fantasy-fueled frolic packed with plucky dragonflies and twinkling stars. The colors will knock your socks off—from the warm pinks of a summer sunset to the electric greens of a lightning bug. You'll be entranced by the stripes, polka dots, and geometric shapes that dance across this collection.

Let your imagination take flight and dive into Imagine!

Indigo Garden by Heather Peterson

Imagine the most beautiful place you've ever seen.

Now, imagine that this magical location was full of flowers and plants—overflowing  with them!

Imagine breathing in lush air as your eyes take it all in: vibrant colors everywhere; petals brushing against each other like dancers on stage waiting for their moment to shine.

Stunningly perfect moments captured within its borders making every day feel fresh and new.

Note from Julie~

Yep! This whole collection came home with me in a FQ bundle. It's just as bright an vibrant as could be. Can't wait to cut into it!

It's a Girl by Echo Park (12/22)

Celebrate the arrival of the new princess in style with Echo Park for Riley Blake Designs.

This super sweet collection is packed full of girly pinks, vibrant flowers, and lovable critters—everything you need to ensure your tiny treasure gets the royal welcome.

Below are free patterns to download that use this collection:

Jane Austen at Home by Jane Austen's House

If you love all things Jane Austen, then you will adore the new Jane Austen At Home fabric collection by Riley Blake Designs.

This opulent fabric collection features beautiful blooms in shades of blue, pink, and green, with rich textures and details that are sure to inspire your next quilting project.

Wanting to create a new heirloom quilt or simply to add a touch of Jane Austen's elegance to your home decor, this fabric collection is a must-have for any fan of the beloved author.

Jane Austen at Home: Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen's House

Jane Austen at Home<br>Sense & Sensibility fabric collection by Jane Austen's House for Riley BlakeJane Austen at Home
Sense & Sensibility
Jane Austen's House
Riley Blake

Capture the timeless romance of author Jane Austen with this reproduction fabric collection. Featuring beautiful floral prints and inspiring passages from her letters, this fabric collection will help you create your next masterpiece.

Add a touch of elegance from the Regency period to your next quilt.

Kindness, Always by EttaVee

Let your inner flower child shine with Riley Blake Designs' Kindness, Always collection!

With a vibrant mix of bold, watercolor-splashed leopard prints and beautiful florals in bright pinks, teal, navy blues and yellows—all designed by the amazing EttaVee—dive into this feel-good paradise to make a quilt that literally bursts with joy.

Show off those good vibes while you stuff your stash 'til it can't take any more Kindness (and lots of color)!

Below are 2 free patterns using this collection:

Little Things by RBD Designers

Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the baby will fall... right into a beautiful quilt made with Little Things by Riley Blake Designs!

This collection is perfect for making something sweet and snuggly for your little one. The pastel palette and cute animals are sure to soothe them (and you!) through all the ups and downs of life.

Add a bit of softness to your world with Little Things.

Little Women by Jill Howarth

What could be more charming than revisiting Louisa May Alcott's beloved classic, Little Women? In this collection, Jill Howarth brings you fabric designs inspired by the characters and scenes from the story. 

You can almost hear Marmee, Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, and Laurie singing and laughing as they go about their everyday lives in Orchard House. 

Precious florals and blooms, teapots, crinoline dresses, and a sweet neighborhood print all come together to bring the story to life on your fabric. Whether you're a longtime fan of the book or simply seeking something charming and timeless to add to your decor, you're sure to love these fabrics.

Malibu Barbie by Riley Blake

Dazzle your friends with these fabrics inspired by the one and only Barbie! 

With an explosion of rainbow accents, this collection is sure to stun. Featuring large hearts, fancy stripes, and a collage of all things 1971 Barbie, this mod style is perfect for any little girl who dreams of being a glamorous Barbie doll.

Midnight Garden by Gerri Robinson

Soft as a midnight breeze, Gerri Robinson's Midnight Garden collection for Riley Blake Designs features swirling lines and blooming florals in a muted color palette.

