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Updated: 4-12-24

Since you're a quilter, you know that quality quilting fabrics are essential to creating beautiful quilts.

But not all fabric is created equal.

On this page are the latest fabrics from Henry Glass

That's why it's best to choose from known brands like Henry Glass Fabrics. They are proud to provide the highest quality fabrics to quilters. As you peruse their collections, it's clear they specialize in holiday and theme fabrics.

I refer to Henry Glass as the 'storytellers' of the fabric manufacturers. Their collections focus so well on the designer's chosen theme.

Won't you check them out and see if you agree?

Seasonal and holiday fabric

If you're a lover of Henry Glass fabrics, you know they're big into holidays.

To make things easier to find, I've broken out several major holidays into separate pages. I do this for all the brands we share. As you flit amongst them, you'll see that Henry Glass has more of these buttons covered than any other.

Simply use the buttons to get to the Henry Glass category you're interested in.

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Collections available from Henry Glass Fabrics

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The fabrics are arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.

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A Beautiful Day by Dawn Rosengren (1/24)

Mosey on down to the barnyard, where farm friends frolic in pastoral hues 🐄🐖🐑🐐.

Charming critters cavort amid weathered red barns and grassy fields while baby animals playfully scamper about.

Wrapped in rural nostalgia, these fabrics are sweeter than a cold glass of milk on a beautiful day.

Capture the simple joy of life on the farm.

Birds of a Feather by Gail Pan (5/23)

Birds of a Feather is a delightful haven where enchanting feathered friends and delicate floral motifs blend together in perfect harmony.

Imagine yourself strolling through an idyllic garden, where charming birds flutter about, singing their sweet melodies. These prints bring this vision to life

As you explore the mesmerizing patterns, you'll find yourself lost in a world of inspiration. Indulge in this delightful world of color and pattern.

Bluebird of Happiness by Janet Rae Nesbitt

Come breathe in the colors of nature with Janet Rae Nesbitt.

Her beautifully crafted floral designs infused with calligraphy script are just what you are looking for to bring that perfect touch of natural beauty into your next patchwork design.

Bundle-Up by Barb Tourtillotte (6/23)

Bundle-Up is sure to make every quilter's heart swell with gratitude. With each stitch, let the delicate snowflakes, cheerful snowmen, and whimsical winter animals take you on a journey through a serene winter wonderland. Each print a testament to the timeless beauty of winter's gentle embrace.

Bundle up with love and gratitude, and immerse yourself in the charming world of Bundle-Up.

Butterflies and Blooms by Gail Pan (11/23)

Shed winter's chill with Gail Pan's Butterflies and Blooms. 🦋

Delicate wings flutter amidst blossoming hydrangeas and peonies in the faintest echoes of cornflower and periwinkle. Leafy vines climbing trellises evoke the first blush of Spring.

Whisper-soft textures and timeworn tea stains conjure lazy afternoons sipping lemonade on the porch swing. . This ethereal collection blooms with vintage grace and beauty.

2023 Chelsea's Checks by Chelsea Carter (7/23)

No fabric stash is complete without a set of classic checks, and Chelsea's Checks 2023 has you covered!

This versatile collection provides the perfect petite plaid for finishing all your quilting projects. The classic color combos of red, blue, green, and brown pair perfectly with any fabric palette you pick.

Use Chelsea's Checks for binding edges, stitching quilt backs, assembling basic blocks - these handy prints belong in every quilter's creative toolbox. Toss them in a basket for spontaneous scrappy quilts bursting with down home charm! 🧺

Country Fresh by Jessica Mundo

Take a step back in time with Farmhouse Charm, a new collection of fabrics by Jessica Mundo for Henry Glass Fabrics. With gingham cows and monochrome chickens, alongside broad plaids and chicken wire prints, this fabric collection is perfect for creating a charming country look. 

The rustic red and black color palette ties everything together perfectly, making this fabric collection a must-have for any quilter's stash.

