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Updated: 6-24-22—The most recent three additions are Flowerhouse Basics and Flowerhouse Jubilee, and Flowerhouse Serene all by Debbie Beaves

If Robert Kaufman Fabrics were a pocket knife, they'd be a Swiss Army Knife—you know, the one with all the little doohickeys!

Their collections range from Kona Solids to batiks to classic reproductions, all while still covering seasonal and all the types of designs you'd expect from a company that's been in the fabric business since 1942.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics are known for their quality and variety of fabrics—when we quilters make an heirloom quilt, we want it to last!

In this article, you find many of their current fabric collections, and you'll see what I mean.

Seasonal and Holiday Fabrics

To help you hone in on the quilt fabrics you're really interested in, I've put these specialty fabrics on their own pages. 

Click the links below to go to the Robert Kaufman section in that grouping.

Click here to see the Christmas fabrics available from Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Click here to see the Fall fabric collections by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

The Collections of Robert Kaufman Fabrics

The fabrics are arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up with the latest arrivals.

Basket of Blooms by Darlene Zimmerman

Darlene Zimmerman has taken the art of reproduction patchwork to new heights with her collection, Baskets Of Blooms.

This collection mirrors in its vivacity and beauty what it's like when you find yourself at a park during late springtime; everything is so full of life!

There are enough floral patterns galore on these 1930s reproductions from Robert Kaufman Fabrics to satisfy any gardenista.

Chalk and Charcoal by Jennifer Sampou

Introducing a new textured fabric collection from Jennifer Sampou. With a stunning array of deep, fully saturated hues, these fabrics are perfect for the adventurous quilter looking to mix it up a little with their next project.

For lighter hues in this same textured print, click here.

Earth Views by Karen Nyberg

Take a moment to gaze upon the stunning Earth Views collection by Astronaut Karen Nyberg.

Delight in the remarkable views of Earth that Karen Nyberg captured during her time aboard the International Space Station. From the deep blues of the ocean to the lush greens of the forest, these fabrics will inspire anyone whose head is in the stars.

These fabrics are out of this world!

Farm to Table by Ann Kelle

Bask in the sunny glow of Ann Kelle's fresh produce, Farm To Table.

Bursting with bananas, strawberries, cherries and eggs galore! Fill your fabric pantry with piles of these plaid prints then go ahead and cook up some tasty projects! Want to make a project? Get your fabrics today!

It’s a bountiful harvest for any quilter’s stash.

Flowerhouse Basics by Debbie Beaves

If you're a scrap quilter, you're going to love Flowerhouse Basics by Debbie Beaves. Stripes, gingham, speckles and a mottled solid design make up this delightful collection with four prints in each colorway. 

The only color you won't find...

Flowerhouse Jubilee by Debbie Beaves

The Flowerhouse Jubilee fabrics are a stunning display of vibrant reds and blues. The floral designs are intricate and beautiful, with petals in various shades of pink, red, and blue. It's as if you're looking at a beautiful garden right before your eyes.

Add to that, she's got four free quilt patterns for you to try.

All from the imagination of Debbie Beaves. I'll have what she's having! ;)

Flowerhouse Lavender Blessings by Debbie Beaves for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Welcome to a whimsical and refreshing garden collection by Debbie Beaves. With Flowerhouse Lavender Blessings, she invites you to explore a beautiful landscape of delicate lavender flowers, blooming stems, and playful text. 

Come wander through this floral wonderland and enjoy the soft textures and charming colors.

Flowerhouse Penelope by Debbie Beaves

The Flowerhouse Penelope collection by Debbie Beaves is an enticing range of floral, plaid and graphic prints. The vibrant colors are exactly what's needed to bring your quilts to life. 

Quilt making has never been so easy with this variety!

There’s a quartet of bias printed plaids for those of you that love the look of bias plaid binding, but would rather cut your strips on the crosswise grain.

Flowerhouse Serene by Debbie Beaves

A bevy of bodacious blooms awaits you with Flowerhouse Serene by Debbie Beaves.

This vibrant and cheerful fabric collection will add just the right touch of springtime cheer to your home decor. It features pretty posies, flower-chained stripes, and entwined foliage all in a cheerful color palette.

Add a bit of serenity to your decor with Flowerhouse Serene!

Flowerhouse Sunnyside Farm by Debbie Beaves

Looking for a fabric collection that will take you back to a simpler time? 

Check out Flowerhouse Sunnyside Farm by Debbie Beaves.

This nostalgic fabric collection features beautiful farmhouses, charming petite blooms, fresh produce, and bountiful seeds—the promise of the future—perfect for any project that needs a touch of vintage charm. 

Handworks Home by Sevenberry

Explore the vast expanse of your imagination with this new Sevenberry collection that's perfect for any and all imaginative boys and girls.

Handworks Home is bursting with colorful polka dots, fluffy clouds, circus animals, bunnies and flowers, tiny hearts, gingham, and stripes.

All the fanciful images are inspired by bustling city life.

Looking for a perfect match? Then pair these vibrant prints with corresponding Kona Cotton Solids to create your own fantastical patchwork creations.

Hello Sleepy by Hello! Lucky - FLANNEL

Let's dream together.

Hello Sleepy is the latest bunch of rambunctious designs from Hello! Lucky, featuring sleepy sheep, cuddly pandas and dreaming sloths all tucked in across a comfy gradient of pastel backgrounds.

If you dream it, you can quilt it!

Horton Kindness by Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this assortment of prints based on Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss! With cheerful colors and floral prints, these fabrics bring the imaginative world of Whoville to life. With them you'll be able to create something fun and bright for your child.