Just what you need to add a touch of romance to any quilt, these fabrics are sure to become a fast favorite.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood by The Fred Rogers Company

It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood! Put on a cardigan and change into sneakers while reading some classic Mister Rogers’ quotes to take the Trolley down memory lane.

Cable knit sweater stripes and snapshots from the icon children’s show in blue, gray, green, red, and yellow will warm you up from the inside out.

Misty Morning by Minki Kim

With vibrant colors and graceful designs, the Misty Morning fabric collection by Minki Kim for Riley Blake Designs adds a touch of elegance to your quilt designs.

Whether you're looking to create a beautiful quilt or other patchwork projects, these fabrics help you achieve a look that's truly stunning.

Nice Ice Baby by Deena Rutter

Snowy landscapes, glistening icicles, and frosty breath in the air--all signs that winter is here! Bundle up in your coziest sweaters and explore this enchanting collection of fabrics by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake Designs.

With whimsical designs of polar bears, narwhals, and penguins, you'll be excited to tackle all of your cold-weather piecing!

Isn't this pattern by Kelli Fannin that uses these prints just ADORBS!!!

On the Wind by Jill Finley

Take a journey with Jill Finley as she celebrates the simple toys and games that have brought joy to her family over the years.

With bright colors and playful designs, this fabric collection is perfect for kids of all ages. Whether you're making a kite, flying a plane, spinning a pinwheel or blowing on dandelion seeds, these fabrics are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Sew let the wind take you away and enjoy some playful fun with On the Wind!

Perennial 108" Wideback Yardage by Gerri Robinson for Riley Blake Designs

Gerri Robinson's Perennial 108" Wide Backing fabric collection is the finishing touch of enchantment to any quilting project.

The subtle floral designs in red, green, blue, navy, black, white, and cream are versatile and beautiful, and will match the color scheme of many of your quilt tops.

All this and a seamless back, too!

Prairie by Lori Holt (7/22)

Lori Holt does it again! This time with a delightful collection inspired by the simple life of the prairie.

Gorgeous prints in a calming color palette will have you longing for simpler times. Traditional florals, old covered wagons, big bonnets, gingham, and embroidered text are just some of the elements that make this line so special.

Add a touch of homespun charm to your next project with Prairie!

Prim by Lori Holt (11/21)

It's like a scene from an idyllic novel, with its quaint colors and sweet prints that make us think back to simpler times when life was simply more domesticated but still full of love for each other in spite all odds—I mean who doesn't love lace curtains?

You can't go wrong with a little prim and proper.

Prim by Lori Holt features pleasant prints in vibrant colors that make us all want to be a bit more orderly, clean-cut--and definitely more "proper."

Primrose Hill by Melanie Collette

For springtime creations that are full of life and color, Primrose Hill by Melanie Collette for Riley Blake Designs is the perfect backdrop.

The Damask patterning makes these blooms stand out beautifully against the natural colors of green leaves in meadows or seedlings on trellis patterns that will provide plenty to work with when stitching up your vernal creations.

Fresh. Sweet. Ambrosia for the soul.

Quilt Fair by Tasha Noel

Come one, come all! Step right up to the Quilt Fair by Tasha Noel and enter to win a ribbon! 

With designs inspired by carnival tents, Ferris wheels, cotton candy, and strawberries, this fabric collection is sure to add some pizzazz to your next project.

Featuring floral patterns in navy, yellow, pink, aqua, blue, red, and green on a range of fun and festive colors, this collection is perfect for any creative quilter.

Red Hot by Riley Blake Designs

Careful! Don't get burnt! These fabrics are on fire!

Promising both fiery florals and tight geometrics, this collection is sure to be the centerpiece of your next patchwork design.

Flowing lines pair perfectly with angular prints making it great for a Valentine's Day quilt you have in mind or other projects that could use some spice!

So what are you waiting for? Add some heat to your quilting projects with Red Hot!

