New from Ruby Star Society ~ Fabric that's a Quilter's Delight

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The Ruby Star Society outdoes itself again with its latest fabric collections. If you're a quilter, you're in for a real treat!

Designed with high quality and beautiful aesthetics in mind, use Ruby Star fabric to guarantee your patchwork is stunning.

Some of the most talented quilters in the industry make up the design team. They have years of experience and an eye for detail that is evident in each fabric. As a result, you can trust that with Ruby Star Society fabric, you're getting the best of the best.

Don't wait any longer—start browsing the collections today!

Ruby Star Society Fabric Collections

The fabric is in alphabetical order by name for your convenience.

Reminder to bookmark this page for updates

I share commercial and free patterns from Ruby Star that showcase the collections. This takes the guesswork out of imagining what a fabric line looks like stitched up.

Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up with the latest arrivals. I add new fabrics as they ship.

Time to get to the good stuff.

Let's see what's new from Ruby Star Society.

Add it Up by Alexia Abegg

Want to brighten up your next quilt? Look no further than the Add It Up fabric collection by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society.

This fabric is sure to add a touch of fun and color to any project with its tiny white or metallic plus signs.

With its natural base cloth, Alexia's collections always have a warm feel to them. An added depth. And all dyed in a rainbow of colors.

So why wait? Add It Up today!

Adorn by Rashida Coleman-Hale


'Razzle-Dazzle-in-the- Kitchen-Sink' might have been a better name for this collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale.

There's little bit of everything in these fabrics: broken stripes, stitched flowers, earrings, and other fun motifs. The color story includes yellow, pink, red, aqua, teal, navy, and black.

You'll infuse your quilting with prismatic flair with this fabric.

Backyard by Sarah Watts (9/23)

Adventure awaits right outside your door with Backyard. 🐇🦊🌻

Delightful critters frolic across painterly prints blooming in hues plucked straight from nature's palette. Soft bunnies and foxes in misty blues and sage make charming companions for vibrant floral trails in coral, marigold and sea glass.

Modern graphic prints round out the menagerie with whimsical critters hiding in oversized leaves and flowers. Capture the beauty of your own back garden in fabric form with these playful contemporary prints. 

Birthday by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society

This is a whimsical birthday-themed fabric collection from Ruby Star Society. Full of happy-happy-joy-joy!

Designs range from black-and-white backgrounds to bright colors. Add to the dots and spots some stripes, tiny stars and triangles, cute little animals. Top it off with candy hearts and other yummy treats.

These elements make a cheerful celebration, whether it's a special day on the calendar or not.

Bright Zip! by Rashida Coleman-Hale

An irregular stripe on a white background. A terrific little basic fabric to add some zing to your patchwork projects.

Hmmmm! I think there's some binding coming out of this group.

Brushed by Sarah Watts

Imagine painting on brilliantly colored backgrounds with a wide brush, missing some bristles and metallic paint.

That's Brushed by Sarah Watts.

A useful, relatively even-textured design.

Camellia by Melody Miller

Come with me to a tea party in Melody Miller's dreamy tearoom—it's the perfect place to relax and enjoy some beautiful fabrics. Here you'll find prints perfect for an afternoon oasis: teacups, teaspoons, regal butterflies, hibiscus and other parlor flowers, polka dots, and some delightful macrame patterns. 

With fabrics this charming, you'll feel like you're right in the heart of a beautiful garden party.

Darlings 2 by Alexia Abegg, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kimberly Kight, Melody Miller, Sarah Watts

When you take a closer look at this eclectic modern print fabric collection, you'll find that it's a delightful mix of art, lifestyle, and nature.

With bold colors and stunning contrasts, this vintage-inspired collection is eye catching! The intricate designs feature animals and florals in a chic and stylish way. With typewriters (???) thrown in, just to make sure you're paying attention. :)

Whether you're searching for something fun and playful or elegant and sophisticated, you'll find it in Darlings 2!