Dream Big Little One by Sherri Comiskey (7/23)

"Dream Big Little One," the latest quilt fabric collection by Shelly Comisky, is a whimsical journey of colors and patterns. With a palette of dreamy blues, gentle pinks, and calming greens, each piece features charming designs of stars, moons, and clouds.

Crafted from high-quality cottons, these fabrics offer a soft texture and durable finish that's perfect for quilts, nursery decor, or children's clothing.

Inspired by the limitless dreams of childhood, this collection adds magic and warmth to any project. Step into the enchanting world of "Dream Big Little One" and let your creativity soar—because with these prints, the sky's the limit!

Froth and Bubble by Janet Rae Nesbitt (2/23)

It's like poetry in motion, when you get your hands on this traditional quilt fabric collection. With its deeply hued shades of red, pink, purple, blue, green, ochre and cream, Janet Rae Nesbitt has created a timeless masterpiece that will inspire kindness and courage with every stitch.

What better way to quilt than with words of wisdom from Adam Lindsay Gordon?

Quilters rejoice! Grab some Froth and Bubble fabric today.

Gratitude & Grace by Kim Diehl

Kim Diehl, the Queen of Simple Whatnots, is back with another incredible collection for Henry Glass

It's a treasure trove for any quilter looking to add some excitement and flair into their next scrappy quilt, filled with florals and vine geometric prints in shades from cream through teal.

Harvest Hill by Kim Diehl

Inspired by the colors of Autumn and with her own personal style, Kim Diehl has created a fabric collection that is both timeless and unique.

The hues of red, orange, and yellow are complimented by warm neutrals to give your home that cozy feeling we all love about Fall.

No matter your style, Harvest Hill is sure to please.

Home Sweet Home by Debbie Busby (1/24)

Home Sweet Home fabric collection by Debbie Busby for Henry GlassHome Sweet Home
Debbie Busby
Henry Glass

Cozy up with warm hues like sunlit cream and earthy brown. Hand-drawn hearts and flowers bloom across lap quilts. Cross stitch houses evoke the comforts of home, wrapped in love. Traditional patterns on table runners ground you like a well-worn path.

Organic textures transport you to quiet moments - a steaming mug🍵, sinking into your favorite chair🛋️, toes curling into a hand-hooked rug. Familiar flavors in muted tones, welcoming you home.

Hoppy Hunting by Kitten Studio (12/23)

Get ready for an Easter extravaganza with Hoppy Hunting by Kitten Studio! 🐇🌸 This whimsical collection transports you to a springtime wonderland, where pastel greens, blues, lavenders, yellows, and pinks bloom like a painting crafted by Mother Nature herself.

Find yourself in a grassy field dotted with beautifully decorated Easter eggs 🥚, while curious bunnies hop around in anticipation. Let the fresh prints inspire delightful quilts to celebrate the joy of the season.

Embrace the enchantment of Hoppy Hunting and make Easter egg hunting a truly magical experience!

Just Sew Happy by Jane Alison

Just Sew Happy by Jane Alison for Henry Glass Fabrics is a collection of fun, vibrant prints that capture the joy of sewing.

With its abundance of buttons, thimbles, threads and fabric-inspired motifs like sewing machines and banners, this novelty fabric is sure to bring a smile to any quilting enthusiast.

From bright reds and blues to whites and blacks, Just Sew Happy offers something for any quilt!

Lavender Garden by Jane Shasky for Henry Glass Fabrics

Inspirational and appealing, Jane Shasky's Lavender Garden will make you want to eagerly jump into her botanical world.

Armed with gorgeous butterflies, woven baskets, and scenic lavender fields, this collection is perfect for adding a little calming color to any room in your home.

Loving Camp Life by Emily Dumas

Imagine spending a cozy night in the great outdoors, wrapped up in a quilt made with these warm and rustic quilt fabrics. Reminiscent of a simpler time, when people spent their days exploring nature and enjoying the simple things in life.

No matter if you're camping out under the stars or just snuggling up on the couch, these quilt fabrics will bring the outdoors inside your home. With prints of fish, trees, and classic campers, you can almost smell the fresh air and feel the warmth of a campfire.