Lori Holt Red Sampler

If you're looking to increase your red stash, this one is a yummy possibility.

It includes 20 red fabrics from her earlier collections, including: Bee Basics, Farm Girl Vintage, Flea Market, Prim, Stitch and Vintage Happy 2.

Reflections by Lauren Brewer for Riley Blake Designs

Reflections by Lauren Brewer is a storybook collection that captures the whimsical, refreshing feel of summer. The crisp lines and minimalist illustrations beautifully depict flowers, plants, fruit, and foliage. 

As we welcome in spring with open arms let these designs light up your creativity!

Saturday in Paris by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake Designs

Revisit Paris any day of the week with this fabric collection by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake Designs.

With vibrant colors and charming French flair, this line will let you pretend you're on a leisurely stroll through the City of Lights.

Whether you're looking for a new quilt to cozy up under or some spirited project to brighten up your decor, these fabrics are sure to delight!

Seasonal Basics by Christopher Thompson

When a solid just won't quite do, there's always a Riley Blake basics print to turn to! This versatile collection of itty bitty prints comes in every color under the sun, with bats, blossoms, bunnies, hearts, moons, pumpkins, stars, and teeny pine trees.

They're perfect for piecing together the background of a quilt, adding a touch of whimsy to sashing or binding, or even using as filler in applique projects.

Whatever the season, these precious prints are an essential for any quilter's stash.

Sew Blue FQ Bundle by Curated from Daisy Fields and Sew Much Fun Collections

A sewing ephemera FQ bundle that merges prints from the Daisy Fields and the Sew Much Fun collections that shipped at the end of summer 2022.

Sew Kewpie by Kewpie for Riley Blake Designs

The Sew Kewpie fabrics are an adorbs collection featuring the classic baby doll.

Captivating all who see them, the Kewpies float amongst calming backdrops of cloud, coral, and sage.

These playful fabrics are sure to put you in the mood for some time at your sewing machine.

Sew Much Fun by Echo Park

Indulge your love of all things sewing with the Sew Much Fun collection by Echo Park.

This fabric assortment is brimming with creative possibilities, from pretty florals and dots to handy sewing tools and a touch of plaid.

Create something special with this delightful range of fabrics.

She Who Sews by J Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake Designs

Sail the seas with She Who Sews by J Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake Designs! This quilt fabric collection is truly one of a kind. It boasts intricate and artistic expressions resembling nautical tattoos. Mix in floral designs, add a fun spin on the classic polka-dot pattern, and liberally top with all things sewing.

You have a winner!

Complete with reds, yellows, blues, blacks, and whites, words fail in trying to describe the pure artistry of this set!

South Hill by Fran Gulick (12/22)

The peaceful city of South Hill awaits beneath a dreamy sunset.

Fran Gulick bring us an incredible collection featuring some wild critters, enchanting florals, spellbinding stripes, curious mushrooms and magnificent bouquets in muted shades.

Explore this charming world before the last light fades away!

Stardust by Beverly McCullough

Try to imagine the most beautiful place in your mind.

Now, take that and multiply it by 10!

You'll feel like you're on a tropical beach with lush green trees swaying softly  overhead as bright sunshine reflects off crystal blue waters.  White sand beaches stretch out infinitely into eternity before merging together at first kiss of salty waves breaking against shoreline rocks .

The soft sound soothingly enticing all those who hear its melody.

That is Stardust by Beverly McCullough.

Stitch by Lori Holt (10/21)

Start with the humble needle and thread.

Simple and functional.

Add the creativity of a woman's hand, and you have 'Stitch,' the latest fabric collection by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.

With her love of stitching and vintage fabrics, Lori Holt has created an eclectic collection of motifs and patterns to spur you to sew up a storm. No matter whether your passion is applique or piecing.