If you love Darlings, check out Spooky Darlings...the same aesthetic but with a Halloween twist!

Elixir by Melody MIller

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, it's a bouquet of fresh flowers. For others, it's a colorful cocktail. But for us, it's Melody Miller's latest collection, Elixir.

This bewitching line of fabrics features cocktails, florals, and fungi in both vibrant and dark tones. It's the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy and magic to any quilt.

So whether you're looking to add a little flavor to your next project or just want to be transported to a world of enchantment, pick up a few yards of Elixir. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Firefly by Sarah Watts

Full of moon flowers, mushrooms, and all the things that come alive in the moonlight, this Ruby Star Society collection by Sarah Watts is perfect for your night-themed quilt! The electric colors will add vibrancy and life to your quilting.

Florida 2 by Sarah Watts

Looking for fabrics to capture the beauty of our 27th state?

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of Florida with this collection and add a touch of the Sunshine State to your next quilt project. With its modern coastal colors and beautiful aquatic wildlife, this fabric is sure to make your quilt project shine.

So whether you're paying homage to the beachy edges or reminicising on those secret places in from the coast, these fabrics will help you create a stunning tribute to the Alligator State.

Flowerland by Melody Miller

Amidst a riot of color, brilliant butterflies 🦋flutter carefree over blossoming gardens bursting with blooms.

The bright palette of the season comes alive with the juicy greens of new growth, tangy lemon and lime slices, and ripe peaches just off the tree. Let your creativity run wild in this contemporary take on timeless flower power, as modern motifs mingle with retro flair for a fresh and fun twist. 🌸🌼🌻

Food Group by Alexia Abegg, Kimberly Kight, Melody Miller, and Rashida Coleman-Hale

With quilting fabric, quilters usually get plenty of fiber…and with Food Group from Ruby Star Society, you’ll be getting a whole day’s nutrition. In it you find a cursive shopping list and everything on the food pyramid.

From fruits and veggies to cheeses, meats and even BACON—all on gingham patterns or full color backgrounds—you won’t go hungry with this Food Group.

First Light by Alexia Abegg, Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, and Kim Kight

Delve into the vibrant world of First Light.

With a range of beautiful colors and playful designs, this floral, metallic collection is perfect for quilters looking to add some dazzling sizzle to their patchwork.

If a new pop of color inspired by Dawn's first light calls to you, First Light is sure to delight.

Morning has broken. It's time to start quilting!

Floradora by Jen Hewett

With Floradora, Jen Hewett has captured the essence of contemporary floral design.

Bold blooms in shades of green, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue are combined with geometric designs and darling dots for a fabric collection that is perfect for modern quilts.

This vibrant fabric collection is enhanced with a bit of va-va-boom—a sprinkling of metallic—adding just the right amount of glamour to your quilts.

Golden Hour by Alexia Marcelle Abegg

Golden Hour—that precious bit of time just after sunrise and right before sunset—when the light enhances everything it touches.

Do you love summer and all that it brings? Would you like to spend a little more time in the sun? Then, Golden Hour by Alexia Abegg is the perfect fabric line for you! 

What better way to enjoy the summer than with a contemporary fabric line that will suit your modern tastes. The Ruby Star Society's Golden Hour will remind you of idyllic summer days with its patterns in the warm, cheerful colors of the hour before sunset.

Moda suggests these Bella Solids as coordinates:

Heirloom by Alexia Abegg

You want something traditional, but not boring.

Heirloom by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society takes care of that problem with its modern take on traditional quilting prints and solids.

This collection includes 32 fabrics in classic patterns such as circles, dots, tall flowers, cactuses, diamonds, and panes of thatched lines in purple, blues reds yellows pinks navy.

Hole Punch Dot by Kimberly Kight

This selection of simple and colorful background prints is inspired by the soft confetti aesthetics of an emptied-out hole punch.