Cuddle up and enjoy the simple pleasures of life in comfort with these lovely quilt fabrics.

Market Garden by Anni Downs

Add some springtime charm to your quilting projects with the Market Garden fabric collection by Anni Downs for Henry Glass Fabrics.

Featuring blooming florals and quaint merchant carts, this collection is perfect for adding a touch of countryside charm to your projects.

With earth tones and neutrals, it's easy to mix and match this fabric collection with other prints and solids in your stash.

Pretty Plaids 2023 by Priscilla Blain (7/23)

With a plaid for every color, you’ll be tartan up projects in no time with Priscilla's 2023 Pretty Plaids.

This parade of playful plaids adds retro flair to all your quilting projects. The super-sized scale makes striking statements in bindings, borders, quilt blocks, and beyond.

Don’t feel sheepish if you buy the whole line. These quality cottons are made to be stitched with and savored. Bold, graphic, and oh-so-fabulous—get ready to fall plaid over heels for these pretty plaids from Henry Glass and Priscilla. Your quilts will thank you!

If you love Buffalo Checks and these aren't the right colors for you, check out Essential Buffalo Checks by Wilmington Prints here.

Priscilla's Polkas by Priscilla Blain (10/23)

Delight in the dance of dots with Priscilla's Polkas by Priscilla Blain. Picture a playful game of hopscotch, the dots scattered like confetti on vibrant carnival grounds. Some fabrics boast bright white backgrounds, while others revel in bold, lively hues. Each dot sits perfectly poised, a testament to precision and playfulness.

Quiet Grace by Kim Diehl (1/24)

Step into a storybook garden where heirloom blooms unfurl in a nostalgic palette. Antique florals flourish in honeyed gold and cheddar orange, complemented by earthy greens and timeless prints. Like turning the page to a beloved tale, these fabrics kindle coziness and charm. Wrap yourself in yesterday's simple pleasures with prints that evoke the beauty of bygone days.

Right As Rain by Kim Diehl (1/22)

The Right As Rain collection from Kim Diehl brings together fresh, traditional and timeless designs to charm your senses. 

The soft florals, stars, cross-hatch designs, and more, make this line  the ideal accent to your favorite subtle colorways.

S is for Sew by Debbie Busby (7/22)

Debbie Busby has outdone herself with S is for Sew, a sewing-inspired novelty quilt fabric collection that is sure to inspire you and your favorite quilters.

Featuring sweet pincushions, sublime florals, slender stripes and more, this collection is the perfect way to celebrate your supportive sisters in stitching.

Scraps of Kindness by Kim Diehl (12/22)

Fancy a bit of old-fashioned quilting flair with modern charm?

Kim Diehl's Scraps of Kindness collection delivers in spades.

With gorgeous earthy tones and stunning quilt-inspired patterns, it'll make you feel like a true fabric connoisseur.

Stitching Housewives Stripes by Priscilla Blain and Chelsea Carter of Stitching with the Housewives (10/23)

Pin stripes march alongside ticking, creating a harmonious symphony of pattern. The colors, like a tailor's treasure trove, boast deep cheddar to spritely turquoise, black and neutral creams. Add these bold beauties to your stash, and let your quilting journey be stitched with style.

Strawberry Garden by Jane Shasky 

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

...the Strawberry Garden. With this delightful prints in red, white, cream, and blue, this mesmerizing fabric collection from Henry Glass Fabrics will create a quilt that is sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

Whether you're making a traditional quilt or something more modern, Jane Shasky's unique design will surely add a whimsical touch.

The pattern below uses this collection:

Willow Hollow by Kim Diehl (5/23)

Allow yourself to be captivated by the rich, moody hues and intricate patterns that evoke a sense of heritage and sophistication. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the enduring beauty of classic design, seamlessly blending the past and the present to create a truly remarkable fabric experience.

Willow Hollow invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of these deep teal treasures that will add an air of refinement to any space.

Just getting warmed up?

What quilter doesn't love looking at new fabrics and planning all kinds of new designs in her head. 

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