Stitchy Birds by Teresa Kogut

Scatter folk art drawings of birds and intermingle with embroidered bird designs in a riot of colors. This is a fun and scrappy collection that would make any quilter happy! With so many ways to use this fabric, it's certain to become a fast favorite!

Strength in Pink by RBD Designers

Make a pinky promise with yourself to finish that quilt top you've been working on with Strength in Pink. Or finally start that project you've been meaning to get to for ages.

This collection was designed in a collaboration with Riley Blake and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so your purchase helps support a great cause. The iconic pink ribbon is featured throughout the collection, along with butterflies, gingham, and florals.

Sew quilt pink today. Not only will you have a beautiful quilt, but you'll also be supporting a great cause.

There's strength in numbers.

Sugar and Spice by Lindsay Wilkes for Riley Blake Designs

Looking for the perfect fabric line to ply your love for quilting? Want to create a Valentine's Day-themed quilt, but you're not sure which fabric line is right for you?

Sugar and Spice by Lindsay Wilkes offers everything you'll need to create your next masterpiece with this adorable collection of prints. Inspired by vintage Valentine cards, this collection features cute animals, hearts, flowers, love letters, cards, and classic stripes in all of your favorite card colors; white, blue, pink, and red with dashes of yellow here and green there.

A nostalgic bunch ready to give you butterflies!

Sunshine & Dewdrops by Sandy Gervais

Bring the promise of spring to your quilting projects with Sunshine & Dewdrops by Sandy Gervais. This vibrant fabric collection features cheerful florals and gingham prints in sunny lemon yellows and sky blues, to add a touch of freshness to your creations. With its soft colors and timeless designs, this fabric collection is sure to be a favorite among quilters everywhere.

So why wait?

Welcome the beauty of Sunshine & Dewdrops into your stash today.

The Littlest Family's Big Day by Emily Winfield Martin for Riley Blake Designs

The author of this book and illustrator of this fabric line, Emily Winfield Martin, has created a series of designs that depict small families of woodland creatures spending a day in the meadow--a marvelous event. The collection features an underlying story arc, but the individual designs are lovely to look at as well.

Add a magical touch to your quilts with  'The Littlest Family's Big Day'.

Thomas And Friends by Riley Blake Designs

All aboard for a journey to Sodor!

Thomas, Percy, Emily, and more chug-a-chug-a-chug freight down the tracks on backgrounds of white, green, yellow, and blue.

Next stop? Quilting fun!

Whimsical Romance by Keera Job

Fall in love with this romantic collection from Riley Blake Designs! The Whimsical Romance designs are an ode to the beauty and delicateness of nature. 

Stippled greenery among many other scroll-like patterns adorning every inch of space throughout each print showcase just how beautiful nature can be.

Wildwood Wander by Katherine Lenius

Take a leisurely stroll through Katherine Lenius' Wildwood Wander and be inspired by the chic array of nature-packed fabrics.

This collection captures the essence of the natural world with its print of stunning foliage, owl, floral, and topographic map squiggles.

You'll be tempted to take your time sewing a new quilt with these lovely fabrics.

With a Flourish by Simple Simon and Company

With a flourish, Simple Simon and Co. has created a spring-inspired fabric collection that is perfect for any quilter looking to add a touch of color and beauty to their next project.

This collection features a variety of prints in greens, blues, oranges, pinks, and whites, all with a beautiful textured look that will bring any quilt to life. Whether you're looking for a simple striped pattern or something more intricate, this collection has it all.

Let your creativity bloom With a Flourish.

Winter Barn Quilts by Tara Reed

With crisp, crunchy snow beneath your feet and a chilly wind in your face, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of a winter wonderland when you quilt with Winter Barn Quilts.

This beautiful collection by Tara Reed features stunning scenes of red barns, open pastures, and wintry trees, perfect for adding a touch of farm life to your winter quilts. The seasonal colors and quilt block designs will make your quilts pop, and you'll love snuggling up under them on cold winter nights.

Don't wait. Add Winter Barn Quilts to your fabric collection today!

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