Use Hole Punch Dot as a playful companion to use with your favorite Ruby Star Society collections.

Honey by Alexia Abegg

You'll be pollen in love with Honey by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society.

This collection features 3 different cheater-cloth designs—who doesn't love letting the fabric do some of the heavy lifting?—plus a selection of geometric block prints. Add accents of flowers and mushrooms for a touch of sweetness.

You won't have to bee-hive when you see how much fun you'll have quilting with these unique prints. 

Time to get buzzy and start quilting!

Koi Pond by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Escape the everyday with Rashida Coleman-Hale's Koi Pond.

The bright colors and playful designs are sure to bring a smile to your face, regardless of what mood you're in. Whether you're curled up on the couch with a good book or out on a picnic in the park, these fabrics will transport you to a place of peace and relaxation.

Lil by Kimberly Kight

Awash in a rich and vibrant color palette, Lil invites you into her dreamy nostalgic world.

Take a leap into the beautiful blossoming world that is Lil. Let it be the muse for your next quilting adventure.

Linear by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Dive into a world of modern art with Linear, Rashida Coleman-Hale's newest collection for Ruby Star Society.

Drawing you in with vibrant colors and stunning ladies, florals and wavy lines galore—it'll be sure to make your projects stand out!

Metallic Zip! by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Irregular gold metallic stripes on saturated backgrounds. A nice basic to add a bit of zing to your quilts.

Moonglow by Alexias Abegg

This stunning fabric line is the perfect combination of contemporary florals and geometric designs. Featuring tiny motif prints and spectacular focus designs, this collection is destined to make your next quilt shine.

The vibrant colors and unique patterns bring a modern touch to any quilt pattern, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether you’re looking for something bold and daring or something more subtle and classic, Moonglow has something for everyone. So let your creativity run wild with this beautiful new fabric collection from Ruby Star Society.

New Speckled by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Speckled collection just keeps getting better. These are the newest colors. 

Comprised of irregular metallic specks in a few colors—get it—speckled—specks :D—like those cast off of a paint brush, this is a line of basics that will work with any other Ruby Star Society fabric collection. 

Speckled is available in several colors as 108" wide, too.

Petunia by Kimberly Kight

If you're looking for inspo for your next quilt, I'm sure it'll 'turnip' when you see Petunia. Kimberly Kight's contemporary floral and geometric collection. It features eye-catching lovey ladybugs, tossed flowers, and TURNIPS in a vibrant garden of pinks, blues, teals, reds, and ochres.

Let your creativity blossom with this fabric as you playfully mix prints to create a unique palette for your next quilting adventure.

Pixel by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Layer on the creativity with this unique background collection from Ruby Star Society, featuring Rashida Coleman-Hale's delightful squares that can be used alone or paired up for endless pattern possibilities.

Reading Nook by Sarah Watts (4/23)

Transport yourself to a cozy, calming world with Sarah Watts' beautiful Reading Nook collection.

This 26-print quilt fabric collection features dreamy animal and floral designs in vibrant yet soothing hues. Sarah Watts was inspired to create these prints by her love of reading, so every fabric has a story to tell. The colors are radiant and inviting, the textures are soft and comforting; perfect for creating quilts that will make you want to just curl up with a good book.

Create something special with this collection – it's exclusive and available only from Ruby Star Society. Hurry and get your Reading Nook quilt fabric today.

Reign by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society

Rashida Coleman-Hale takes inspiration from her life in Japan and merges it with her personal experiences and life.

Reign celebrates black excellence with crowns, jungle cats, flowers, and illustrations of queens in their unique fashions.

These prints make a proud statement to your friends as well as yourself!

This fabric contains metallic accents.

Reverie by Melody Miller

To lose one's self in reverie means to daydream or muse, and that is precisely what you'll do with this new collection by Ruby Star Society.