For older, but still available, Dr. Seuss fabrics available at, click here.

Kasuri Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Lovers of all things blue…this one’s for you!

Discover the Kasuri Artisan Batiks fabrics for your next quilt project. The vibrant blue and white prints are inspired by artisan textiles

Whether you want an elegant, bold collage or a cute animal quilt, this line has patterns to please everyone. And they pair wonderfully with Kaufman’s Prisma Dyes batiks, too.

Kitchen Window Wovens (New Colors) by Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

NOTE: These links go to both the original and the new fabrics in this collection.

Looking at the vibrant prints in Kitchen Window Wovens by Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, you'll feel like you can reach right out and touch the sunny yard just beyond your kitchen window. With a wide selection of colors and check sizes, this charming fabric collection is versatile enough to be used in any quilt project.

To create an ageless look, pair these prints with the corresponding Kona Cotton Solids from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

These patterns by Elizabeth Hartman use the gingham checks from the first group of Kitchen Window Wovens:

These recently released patterns use the new plaids and ginghams from this 2021 Summer New Colors collection (that was finally shipped!)

Kona Solids

Care: Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry Low

Kona Cottons are Kaufman's original line of solids. Currently, there are over 300 colors to choose from.

Click these buttons to see all the colors—both by the yard and precuts.

This lightweight cotton (4.35 oz/sq yard) is perfect for quilting, clothing, and crafting. It's an all-purpose solid reliably found in quilt shops and big-box stores like Joann's.

You'll frequently find it online in fat quarter and half yard bundles grouped by color, holiday, by (prolific) pattern designer, or as coordinates to go with a particular fabric collection.

Examples of each are below.

And yes, if you're interested, you can purchase a color card of all the Kona's currently available from either Fat Quarter Shop or

Is the Kona sold at quilt shops and Joann's the same quality?

Yes, according to Robert Kaufman's representative, Teresa Coates, it is! 


108" wide Kona Solids for backings

There are also a limited number of Konas available in 108" wide yardage.

Keep in mind that when you're quilting with solid fabrics all your stitches show; there's no design to hide any tension issues or backing tracking. 

Kona Sheen Solids

Want to add some shimmer to your quilts? Add a metallic fabric.

What to add an over-the-top shimmer?

Add Kaufman's Sheen fabric!

This line of solids by Robert Kaufman has a "lustrous veneer of metallic coating", as described by Kaufman, on one side of their regular Kona.

Use the buttons to see the complete variety of colors available to you.

Care: Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low

Do you buy solid fabrics?

If so, I highly recommend you use a permanent marker—like a Micron pen—and mark the selvage with BOTH the manufacturer and Color/Color #. Then ALWAYS cut from the opposite end of the fabric, leaving the marking in place.

Use your phone and take a picture of the bolt ends to quickly capture this information when purchasing fabric at a shop.

Speaking from experience, it's much too easy to grab the wrong solid, only to realize partway into the project that you've used either the wrong color or worse yet, used two different, though close in color fabrics, and you see it only AFTER you've made 25 blocks.

Mardi Gras Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Want to add a Mardi Gras feel to your quilts? Then the Mardi Gras Artisan Batiks collection by Lunn Studios is made just for you.

The prints in this collection are inspired by traditional Mardi Gras masks, fleurs-de-lis, and Jazz instruments. The batik fabric collection also includes broad stripes of color, diamonds, and clouds.

Mini Madness 2021 by Studio RK

Looking for a new white fabric collection? You'll love this fun and whimsical Mini Madness collection from Studio RK!

These stars, pin dots, snowflakes, and more will make your creative heart grin.

Modern Classics by Violet Craft

40 designs

Lines and dots and dashes and star light. Beautiful rich hues to add texture to your quilts.

Moodscapes Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Indulge yourself in a colorful explosion of happiness  with the Moodscapes Artisan Batiks fabric collection ! Let these bodacious batiks be the star of your next quilt project.

It's a festive collection guaranteed to lift your somber mood on the dreariest of cold, gray, January days.

Pearl Light by RK Studio for Robert Kaufman

Restful, peaceful, this is another collection for the Pearl Light family which includes a soft pearly metallic.

Planetarium by Elizabeth Hartman

With Elizabeth Hartman's Planetarium fabric collection, you can explore the universe of color without ever leaving Earth. 

Jam-packed with vibrant stars, sunbursts, and moons, this collection is an exploding supernova of color.

Blast-off with these stars guiding the inspiration of your next quilt.

Spring Promise Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Spring has Sprung courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics!

You can practically see the colorful designs fluttering in the breeze. Studio RK's Spring Promise features butterflies and blossoms in soft, dreamy pastel colors.

These Artisan Batik prints pair perfectly with Prisma Dyes Batiks from Robert Kaufman to create some truly fresh projects.

Summer Zest Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios

Dreaming of a day at the beach?

With its intense, vibrant colors, Summer Zest will have you longing to bury your toes in the warm sand, staring out over the water, imagining all the quilts you'll make.

A little sun is good for the creative soul!

Sunroom by Elizabeth Hartman

The Sunroom fabric collection by Elizabeth Hartman is a playful, colorful room that will make you want to spend all day quilting. Her latest fabric collection is bursting with beautiful blooms, fun patterns, and cheerful colors. This line is perfect for adding a touch of summertime fun to any quilting project.

Whether you're in the mood for daisies, succulents, stars, or polka dots, there's something for every quilter in this collection. So grab your favorite fabrics, and let's get creative.

Coordinating Kona Cotton Solids include:

Want more fabric?

Can there ever be too much quilt fabric to look at?

I don't think so. 

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