Reverie features large-scale florals and foliage in an array of colors. This versatile collection can be used for a range of projects, from quilts to garments to home decor. Let your imagination run wild with Reverie.

Rise by Melody Miller

Soar to new heights with this vibrant and beautiful fabric collection by Melody Miller. They're perfect for quilters who love to let their imaginations take flight.

With hand-drawn flowers and birds in flight, this fabric is sure to add a touch of brightness to your next quilting project.

Rise and Shine by Melody Miller (1/24)

Rise and Shine fabric collection by Melody Miller for Ruby Star SocietyRise and Shine
Melody Miller
Ruby Star Society

Rise and Shine evokes images of morning mimosas in a citrus-filled greenhouse. 🍊🍋🌵 Punchy prints playfully depict fruit slices and fun geometrics in shades of lemon, lime, and tangerine, accented by turquoise.

Bold as an artist's canvas yet cozy as a quilt, this fabric conjures a vibrant summer garden. Add zest and jazz to your patchwork!

Sketchbook by Alexia Abegg

Inspired by woodcut prints, penciled drawings, and doodling, Alexia's collection offers a playful selection of fabrics perfect for quilting and other crafts. With a focus on texture, pattern and color, Sketchbook is perfect for anyone looking for prints with an artful feel.

Spark by Melody Miller

Saturated colors strewn with frayed stars. Another basic fabric line from Ruby Star Society. Some of the stars are metallic.

More colors are coming!

2023 Starry by Alexia Abegg (1/24)

Starry fabric collection by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star SocietyStarry
Alexia Abegg
Ruby Star Society

🤩 Take a fantastic voyage through the cosmos with this stellar basics collection!

From inky midnights 🌌 to blushing dawns 🌅, each fabric glimmers with a smattering of stars ✨. Layer these cosmic prints to create nebula-inspired quilts, rocket ship pillows, and other intergalactic projects that are out of this world.

This star-studded lineup is sure to skyrocket your creativity!🚀

Starry by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society

Starry by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society

Capture the magic of the night sky with this ethereal design, featuring soft swaths of color and delicate stars.

With Alexia Abegg's new Starry line, you can weave your own little piece of heaven into any project. Dreamy, effortless elegance for the modern maker.

Finished sizes:

  • Baby: 45” x 50”
  • Small throw: 52” x 60”
  • Large throw: 60" x 70"
  • Twin: 67" x 90"
  • Full: 82" x 100"
  • Queen: 97" x 110"
  • King: 110" x 112"

Stay Gold by Melody Miller

This radiant collection by Melody Miller is here to disprove Robert Frost's  thought that nothing gold can stay.

The fabric collection features designs of metallic butterflies, chrysanthemums, daisies, dragonflies, and a bouquet of other blossoms on a rainbow of different backgrounds.

Have a pattern for a quilt that needs to dazzle? Stay Gold is your answer.

Strawberry & Friends by Kimberly Kight

Celebrate the delicious goodness of ripe, juicy strawberries with the funkadelic fun of Strawberry & Friends by Kimberly Kight.

With bold reds, greens, and purples, this playful print will have you dreaming of picnics and sunny days all year round.

Whether you're making a quilt for your little one's bedroom or a skirt for your next summer outing, these fabrics have the pizzazz to brighten up any project.

Let your imagination run wild and add some strawberries to your life today!

Sugar by Sarah Watts

This fabric collection bursts with energy and spunk! With its sweet little spots and dashes of personality, you'll love how it adds a bit of fun to your basics stash! Sugar by Sarah Watts comes in a gaggle of subtly textured solid colors. 

Sprinkle a bit of Sugar in your next quilt for that extra bit of character you're craving.

Sugar Cone by Kimberly Kight (12/23)

If you've got a sweet tooth, Sugar Cone by Kimberly Kight is just for you! 🍦🍭 This delectable collection is a candy lover's dream, filled with contemporary prints that will make your taste buds tingle. Picture sticky sweet push-pops and ice cream scoops topped with sprinkles, gummy bears, and sugary delights. It's like stepping into a vibrant candy shop, where colors pop and cravings are satisfied.

Treat yourself to the sweetness of Sugar Cone and let your creativity run wild!

Sugar Maple by Alexia Abegg

Wander through enchanted woodlands filled with feathered friends and blossoms. Sugar Maple conjures a whimsical fabric menagerie colored in juicy berry hues and zesty citrus tones.

Playful birds with graphite plumage visit wildflower patches and leafy thickets, bringing pops of peach, buttermilk, and sea glass.

Bundles of joy for quilters and sewists, these contemporary prints feel both familiar and imaginative. Stitch sweet scenes and quilted keepsakes, letting the frolicking florals and fowl fill your creative space with their free-spirited charm. 🦢🌸🍓

Sunbeam by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Like a gentle whisper in the wind, the muted, calming tones of this exquisite collection fill the air with an emotional appeal reminiscent of beloved blenders, kindling a sense of nostalgia that will take you back to days gone by. Seamlessly interwoven with animal, geometric, and floral motifs, the intricate design patterns will transport you to a world of artistry and wonder.

Allow Sunbeam by Rashida Coleman-Hale to illuminate the brilliance within you and be the guiding star that leads you to the pinnacle of your quilting dreams. Embrace the romance, revel in the artistry, and never let go.

Tarrytown by Kimberly Kight

It's all about texture and sweet motifs with an eclectic color story. Don't you just love those tiny tortoises?

The quilts below use Tarrytown in the cover samples (for Pieces of Love it's the bottom one with the dark background.)

Tomato Tomahto by Kimberly Kight

This tantalizing collection from Kimberly Kight will make your mouth water.

Feast your eyes on sumptuous tomatoes, pastas, calendars and colanders that will stimulate your appetite and broaden your horizons.

You'll have plenty of prints in your fabric stash to cook up a scrumptious menu of new patchwork.

Twirl by Sarah Watts

This contemporary background fabric collection by Sarah Watts features Twirl, a design that will add a touch of fun and color to any quilt design. With its multiple color variations, it is perfect for any quilter who wants to add a little something extra.

Unruly Nature by Jen Hewett

The Ruby Star Society has released a new 'guest' fabric collection designed by Jen Hewett.

The collection, entitled Unruly Nature, features a mix of warm and cool colors, with prints of poppies, heart flowers, climbing leaves, and vines.

The swirling lines and bold patterns make this collection perfect for adding a touch of personality to any quilt project.

Don't follow the rules.

Be Unruly!

Verbena by Jen Hewett (11/23)

A wander through Monet’s garden brings Impressionist reverie with Verbena’s vivid brushstrokes. Dainty blooms flutter across textured canvases, their wispy stems twisting across Matisse-worthy geometrics.

These prismatic prints bloom in all their avant-garde glory, begging to bring a burst of wild beauty wherever they’re showcased.

Vessel by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society

Take a stroll through this mesmerizing collection of pottery-inspired fabrics by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society.

Each design is like a beautiful work of art, with enchanting hues that will leave you spellbound. You'll love the playful polka dots, dainty arches, and charming stripes.

Whatnot by Rashida Coleman-Hale 

If you want to get your sewing mojo back, you need to add a splash of fun and color to your next project.

Then Whatnot by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society is just what you're looking for!

With this collection, you can't help but feel like you've been transported into a world where everything is wonderful and nothing hurts. 

Is a Ruby Star Society fabric collection destined for YOUR stash?

Don't wait.

Get your hands on the new Ruby Star Society fabrics today and start quilting with ease!

You're sure to find the perfect fabric for your next quilt project when there are so many designs to choose from.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced quilter. Ruby Star Society's collections will inspire and delight you.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose from the designs above, and you'll be creating your next quilted masterpiece in no time!

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